Summary of Green Candidates

This is a database of all Green Party members who have run for public office in the United States since 1985, according to this definition of a Green Party candidate.

Candidates are entered into the database once they have qualified for the ballot. Click each candidate’s name below for more information about them and the race they are contesting. Use the search functions to the right to search by year, type of office, or for any candidate or race. Candidates not entered into the database who may have declared for office, but have not yet qualified for the ballot, may be found on state Green Party websites and on this GPUS candidate news feed. (Updated July 8, 2024)

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2000 Stats

280 Races in 2000

Election DateStateCandidateOffice
12/12/2000CAElected Matt GonzalezBoard of Supervisors
11/28/2000ARElected Randy ZurcherCity Council
11/07/2000AK William BarteeState Senate
11/07/2000AK Fryderyk (Fred) FrontierState House of Representatives
11/07/2000AK Greg GarciaState Senate
11/07/2000AK R.D. LevnoState House of Representatives
11/07/2000AK Jed WhittakerState Senate
11/07/2000AK Anna YoungU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000AR Paul KellyCity Board of Directors
11/07/2000AR Dee WhiteCity Board of Directors
11/07/2000AS Tisa (Barefoot) FaamuliGovernor
11/07/2000AZ Katie BolgerState House of Representatives
11/07/2000AZ Susan CampbellCounty Superintendent of Schools
11/07/2000AZ William CrosbyState House of Representatives
11/07/2000AZ Dave CroteauCounty Sheriff
11/07/2000AZ Michael Jay GreenU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000AZ Vance HansenU.S. Senate
11/07/2000AZ Peter HormelCounty Attorney
11/07/2000AZ Eli MandersState House of Representatives
11/07/2000AZ Bill MoellerState House of Representatives
11/07/2000AZ Daniel PattersonState Senate
11/07/2000AZ John ScudderState House of Representatives
11/07/2000AZ Jack StrasburgState House of Representatives
11/07/2000AZ William ZafferCounty Assessor
11/07/2000CA Jon (Stevens) MannCity Council
11/07/2000CA Ken AdamsU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000CA Sara AmirState Assembly
11/07/2000CA Jay BaggiCounty Board of Supervisors
11/07/2000CAElected Sharon L. Wert BarbourPark and Recreation District
11/07/2000CA Demian BarrettCounty Board of Supervisors
11/07/2000CA Creighton BellCity Council
11/07/2000CA Medea BenjaminU.S. Senate
11/07/2000CA Jan Louis BergeronState Assembly
11/07/2000CA Susan L. BrintonCity Council
11/07/2000CA Scott BugentalCity Council
11/07/2000CA E. Craig CoffinU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000CAElected Craig CombesResource Conservation District
11/07/2000CAElected Wendy CorlisSchool Board
11/07/2000CA Colby CrotzerMayor
11/07/2000CAElected Leslie DalhoffCity Council
11/07/2000CAElected Bruce DelgadoCity Council
11/07/2000CA DNACity Council
11/07/2000CA Robert DoyleCity Council
11/07/2000CAElected Michael FeinsteinCity Council
11/07/2000CA Tim FitzgeraldBoard of Education
11/07/2000CA Dwain GoforthCity Council
11/07/2000CA Jim GuthrieCity Council
11/07/2000CA Ron Ramsay HaggCity Council
11/07/2000CA Pia JensenCity Council
11/07/2000CA Rebecca KaplanCity Council
11/07/2000CAElected Arian KatovichPark and Recreation District
11/07/2000CA Tom KellyCity Council
11/07/2000CA Seth KrogerBoard of Education
11/07/2000CA Arnie LeffCity Council
11/07/2000CA Robin LelerCity Council
11/07/2000CAElected Craig LitwinCity Council
11/07/2000CA Bonnie MorrCity Council
11/07/2000CA Justin ‘Justo’ MoscosoU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000CAElected Christine MulhollandCity Council
11/07/2000CA Robert (Bob) NanningaCity Council
11/07/2000CA George Nelson Jr.Board of Education
11/07/2000CA Michael NemethCity Council
11/07/2000CAElected Bob OrnelasCity Council
11/07/2000CA Bill PattersonCity Council
11/07/2000CA Gloria PurcellState Assembly
11/07/2000CA Joey RacanoCity Council
11/07/2000CA Chuck ReutterState Assembly
11/07/2000CA Duane RobertsSchool Board of Trustees
11/07/2000CAElected Phil RockeyCity Council
11/07/2000CA Marc SalomonCounty Board of Supervisors
11/07/2000CAElected John SelawskySchool Board
11/07/2000CA Lauren SinnottCity Council
11/07/2000CAElected Jeff SklarRent Control Board
11/07/2000CAElected Sam SpoonerCity Council
11/07/2000CAElected Cynthia StreckerSchool Board of Trustees
11/07/2000CA Paul StutrudCity Council
11/07/2000CA Robert ‘Roy’ van de HoekCity Council
11/07/2000CA Krista Lieberg WongU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000CO Judy (Che) DaviesCounty Commission
11/07/2000CO Ron ForthoferU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000COElected Art GoodtimesCounty Board of Commissioners
11/07/2000CT Paul BasslerState House of Representatives
11/07/2000CT Timothy BowlesState Senate
11/07/2000CT Audrey ColeU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000CT Mike DeRosaState Senate
11/07/2000CT Thomas EthierState House of Representatives
11/07/2000CT Tony SantiniState House of Representatives
11/07/2000CT Thomas SevignyState House of Representatives
11/07/2000DC Renee BowserCity Council
11/07/2000DC Tom BriggsCity Council
11/07/2000DC Gail DixonBoard of Education
11/07/2000DC Arturo GriffithsCity Council
11/07/2000DC Thomas E. SmithBoard of Education
11/07/2000DC Martin ThomasDelegate to U.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000DE Craig ShumakerCounty Chief Executive
11/07/2000FLElected Eric FrickerCity Commission
11/07/2000GA Rovene AskrenState House of Representatives
11/07/2000GA Kerrie DicksonState House of Representatives
11/07/2000GA Jeff GatesU.S. Senate
11/07/2000GA Reverend Zack LydeState House of Representatives
11/07/2000HI Ginny AsteState House of Representatives
11/07/2000HI Jack KellyState House of Representatives
11/07/2000HI Nick NikhilanandaCounty Council
11/07/2000HI Shaun StensholState House of Representatives
11/07/2000IA Kevin LeeCounty Board of Supervisors
11/07/2000IA Russell LovetinskyState House of Representatives
11/07/2000IA Jay RobinsonState House of Representatives
11/07/2000IL Martin HippieU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000KY Ken SainU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000MD David GrossU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000ME Derrick GrantState House of Representatives
11/07/2000ME Jane SceaseState House of Representatives
11/07/2000MI Matthew AbelU.S. Senate
11/07/2000MIElected JoAnne BeemonDrain Commissioner
11/07/2000MI William Banny BishopDrain Commissioner
11/07/2000MI Bonnie BucquerouxU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000MI Alan GambleU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000MI Jon Den HerderState House of Representatives
11/07/2000MI Gaia L. M. KileCounty Sheriff
11/07/2000MI Terry LinkTown Supervisor
11/07/2000MI Marilyn MacDermaidU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000MI Roger McClaryCounty Board of Commissioners
11/07/2000MI Tom NessU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000MI James NicitaUniversity Board of Governors
11/07/2000MI Christie L. NowakCity Council
11/07/2000MI Scott TrudeauUniversity Board of Regents
11/07/2000MI William D. ZoyesCounty Board of Commissioners
11/07/2000MN Holle BrianState House of Representatives
11/07/2000MN Matt TaylorCity Council
11/07/2000MO Mary A. AuerState Senate
11/07/2000MO Peter M. CooganState House of Representatives
11/07/2000MO Paula EliasSecretary of State
11/07/2000MO Frank Eller, JrState House of Representatives
11/07/2000MO Ben KjelshusLieutenant Governor
11/07/2000MO Mary MaroneyU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000MO Mike OdellU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000MO Brenda (Ziah) ReddickU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000MO Lavoy (Zaki Baruti) ReedGovernor
11/07/2000MO Charles ReitzU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000MO Tom SagerU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000MO Devin ScherubelU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000MO Evaline TaylorU.S. Senate
11/07/2000MO Jason R ToonState House of Representatives
11/07/2000MO Patricia A. TurekState House of Representatives
11/07/2000MO Ray VanlandinghamState Treasurer
11/07/2000MO Charles WintersState House of Representatives
11/07/2000NJ Bruce AfranU.S. Senate
11/07/2000NJ Stuart ChaifetzU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000NJ Jerry L. ColemanU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000NJ Susan DeckertFreeholder
11/07/2000NJ Joseph FortunatoU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000NJ Robert (Gabe) GabrielskyU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000NJ Earl GrayU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000NJ Michael ‘MJ’ KingU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000NJ Aaron M. KromashU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000NJ Dan MartinFreeholder
11/07/2000NJ Carl MayerU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000NJ Claudette MeliereU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000NJ Catherine ParrishU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000NJ Lewis PellU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000NJ John PiekarskiU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000NJ Thomas RegrutFreeholder
11/07/2000NJ Paul SilbermanFreeholder
11/07/2000NM Cliff BainPublic Utility Regulatory Commission
11/07/2000NM Allen CooperState House of Representatives
11/07/2000NM Marvin GladstoneStatewide Court of Appeals
11/07/2000NM Ann GleasonState Senate
11/07/2000NM Dan KerlinskyU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000NM Melissa MacDonaldCounty Commission
11/07/2000NM Xubi WilsonCounty Commission
11/07/2000NM Richard Allen WinecoffState House of Representatives
11/07/2000NV Charles LawsU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000NV Kathy RuscoU.S. Senate
11/07/2000NY Henry (Hank) BardelState Senate
11/07/2000NY Elmer BertschState Assembly
11/07/2000NY Norah BrennanState Senate
11/07/2000NY Donald J. DeBerardinisMayor
11/07/2000NY Raymond J. DowdState Assembly
11/07/2000NY Mark DunauU.S. Senate
11/07/2000NY Mark A. DunleaState Assembly
11/07/2000NY Stephen M. EdelglassState Assembly
11/07/2000NY Javier EnriquezState Assembly
11/07/2000NY Jim FarneyBoard of Public Education
11/07/2000NY Vincent A. FerriState Assembly
11/07/2000NY Tom GillespieCounty Executive
11/07/2000NY Paul GilmanU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000NY Jon GreenbaumState Assembly
11/07/2000NY Don HassigState Assembly
11/07/2000NY Eve HawkinsU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000NY Howie HawkinsU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000NY Elizabeth HenleyState Assembly
11/07/2000NY Van Buren D. HowellState Assembly
11/07/2000NY Mark JacobsU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000NY Noah LandonState Senate
11/07/2000NY Dean LorenU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000NY Pierre (Pete) MercierState Assembly
11/07/2000NY Mark NaefState Senate
11/07/2000NY Jeffery PeressState Assembly
11/07/2000NY Craig SeemanState Senate
11/07/2000NY Becky N. ShawState Senate
11/07/2000NY Roger SnyderState Assembly
11/07/2000NY Sandy StevensU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000NY Dan WentzelU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000NY Jason WestState Assembly
11/07/2000NY Margo WhitneyState Assembly
11/07/2000NY Dorothy Williams-PereiraState Senate
11/07/2000OH Logan MartinezState House of Representatives
11/07/2000OR Christina AlexanderState House of Representatives
11/07/2000OR Tre ArrowU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000OR Michael BeilsteinCounty Commission
11/07/2000ORElected Anna BraunCity Council
11/07/2000OR Lori BurtonCounty Commission
11/07/2000OR Lloyd MarbetSecretary of State
11/07/2000ORElected Alexander PattersonSoil and Water Conservation District
11/07/2000OR Whitney SmithState Senate
11/07/2000OR Barry Joe StullState House of Representatives
11/07/2000OR David TillemansState House of Representatives
11/07/2000PA Demo AgorisState House of Representatives
11/07/2000PA William M. BelitskusU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000PA Anne GoekeState Auditor General
11/07/2000PA Barbara S. KnoxState Treasurer
11/07/2000PA Curt LarsonState House of Representatives
11/07/2000PA Thomas Alan LinzeyAttorney General
11/07/2000PA Eric PrindleState House of Representatives
11/07/2000PA Jennaro PullanoState Senate
11/07/2000PA John R. StithState House of Representatives
11/07/2000RI Jeff JohnsonState House of Representatives
11/07/2000RI Karen JohnsonCity Council
11/07/2000RI Gregg StevensState House of Representatives
11/07/2000TN Tom BurrellU.S. Senate
11/07/2000TX Gary DuggerState Railroad Commissioner
11/07/2000TX Ben LevyState Supreme Court
11/07/2000TX Charlie MauchState Railroad Commission
11/07/2000TX Doug SandageU.S. Senate
11/07/2000VAElected David HarborSoil and Water Conservation District
11/07/2000VA Kathy O’HaraSoil and Water Conservation District
11/07/2000VAElected Phil WelchSoil and Water Conservation District
11/07/2000WA Joe SzwajaU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000WY John HanksU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2000WYElected Amy MoonCity Council
10/07/2000LA Les EvenchickSchool Board
10/03/2000AKElected Della CoburnTribal Council
10/03/2000AK Maryalice Montoya-BighinattiBoard of Education
10/03/2000AK Amy K. SmithCity Assembly
10/03/2000AK Patty ZimmermanMayor
09/12/2000AZ Alva D’OrgeixMayor
09/12/2000NY Joseph DubovyU.S. House of Representatives
09/12/2000NY Ronnie DuggerU.S. Senate
09/12/2000NY Al LewisU.S. Senate
09/12/2000WY Mike OxleyCity Council
05/02/2000NY Ben ZwirnCounty Legislature
05/02/2000TX Aaron DolsonMayor
04/04/2000CA Wiliam RothlanCity Council
04/04/2000COElected Robert Kelly-GossCity Council
04/04/2000COElected Jim LambTown Council
04/04/2000WIElected Robert BrowneCounty Board of Supervisors
04/04/2000WI Bruce T. CiskieCounty Board of Supervisors
04/04/2000WIElected David ConleyCounty Board of Supervisors
04/04/2000WIElected Larry HardingTownship Board of Supervisors
04/04/2000WIElected John HendrickCounty Board of Supervisors
04/04/2000WIElected Al MatanoCounty Board of Supervisors
04/04/2000WIElected Kathryn McKenzieCounty Board of Supervisors
04/04/2000WIElected Robert OlsgardCounty Board of Supervisors
04/04/2000WIElected Thomas PowellCounty Board of Supervisors
04/04/2000WIElected Don RichardsCommon Council
04/04/2000WIElected Tom SykesCounty Board of Supervisors
04/04/2000WIElected Echnaton VedderCounty Board of Supervisors
03/14/2000CAElected Kip KruegerPlanning Board
03/14/2000MNElected David AbazsTownship Board of Supervisors
03/07/2000CAElected Sara BasslerCommunity Council
03/07/2000CAElected Jay EvartsPlanning Group
03/07/2000CAElected Barbara FornaciariPlanning Group
03/07/2000CA Dan ForstonCounty Board of Supervisors
03/07/2000CAElected Kip KruegerPlanning Board
03/07/2000CA Christine MalanBoard of Supervisors
03/07/2000CA Louis NuyensBoard of Supervisors
03/07/2000CA Jan TuckerU.S. Senate
03/07/2000CA Gary WaayersCounty Board of Supervisors
03/07/2000NMElected Miguel ChavezCity Council
03/07/2000NMElected Fran GallegosMunicipal Judge