2002 Stats

560 Races in 2002

AKDiane Bensonfor Governor
AKDella Coburnfor Lieutenant Governor
AKDella Coburnfor Tribal Council
AKRussell DeForestfor U.S. House of Representatives
AKThomas Higginsfor U.S. Senate
AKDavid Stannardfor State Senate
AKThomas M. Stromanfor State Senate
AKJim Sykesfor U.S. Senate
AKNathana Wrightfor State House of Representatives
ARPaul Kellyfor Board of Directors
ARAl Vickfor City Council
AZSam Ritchiefor Community College District
AZKyrsten Sinemafor State House of Representatives
CAKen Adamsfor U.S. House of Representatives
CAAna Araizafor City Council
CAJosefina Arandafor City Council
CAKerry Arnettfor City Council
CALarry Barnettfor City Council
CATisha Bedrosianfor Neighborhood Council
CASteve Benjaminfor Community College District
CASheila Bernardfor Neighborhood Council
CADavid Delano Blancofor State Controller
CAWarner Bloombergfor State Assembly
CATom Bolemafor State Assembly
CAJohn Boushellfor Mayor
CAPeter Miguel Camejofor Governor
CAJo Chamberlainfor State Assembly
CAHoward Chongfor Rent Stabilization Board
CAJulie Cooley-Riedersfor City Council
CAPhil Courtneyfor U.S. House of Representatives
CAJohn Donaldsonfor City Council
CAJim Dorenkottfor U.S. House of Representatives
CAAlan Drusysfor City Council
CAYolanda Escamillafor City Council
CATim Fitzmauricefor City Council
CACindy Foxfootfor School Board
CAPaul Franklinfor School Board
CARoberto G. Garciafor Fire District
CARaymond Glock-Grueneichfor U.S. House of Representatives
CAMichael Goldsteinfor Superior Court
CALearner Goodefor City Council
CAHerb Gurafor School Board
CABarry Hermansonfor Board of Supervisors
CAPatricia Hilesfor School Board
CABeth Ingallsfor City Council
CARebecca Kaplanfor Transit Board
CABruce Karneyfor City Council
CAChris Kavanaghfor Rent Stabilization Board
CAKip Kruegerfor Planning Group
CAGuillermo Kuhlfor City Council
CAJames Lamportfor Hospital District
CAThomas Lashfor U.S. House of Representatives
CAThomas Leavittfor City Council
CAWhitney Leighfor Board of Education
CASarah Lipsonfor Board of Education
CAJonathan Lundellfor School Board
CADiana Mannfor City Council
CAKevin McKeownfor City Council
CADave Meservefor City Council
CAGene Meyersfor School Board
CACameron Millerfor Water Conservation District Board
CAAbel Moutonfor Community College District
CAGlen Mowrerfor Attorney General
CADione Mustardfor Board of Supervisors
CARobert (Bob) Nanningafor City Council
CALandon Neustadtfor City Council
CADeOnne Noelfor School Board
CAVirgil Pinafor City Council
CAJoey Racanofor City Council
CAKenn Riedersfor City Council
CAJennifer Rienksfor Healthcare District
CALarry Robinsonfor City Council
CAJeanne Marie Rosenmeierfor State Treasurer
CARobert A. Russellfor School Board
CAMark Sanchezfor Superintendent of Public Instruction
CASandra Ventura Scottfor School Board
CADavid Ishlael Sheidlowerfor Insurance Commissioner
CALarry Shoupfor Secretary of State
CAMark Shoupfor City Council
CALauren Sinnottfor City Council
CASelma Spectorfor Rent Stabilization Board
CADona Springfor City Council
CATerry Stonefor City Council
CAJoseph ‘Buck’ Stovalfor Board of Education
CABruce Sturmfor Fire District
CANewell Taylorfor City Council
CADoug Thronfor State Assembly
CARobert ‘Roy’ van de Hoekfor City Council
CALynne Vanderpotfor Planning Group
CANicole Vigeantfor Community Services District
CADavid Wadefor School Board
CADonna Warrenfor Lieutenant Governor
CALaura Wellsfor State Controller
CATim Willisfor School Board
CAL.A. Woodfor City Council
CAKathy Wronskifor Park and Recreation District
CADoug Zilmfor Planning Group
CODave Chandlerfor U.S. House of Representatives
COScott Chaplinfor Board of Trustees
CORon Forthoferfor Governor
COPete Gleichmanfor Town Council
COAlison Maynardfor Attorney General
COJustin J. McCarthyfor County Commissioner
COWendy Mimiagafor Town Board
COKrista Paradisefor Board of Trustees
COEric Rechelfor State House of Representatives
COKen Seamanfor U.S. House of Representatives
COD. Oak Smithfor County Clerk
CODan Wintersfor Lieutenant Governor
CONancy Yorkfor County Commissioner
CTJohn Battistafor State House of Representatives
CTMike DeRosafor State Senate
CTDavid Ionnofor Board of Education
CTPeter Magistrifor State House of Representatives
CTSimone Masonfor State House of Representatives
CTCharlie Pillsburyfor U.S. House of Representatives
CTThomas Sevignyfor State Senate
CTPenny Tealfor State Senate
DCRenee Bowserfor Advisory Neighborhood Commission
DCGail Dixonfor City Council
DCSteve Donkinfor Mayor
DCAdam Eidingerfor United States Representative
DCJenefer Ellingstonfor City Council
DCDebby Hanrahanfor City Council
DCJoyce Robinson-Paulfor U.S. Senate
DCJoyce Robinson-Paulfor Advisory Neighborhood Commission
DCMichele Tingling-Clemmonsfor City Council
DCEdward Chico Troyfor City Council
DCBryan Weaverfor Advisory Neighborhood Commission
DEVivian A. Houghtonfor Attorney General
DEWilliam Winklerfor State Senate
FLNicholas Colefor School Board
FLTim Doylefor State House of Representatives
FLKurt Gratzolfor State House of Representatives
FLLynda Schuhfor Mosquito Control Board
FLAnthony Stephanfor Charter Review Commission
GAKerrie Dicksonfor State Agriculture Commissioner
GAHugh Escofor Lieutenant Governor
GANannette D. Garrettfor Governor
GAJoyce Griggsfor U.S. House of Representatives
GAAl Hermanfor U.S. House of Representatives
GAHarry T. Lydefor State House of Representatives
GAReverend Zack Lydefor School Board
GAChris Neelyfor State House of Representatives
GAEd Vaughnfor County Commissioner
HIKahealanikuuleialoha äóÖKaheäó» Aipiafor State Senate
HIBob Jacobsonfor County Council
HIJack Kellyfor State House of Representatives
HILynn Nakkimfor State House of Representatives
HINick Nikhilanandafor U.S. House of Representatives
HIJeff Turnerfor County Council
IADon Arenzfor Secretary of State
IABrian Depewfor Secretary of Agriculture
IAHolly Hartfor Lieutenant Governor
IATim Harthanfor U.S. Senate
IAJeannie Hegemannfor County Board of Supervisors
IATom Hustvetfor County Board of Supervisors
IAKevin Leefor Township Trustee
IAJim Paprockifor County Board of Supervisors
IAJoannes R. Poolfor County Board of Supervisors
IAJay Robinsonfor Governor
IATammy Kaye Simonfor State House of Representatives
IDRick Boydfor State House of Representatives
IDMichele Eichlerfor School Board
IDRobert McMinnfor State Senate
IDJohn Steinebachfor State Senate
ILJennifer Coufalfor Local School Council
ILCarl Estabrookfor U.S. House of Representatives
ILJason Farbmanfor State House of Representatives
ILJoe Lanterfor County Board of Supervisors
ILJulie Samuelsfor State House of Representatives
ILRich Whitneyfor State House of Representatives
INTimothy Baerfor County Commissioner
INJeff Meltonfor U.S. House of Representatives
INJulie Robertsfor County Council
KYDon Prattfor Urban County Council
LAMalik Rahimfor City Council
MADavid Ahlfeldfor Town Meeting Member
MAMichael Aleofor State House of Representatives
MAMichael Aleofor State House of Representatives
MASue Bartonefor State House of Representatives
MAGeorge Bryantfor County Assembly
MAMIchael Chesworthfor Town Meeting Member
MAMiriam Daytonfor Town Meeting Member
MAFrank Gattifor Town Meeting Seat
MAChristopher Holmefor Town Meeting Member
MAPaul Lachelierfor State House of Representatives
MAJonathan Levittfor State House of Representatives
MAEmily Lewisfor Town Meeting Member
MAAnthony Lorenzenfor Lieutenant Governor
MADaniel Melnechuckfor U.S. House of Representatives
MANeil Nugentfor Town Meeting Member
MAVincent O’Connorfor Town Meeting Member
MAJon Romanofor Town Meeting Member
MAMIchael Sherrardfor Town Meeting Member
MAJill Steinfor Governor
MAJohn Wadefor Town Meeting Member
MABrent Wasfor Town Meeting Member
MAPeter Whitefor State House of Representatives
MDBob Auerbachfor U.S. House of Representatives
MDDavid Grossfor House of Delegates
MDBeth Hufnagelfor State Comptroller
MDRichard Kunkelfor House of Delegates
MDGeorge Lawfor County Council
MDBob Lewis (MD)for County Commissioner
MDGeorge W. Murphyfor County Commissioner
MDLinda Schadefor House of Delegates
MDMorning Sundayfor House of Delegates
MEJonathan Carterfor Governor
MEMorgen D Arcfor Register of Deeds
MEJoshua Dolbyfor State House of Representatives
MEFred Dolgonfor State Senate
MERobert K. Dunningfor State House of Representatives
MEJohn Ederfor State House of Representatives
MEKelly Thompson Fernaldfor State Senate
MEPeter Fernaldfor State House of Representatives
MERuth Z. Gabeyfor State House of Representatives
MEHeather ‘Betsy’ Garroldfor State House of Representatives
MEJerry Hoagfor Selectman
MEDorothy LaFortunefor State Senate
MEFlower Noblefor State Senate
MEOliver Outerbridgefor State Senate
MEChristine A. Westfor State House of Representatives
MIKeith Agdanowskifor City Council
MIEric Borregardfor U.S. Senate
MIWilliam Boydfor U.S. House of Representatives
MIAdrianna Buonarrotifor Lieutenant Governor
MIMichael Buttigiegfor County Commissioner
MIDouglas Campbellfor Governor
MISurjit Singh Dulaifor University Board of Trustees
MISusan Fawcettfor University Board of Regents
MIMargaret Guttshallfor State House of Representatives
MIDonnelly Haddenfor State Supreme Court
MIWilliam Hennefor County Commissioner
MIGarry Herringfor State House of Representatives
MIAlan Jacobsonfor State House of Representatives
MISterling Johnsonfor U.S. House of Representatives
MIBretton Jonesfor State House of Representatives
MIDan D. Karamfor State House of Representatives
MIJerry Kaufmanfor Attorney General
MIJoseph Kingfor County Commissioner
MIFrederick Klinefor University Board of Governors
MIAnthony Kozubalfor County Commissioner
MIJason LaFayfor University Board of Trustees
MIJohn Litlefor U.S. House of Representatives
MIRoger McClaryfor County Commissioner
MIMichael L. McGuinnessfor Community College District
MIHarley Mikkelsonfor U.S. House of Representatives
MIKyle Moxleyfor State Board of Education
MIEdward Muller, Jr.for County Commissioner
MIArthur Myattfor State House of Representatives
MIRosalie Anne Pelchfor County Commissioner
MIMatt Peteringfor University Board of Regents
MIPeter Ponzettifor State House of Representatives
MIKaren Shelleyfor State Board of Education
MIElliott Smithfor State Senate
MIRev. A.S. Wrightfor State House of Representatives
MIRay Ziarnofor Secretary of State
MIEdward Muellerfor County Commissioner
MNAndrew Abruzzesefor State House of Representatives
MNGeorge Batemanfor State House of Representatives
MNDave Bergerfor State Auditor
MNAndrew Bohofor State House of Representatives
MNTeresa Bowe-Coverfor State House of Representatives
MNHolle Brianfor State Senate
MNMichael Cavlanfor State House of Representatives
MNTom Clelandfor State Senate
MNJeff Davisfor State Senate
MNTim Davisfor U.S. House of Representatives
MNWill Donovan IIIfor State Senate
MNDave Engstromfor State Senate
MNEd Felienfor County Commissioner
MNRay Fennerfor State House of Representatives
MNRichard Fischerfor State House of Representatives
MNElaine Flemingfor Mayor
MNMark Friedmanfor State Senate
MNJohn Gibsonfor State Senate
MNRhoda Gilmanfor Lieutenant Governor
MNNick Granathfor State Senate
MNWade Hannonfor State House of Representatives
MNDan Kimmelfor State House of Representatives
MNRichard Klattefor Governor
MNAndrew Koebrickfor Secretary of State
MNSpencer Madsenfor County Commissioner
MNTom Marksfor State House of Representatives
MNEd McGaafor U.S. Senate
MNKeith Melandfor State House of Representatives
MNTom Menkefor State House of Representatives
MNGreg Mikkelsonfor U.S. House of Representatives
MNKaryn Milosfor State House of Representatives
MNEric Oinesfor State House of Representatives
MNVic Ormsbyfor Soil and Water Conservation District
MNSaloman Orrellanafor State House of Representatives
MNKristin Osbakkenfor County Commissioner
MNKen Pentelfor Governor
MNBob Pollockfor State House of Representatives
MNJay Pondfor U.S. House of Representatives
MNShane Pricefor City Council
MNDanene Provencherfor City Council
MNScott Raskiewiczfor U.S. House of Representatives
MNRobert Schlidfor Soil and Water Conservation District
MNJoel Sipressfor State Senate
MNBonnie Jean Smithfor State House of Representatives
MNLance Starichafor State House of Representatives
MNJerry Taubefor County Commissioner
MNAudrey Thayerfor County Commissioner
MNRay Tricomofor U.S. Senate
MNLaVerne Turnerfor State Senate
MNBob Velezfor County Commissioner
MNDwayne Voegelifor County Commissioner
MOKeith Brekhusfor U.S. House of Representatives
MOFred Kennellfor State Auditor
MOMatthew Larsonfor State House of Representatives
MOJason Murphyfor License Collector
MOChad Parmenterfor County Council
MOMark Robertsonfor State House of Representatives
MODaniel Romanofor U.S. Senate
MOMel Scrivenerfor State House of Representatives
MOTerry Zemanfor County Executive
MTBob Beckfor State House of Representatives
MTChris Frazierfor State House of Representatives
MTGreg Gordonfor State House of Representatives
MTBob Kelleherfor U.S. Senate
MTKelly Pollingtonfor State House of Representatives
MTScott N. Proctorfor State House of Representatives
MTPaul Stephensfor County Commissioner
NCGray Newmanfor Soil and Water Conservation District
NETom Fosterfor Public Power District
NEBrandi J. Harringtonfor County Recorder
NEKevin Johnsonfor Natural Resources District
NESteve Larrickfor Natural Resources District
NECharles Lawsfor Governor
NEFrances Mendenhallfor Public Power District
NERobert E. Parkerfor County Public Administrator
NEDoug Patersonfor U.S. House of Representatives
NELane Startinfor U.S. House of Representatives
NJDavid Alcantarafor Freeholder
NJNancy Bowmanfor Freeholder
NJJamie Consuegrafor Township Committee
NJEmily Cookfor Freeholder
NJRussell Cullenfor Mayor
NJHenry Faulknerfor U.S. House of Representatives
NJPaul Forstefor Freeholder
NJJoseph Fortunatofor U.S. House of Representatives
NJRichard Fosterfor County Executive
NJTed Glickfor U.S. Senate
NJTamara Gundfor Township Committee
NJRay Higbee Jr.for Freeholder
NJJane Hunterfor Borough Council
NJLynne Knudsenfor Freeholder
NJCarl Mayerfor U.S. House of Representatives
NJClaudette Melierefor County Executive
NJRoger Merlefor U.S. House of Representatives
NJGary Novosielskifor Board of Education
NJScott Salusfor Borough Council
NJRichard Strongfor U.S. House of Representatives
NJSteven Syrekfor Borough Council
NJDaniel Tumpsonfor Freeholder
NMDavid Baconfor Governor
NMCliff Bainfor County Commissioner
NMGary Claussfor County Commissioner
NMGeorge L. Deweyfor U.S. House of Representatives
NMAnn Gleasonfor Attorney General
NMSam Hittfor Land Commissioner
NMRick Lassfor State House of Representatives
NMKathy Sanchezfor Lieutenant Governor
NMRobert M. Sernafor County Sheriff
NMDon Thompsonfor State House of Representatives
NMMervyn C. Tildenfor State House of Representatives
NVPaul Alan Lenartfor Secretary of State
NYPenny Arcadefor State Assembly
NYStanley Aronowitzfor Governor
NYHenry (Hank) Bardelfor U.S. House of Representatives
NYRobin Barkenhagenfor State Assembly
NYGeorgiana Bordafor State Senate
NYRichard Bordafor State Assembly
NYBonnie Cannanfor State Senate
NYEvergreen Choufor State Assembly
NYKathleen Curtisfor State Senate
NYJennifer Danielsfor Lieutenant Governor
NYThomas M. Deganfor State Senate
NYJoseph DeMarefor State Assembly
NYTim Derhamfor U.S. House of Representatives
NYMark Dunaufor U.S. House of Representatives
NYAnn Eaganfor State Senate
NYJim Eatonfor State Senate
NYIvana Edwardsfor State Assembly
NYPaul Fallonfor U.S. House of Representatives
NYJim Farneyfor State Assembly
NYLeslie Farneyfor State Senate
NYDeborah Georgefor Town Council
NYWilliam Gerena-Rochetfor State Assembly
NYSteven Greenfieldfor U.S. House of Representatives
NYHowie Hawkinsfor State Comptroller
NYDon Hickokfor County Sheriff
NYGerald Kannfor State Assembly
NYTom Keefefor Municipal Judge
NYJohn Keenanfor U.S. House of Representatives
NYAlbert LaBrunafor U.S. House of Representatives
NYPatrick Langhenryfor State Assembly
NYChester Le Baronfor County Coroner
NYMargaret Lewisfor U.S. House of Representatives
NYJoshua Liebersonfor State Assembly
NYMary Jo Longfor Attorney General
NYPeter Lookerfor State Assembly
NYPeter Lookerfor State Assembly
NYKenn Lowyfor State Assembly
NYRonald MacKinnonfor State Assembly
NYRalph Manfredoniafor Town Council
NYPhil Martinfor State Assembly
NYWilliam McCrossenfor Town Council
NYTara Meadowsfor State Assembly
NYPete Meyersfor County Sheriff
NYKate Pendergrastfor County Coroner
NYDarius Pereirafor State Assembly
NYJeffery Peressfor State Assembly
NYJean Rabofffor State Assembly
NYLorna Salzmanfor U.S. House of Representatives
NYDevin Scherubelfor Town Council
NYDan Searlesfor State Assembly
NYElizabeth Shanklinfor U.S. House of Representatives
NYThomas Siracusefor State Assembly
NYRoger Snyderfor State Senate
NYGeorge Tatevosyanfor State Assembly
NYRachel Treichlerfor U.S. House of Representatives
NYKathleen Van Vlackfor State Assembly
NYJeffrey Van Zandtfor Town Justice
NYSamuel Weinrebfor Board of Trustees
NYDan Wentzelfor U.S. House of Representatives
NYJason Westfor State Assembly
NYDorothy Williams-Pereirafor State Senate
NYJonathan Wrightfor U.S. House of Representatives
OHAlan Amstutzfor State House of Representatives
OHFrank Dodenfor U.S. House of Representatives
ORPeter Alexanderfor City Council
ORDiane Amaroticofor Parks and Recreation Commission
ORGeorge Groschfor City Council
ORChristian Guntherfor City Council
ORPatricia Hadleyfor City Council
ORTom Matosecfor County Commissioner
ORDale Matthewsfor State House of Representatives
ORBill Smaldonefor City Council
PAAnnDrea M. Bensonfor U.S. House of Representatives
PATraci Conferfor State Senate
PAMike Ewallfor U.S. House of Representatives
PAErnst Fordfor State House of Representatives
PAJonathan L. Gallupfor State House of Representatives
PAAndrew W. Greenfor State Senate
PATom Heitzenraterfor State House of Representatives
PAMichael Morrillfor Governor
PACharles Moyerfor State House of Representatives
PADiana Obolerfor State House of Representatives
PABen Pricefor U.S. House of Representatives
PAEric Prindlefor State House of Representatives
PAKurt J. Shotkofor U.S. House of Representatives
PAVicki J. Smedleyfor Lieutenant Governor
PATodd Willfor U.S. House of Representatives
PAEric Wolfefor State House of Representatives
PADuane R. Wrightfor State House of Representatives
PADuane R. Wrightfor City Council
PAJ. Terry Zellerfor State House of Representatives
RIGreg Gerrittfor Mayor
RILarry Kernfor City Council
RIJohn Nimmofor City Council
RIDavid Segalfor City Council
RIGregg Stevensfor Lieutenant Governor
RIJeff Tostefor State Senate
TNJonathan Farleyfor U.S. House of Representatives
TXB.J. Armstrongfor U.S. House of Representatives
TXSherrill Blackmonfor State House of Representatives
TXMichael J. Bolzeniusfor State House of Representatives
TXLoren Cliftfor Justice of the Peace
TXDavid Cobbfor Attorney General
TXSarah DuBosefor State House of Representatives
TXJane Eliosefffor State Agriculture Commissioner
TXMolly Hayesfor County Clerk
TXCarla Hubbellfor U.S. House of Representatives
TXOllie Ruth Jeffersonfor Statewide Court of Appeals
TXThomas J. Kemperfor U.S. House of Representatives
TXDaniel Kowalfor Watershed District Board
TXBryan Lankfordfor County Commissioner
TXRahul Mahajanfor Governor
TXCharlie Mauchfor Statewide Railroad Commissioner
TXMichael B. McInerneyfor Land Commissioner
TXHarlan McVeafor State House of Representatives
TXBuddy Mohledfor County Commissioner
TXMike Morenfor County Treasurer
TXJack Nottinghamfor State House of Representatives
TXRob Owenfor Statewide Court of Appeals
TXGary R. Pagefor U.S. House of Representatives
TXNathalie Paravicinifor Lieutenant Governor
TXCliff Pearsonfor Justice of the Peace
TXJulia Penelopefor School Board
TXJohn S. Petersenfor U.S. House of Representatives
TXLesley Nicole Ramseyfor Board of Education
TXGeorge Reiterfor U.S. House of Representatives
TXRuben Reyesfor State Comptroller
TXGeorge Ricefor Aquifer Authority Board
TXBrad Rockwellfor State Supreme Court
TXDarren Scharffor State House of Representatives
TXEd Scharffor U.S. House of Representatives
TXIrene Meyer Scharffor Board of Education
TXJohn D. Schlidtfor State House of Representatives
TXJohn D. Schlidtfor Watershed District Board
TXDeb Shaftofor County Judge
TXPete Smykefor Mayor
TXJoel Westfor U.S. House of Representatives
TXRoy H. Williamsfor U.S. Senate
UTCraig Axfordfor U.S. House of Representatives
UTPatrick Beecroftfor City Council
UTLaura Bonhlanfor State House of Representatives
UTPatrick Diehlfor U.S. House of Representatives
UTPeter Hinesfor State House of Representatives
UTDiana Lee Hirshcifor City Council
UTTom Kingfor State House of Representatives
UTRob Morrisonfor State House of Representatives
UTLinda Parsonsfor State House of Representatives
UTJohn Renteriafor State Senate
UTJon Roeslerfor State House of Representatives
UTDavid Rowlandfor State Senate
UTJohn Weisheitfor State House of Representatives
VAD.C. Amarasinghefor U.S. House of Representatives
VAAllison Bergfor Town Council
VAMark Geduldig-Yatrofskyfor City Council
VADon Langrehrfor Mayor
VAHarry Nielsonfor U.S. House of Representatives
WABern Haggertyfor U.S. House of Representatives
WALinda Knightonfor State Senate
WAMarilou Rickertfor State Senate
WAPeter Francis Tassonifor State Senate
WIPaul Aschenbrennerfor State Treasurer
WIJeanne Behrendfor County Board of Supervisors
WIAdam Benedettofor County Sheriff
WIBrian Benfordfor County Board of Supervisors
WIMike Briggsfor Town Supervisor
WIJohn Brownfor County Board of Supervisors
WIRobert Brownefor County Board of Supervisors
WIJim Carpenterfor State Senate
WIBruce T. Ciskiefor County Board of Supervisors
WIDavid Conleyfor County Board of Supervisors
WIBernard Dalseyfor State Assembly
WIJohn Hardinfor County Supervisor
WILarry Hardingfor Township Supervisor
WIJohn Hendrickfor County Board of Supervisors
WIDick Kaiserfor U.S. House of Representatives
WIMark Martifor Board of Education
WIAl Matanofor County Board of Supervisors
WIKathryn McKenziefor County Board of Supervisors
WIBrian Merrill Vasquez Verdinfor U.S. House of Representatives
WIAntonia Nelsonfor County Board of Supervisors
WIAntonia Nelsonfor County Board of Supervisors
WIJeff Petersonfor Lieutenant Governor
WIJosh Pittsfor County Board of Supervisors
WIThomas Powellfor Common Council
WIKyle Richlondfor County Board of Supervisors
WIKevin Ruehlfor County Board of Supervisors
WIZach Sheltonfor Board of Education
WIEchnaton Vedderfor County Board of Supervisors
WIAnnie Wackerfor School Board
WIJim Youngfor Governor