1998 Stats

131 Races in 1998

AKJeffrey Gottliebfor U.S. Senate
AKJohn Gramesfor U.S. House of Representatives
AKDesa Jacobsenfor Governor
AKMike Milliganfor Lieutenant Governor
ARPaul Kellyfor Board of Directors
ARRandy Zurcherfor City Council
CAJon (Stevens) Mannfor City Council
CANancy Lynn Abramsfor City Council
CAKen Adamsfor U.S. House of Representatives
CACynthia Allairefor U.S. House of Representatives
CASara Amirfor Lieutenant Governor
CAMaria Armoudianfor U.S. House of Representatives
CAKerry Arnettfor City Council
CAGlenn Baileyfor Board of Equalization
CAGlenn Baileyfor Resource Conservation District
CARobin Barrettfor U.S. House of Representatives
CABonnie Bennettfor City Council
CAMichael Boydfor Board of Education
CAWilliam Bretzfor Planning Group
CATodd Chasfor Board of Education
CAEls Cooperriderfor Board of Supervisors
CAPhil Courtneyfor U.S. House of Representatives
CAPamela Coxsonfor Board of Education
CAColby Crotzerfor City Council
CABudd Dickinsonfor City Council
CADavid Diehlfor City Council
CAAlan Drusysfor City Council
CATim Fitzgeraldfor Board of Education
CATim Fitzmauricefor City Council
CARex Frankelfor State Assembly
CABradley Freemanfor City Council
CARainy Blue Cloud Greensfelderfor City Council
CADan Hamburgfor Governor
CAJoe Louis Hoffmanfor Board of Supervisors
CAChris Kavanaghfor City Council
CADebra Keipsfor City Council
CAKip Kruegerfor Planning Group
CAJames Lamportfor Hospital District
CAKrista Lieberg-Wongfor U.S. House of Representatives
CACraig Litwinfor City Council
CAJeff Deford Marchfor Planning Group
CAGeorge M. Mathewsfor City Council
CAKevin McKeownfor City Council
CAEdward Muzikafor City Council
CADeOnne Noelfor School Board
CAJeanne Patten Marchfor Planning Group
CABill Pattersonfor City Council
CABill Pattersonfor Board of Supervisors
CALarry Robinsonfor City Council
CASteven Schlidt (CA)for City Council
CASandra Ventura Scottfor School Board
CAJohn Selawskyfor Board of Education
CAWalt Sheasbyfor U.S. House of Representatives
CASelma Spectorfor Rent Stabilization Board
CADona Springfor City Council
CATim Willisfor School Board
CODean Myersonfor Board of Regents
COKrista Paradisefor Board of Trustees
CONancy Yorkfor County Commissioner
DCMike Livingstonfor Delegate to U.S. House of Representatives
DCScott McClartyfor City Council
GAKerrie Dicksonfor Labor Commissioner
GAHugh Escofor Lieutenant Governor
GAHugh Lovelfor State Agriculture Commissioner
GAChuck O’Neilfor Public Service Commissioner
HIJoe Bertram IIIfor County Council
HIJulie Jacobsonfor County Council
HINick Nikhilanandafor County Council
HIEd Schlittfor State House of Representatives
HILanny Sinkinfor County Council
HIRene Siracusafor County Council
MASteven Elliotfor State House of Representatives
MEPat LaMarchefor Governor
MEBetsy Marsanofor State House of Representatives
MEBenjamin Meiklejohnfor State House of Representatives
MNSusan Jasperfor Lieutenant Governor
MNKen Pentelfor Governor
NJFred Disquefor Freeholder
NJMadelyn Hoffmanfor U.S. House of Representatives
NJCarl Mayerfor U.S. House of Representatives
NJNick Mellisfor U.S. House of Representatives
NJPaul Williamsfor Freeholder
NMGeraldine J.M. Amatofor County Sheriff
NMRobert Andersonfor U.S. House of Representatives
NMRobert Andersonfor U.S. House of Representatives
NMCliff Bainfor Public Service Commissioner
NMJeremy Brownfor County Commissioner
NMGary Claussfor County Commissioner
NMRichard Haleyfor State Auditor
NMSam Hittfor Land Commissioner
NMAndrew Homerfor State House of Representatives
NMDamacio Lopezfor Secretary of State
NMCarol Millerfor U.S. House of Representatives
NMCris Moorefor City Council
NMTerry Mulcahyfor State House of Representatives
NMDonald L. Thompsonfor State House of Representatives
NMJohn A. ‘Jack’ Uhrichfor County Commissioner
NMRobert E. Westfor U.S. House of Representatives
NYMartin Brechfor County Executive
NYAlice Greenfor Lieutenant Governor
NYHowie Hawkinsfor State Comptroller
NYJoel Kovelfor U.S. Senate
NYAl Lewisfor Governor
NYJohann Moorefor Attorney General
NYCraig Seemanfor State Assembly
NYJulia Willebrandfor State Assembly
NYTamara Zwinakfor County Legislature
ORBlair Bobierfor Governor
ORMichael Donnellyfor U.S. House of Representatives
ORKaren Moskowitzfor U.S. Senate
PAWilliam M. Belitskusfor U.S. House of Representatives
PALarry Zalewskifor State House of Representatives
RIJeff Johnsonfor Lieutenant Governor
RIKaren Johnsonfor State House of Representatives
RIJoshua T. Mandelbaumfor State Senate
RIWilliam David Martinfor State Senate
TXSusan Lee Solarfor Governor
VAMichael Keyfor City Council
WIWilliam Andersonfor County Board of Supervisors
WIRobert Brownefor County Board of Supervisors
WIBruce T. Ciskiefor County Board of Supervisors
WIDavid Conleyfor County Board of Supervisors
WIKathryn McKenziefor County Board of Supervisors
WIRobert Olsgardfor County Board of Supervisors
WIJeff Petersonfor State Treasurer
WIThomas Powellfor County Board of Supervisors
WIScott Ticefor School Board
WIEchnaton Vedderfor County Board of Supervisors
WYBern Haggertyfor City Council
WYJohn Hanksfor U.S. House of Representatives
WYBill Smithfor City Council