Summary of Green Candidates

This is a database of all Green Party members who have run for public office in the United States since 1985, according to this definition of a Green Party candidate.

Candidates are entered into the database once they have qualified for the ballot. Click each candidate’s name below for more information about them and the race they are contesting. Use the search functions to the right to search by year, type of office, or for any candidate or race. Candidates not entered into the database who may have declared for office, but have not yet qualified for the ballot, may be found on state Green Party websites and on this GPUS candidate news feed. (Updated July 8, 2024)

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2019 Stats

153 Races in 2019

Election DateStateCandidateOffice
12/19/2019TN Ronnie HenleyState House of Representatives
11/05/2019AZ Mike CeaseMayor
11/05/2019AZ Cara BissellCity Council
11/05/2019AZ Matthew SmithCity Council
11/05/2019AZ William PetersonCity Council
11/05/2019CA Wayne DoyleWater Board
11/05/2019CO Julie BanuelosBoard of Education
11/05/2019COElected Timothy BarnesCity Council
11/05/2019CT Judy BeaulieuZoning Board of Appeals
11/05/2019CT Frida BerriganMayor
11/05/2019CT James ConnollyPlanning and Zoning Commission
11/05/2019CT John EscobalesBoard of Assessment Appeals
11/05/2019CT Jason FeeneyBoard of Education
11/05/2019CT James FloresZoning Board of Appeals
11/05/2019CT Cassandra MartineauBoard of Education
11/05/2019CT John MayBoard of Education
11/05/2019CT Mary L. SandersCity Council
11/05/2019CT Aldea SavvaZoning Board of Appeals
11/05/2019CT Phil SengleBoard of Police Commissioners
11/05/2019CT Lorain SimisterZoning Board of Appeals
11/05/2019CT Laurel FreemanZoning Board of Appeals Alternate
11/05/2019CT Michael WesterfieldBoard of Finance
11/05/2019CTElected Leif SmithConstable
11/05/2019CT Jean de SmetTaxing District
11/05/2019CT Charles KrichTaxing District
11/05/2019CT Corey KrohnTaxing District
11/05/2019CT Eric BergmanTown Council
11/05/2019CT Ronna StullerCity Council
11/05/2019CT Sharmaine GregorBoard of Education
11/05/2019CT Rolf MaurerBoard of Education
11/05/2019CTElected Rob DerryBoard of Police Commissioners
11/05/2019CT Enevia Baidoo-KeeneBoard of Education
11/05/2019CT Colleen Ann ReidyTown Council
11/05/2019CT Samuel UrbanRepresentative Town Meeting
11/05/2019CTElected Ed HeflinConstable
11/05/2019CTElected Eric BergmanTown Council
11/05/2019CT Michael WesterfieldBoard of Assessment Appeals
11/05/2019CTElected Enevia Baidoo-KeeneBoard of Assessment Appeals
11/05/2019IN Sarah DillonCity Council
11/05/2019IN Joseph ConnCity Council
11/05/2019IN Michael CooperCity Council
11/05/2019IN Mike SmithCity Council
11/05/2019IN Monica JamesCity Council
11/05/2019IN Susan BrownCity Council
11/05/2019MEElected Anna TrevorrowSchool Board
11/05/2019MEElected Megan ParksSchool Committee
11/05/2019MI Tom MairCity Commission
11/05/2019MIElected Kat Bruner JamesCity Council
11/05/2019MIElected Cliff YankovichCity Council
11/05/2019MN Danielle SwiftCity Council
11/05/2019MO Jeff FrancisState House of Representatives
11/05/2019MO Bob VoorheesState House of Representatives
11/05/2019NC Mack CoyleCity Council
11/05/2019NJ Craig CayetanoBorough Council
11/05/2019NY David AtiasCity Council
11/05/2019NY Alex WhiteCity Council
11/05/2019NY Chris EdesCity Council
11/05/2019NY Mark McDermottVillage Board of Trustees
11/05/2019NY Carol ‘Sandy’ PrzybylakTown Council
11/05/2019NY Terry HocklerMayor
11/05/2019NY Frank CeteraCommon Council
11/05/2019NY Cassandra LemsCity Council
11/05/2019NY Bill BassCommon Council
11/05/2019NY Jamie CooneyTown Council
11/05/2019NY Elizabeth WhitehouseMayor
11/05/2019NY Kevin KellyTown Justice
11/05/2019NY Fred BalzacTown Supervisor
11/05/2019NY Reginald BradwellCounty Legislator
11/05/2019NY Michael AnelloHighway Superintendent
11/05/2019NY Cariol HorneCounty Legislator
11/05/2019NY Rick TannenbaumTown Council
11/05/2019NY Dorethea FranklinCity Council
11/05/2019NY Charles TarrCity Council
11/05/2019NYElected Daniel WelshTown Board
11/05/2019OH Dario HunterBoard of Education
11/05/2019OHElected Rick DuffTownship Fiscal Officer
11/05/2019PA Charles Michael FarleyTownship Board of Supervisors
11/05/2019PA Nicholas PreteSchool District Board of Directors
11/05/2019PA Riley MahonSchool District Board of Directors
11/05/2019PA Olivia FaisonCity Council
11/05/2019PAElected Tara YaneyBorough Council
11/05/2019PAElected Michael Bagdes-CanningBorough Council
11/05/2019PAElected Timothy RunkleTax Assessor-Collector
11/05/2019PA Charles Michael FarleyTownship Auditor
11/05/2019VA Wendy Hageman SmithSchool Board
11/05/2019VAElected Ira RichardsSoil and Water Conservation District
11/05/2019VA Jonah ThomasSoil and Water Conservation District
11/05/2019VA Audrey ClementCounty Board
11/05/2019VAElected Thomas AdamsSoil and Water Conservation District
10/08/2019NC Joshua BradleyCity Council
09/10/2019NC Loran Allen SmithU.S. House of Representatives
09/10/2019OH Stefania CzechCity Council
08/27/2019CAElected William StokemWater Board
08/27/2019CAElected Jeffrey WhitehouseWater Board
08/18/2019MEElected Ivy TurnerSchool Board
06/25/2019NY Casey J. ChapmanMayor
06/25/2019NY Cerrone Y. CunninghamCouncil President
06/25/2019NY Chris ScullyCity Council
06/25/2019NY Glen CulbertsonTown Board
06/25/2019NY Tom HodgkinsTown Council
06/20/2019ME David VincentSelect Board
06/18/2019MEElected Rebecca HennesseySchool Committee
06/15/2019CAElected Hugh MooreNeighborhood Council
06/15/2019CA Timeka DrewNeighborhood Council
06/15/2019CAElected Aaron WilliamsNeighborhood Council
06/15/2019CAElected Audre Lopez-KingNeighborhood Council
06/11/2019MEElected Danny JacksonSchool Board
06/11/2019ME Marilynn GrizkewitschSelectboard
06/11/2019MEElected Christopher RoyElectric Board
06/09/2019CAElected Rachel BruhnkeNeighborhood Council
05/28/2019MDElected Annie ChambersHousing Authority
05/28/2019MDElected Anthony WilliamsonHousing Authority
05/28/2019MEElected Chris ParkerSelect Board
05/21/2019NY Deyva ArthurSchool Board
05/21/2019OR Emma LugoSchool Board
05/21/2019ORElected Michael SonnleitnerCommunity College Board of Directors
05/21/2019PA Brian UllomTownship Board of Supervisors
05/16/2019CAElected Derek IversenNeighborhood Council
05/14/2019MAElected Matthew MoncreaffSelect Board
05/07/2019CO Annie MartinezCity Council
05/07/2019NY Timothy J. HartiganSchool Board
05/06/2019MEElected Desiree ScorciaSelectman
05/04/2019CAElected Carl PetersenNeighborhood Council
05/04/2019TX Hunter CrowCollege Board of Trustees
04/27/2019CAElected Lisa JohnsonNeighborhood Council
04/27/2019CAElected Liliana SanchezNeighborhood Council
04/25/2019UTElected Deanna TaylorCommunity Council
04/25/2019UTElected Tom KingCommunity Council
04/13/2019CAElected Melissa CurielNeighborhood Council
04/08/2019WIElected Barbara DahlgrenConservation Congress
04/08/2019WI Michael WhiteConservation Congress
04/06/2019CA Ryan MooreNeighborhood Council
04/04/2019CA Diana CruzNeighborhood Council
04/04/2019CAElected Steve RiceNeighborhood Council
04/02/2019CO Fred KirschCity Council
04/02/2019IL Steve AleschPark and Recreation District
04/02/2019ILElected Sandy LezonLibrary Board of Trustees
04/02/2019ILElected Peter SchwartzmanCity Council
04/02/2019MO Jerome BauerPresident of the Board of Alderman
04/02/2019MOElected Ed WilliamsonHealth Board
04/02/2019WI Adam KassulkeSchool Board
03/31/2019CA Danielle MeadNeighborhood Council
03/26/2019CA Julio Cesar FloresState Senate
03/26/2019MAElected Edward Tar LarnerHousing Authority
03/26/2019MA Jim Snyder-GrantBoard of Selectman
03/25/2019MEElected Ronald DeeganSelectboard
03/19/2019CA Bob DennisPlanning Committee
03/16/2019MEElected Heather QuimbyPlanning Board
03/12/2019CAElected Matthew GlaserNeighborhood Council
03/02/2019MEElected Deron WhittemoreSchool Committee
03/02/2019MEElected Casey CoteSchool Board
02/26/2019CT Mirna MartinezState House of Representatives
02/26/2019NY James LanePublic Advocate