2018 Stats

88 Races in 2018

CA James Henry “Henk” ConnMayor
CA Kenneth MejiaU.S. House of Representatives
CA Rodolfo Cortes BarraganU.S. House of Representatives
CA Laura WellsU.S. House of Representatives
CA Pamela ElizondoCounty Board of Supervisors
CA Rachel BruhnkeState Assembly
CA Bridget DuffyState Assembly
CA Carol BouldinState Assembly
CA Barry HermansonU.S. House of Representatives
CA Lewis ElbingerU.S. House of Representatives
CA Jason KishineffU.S. House of Representatives
CA Robert Christian “Chris” RichardsonU.S. House of Representatives
CA Angelica DueƱasU.S. House of Representatives
CA Miguel ZunigaU.S. House of Representatives
CA Danielle St. JohnU.S. House of Representatives
CA Michael FeinsteinSecretary of State
CA Erik RydbergSecretary of State
CA Christopher CarlsonGovernor
CA Josh JonesGovernor
CA Michael ZiesingU.S. Senate
CA Veronika FimbresGovernor
CA Sarah (Sadie) FultonState Assembly
CT Mary SandersState Representative
DE Demitri TheodoropoulosU.S. Senate
DE David ChandlerState Treasurer
DE Dawn LentzCounty Council
IL Randall AuxierU.S. House of Representatives
IL Christopher AnthonyWater Reclamation District
IL Geoffrey CubbageWater Reclamation District
IL Rachel WalesWater Reclamation District
IL Karen RoothanWater Reclamation District
IL Tammie VinsonWater Reclamation District
IL Rich WhitneyCounty Board
IL Joshua HellmanCounty Board
IN George WolfeSecretary of State
LA Morgan Moss Mayor
MAElected Bryan MossTown Meeting Member
MAElected David SpanagelLibrary Trustee
MA Daniel FactorState House of Representatives
MA Yasmine KhdeerState House of Representatives
MA Matthew MoncreaffState House of Representatives
MEElected Gilbert HarrisBoard of Selectman
MEElected Samuel PfeifleSchool Board
ME Justin ReinhardtState Representative
ME Andrew HowardState Representative
ME Kate SchrockState Representative
ME Kim PfuschState Representative
ME Robin DownsState Representative
ME Jaco DeertrackState Representative
MN Paula OverbyU.S. Senate
MN Megan Kuhl-StennesCounty Commissioner
MN Bryce LangeCounty Commissioner
MNElected Bryce LangeCity Council
MT Timothy AdamsU.S. Senate
MT Steve KellyU.S. Senate
NJ Johnnie LattnerBoard of Education
NJ Victor MonterrosaCity Council
NJ Anthony DiazCity Council
NJ Hellane FreemanCity Council
NJ Madelyn HoffmanU.S. Senate
NJ Diane MoxleyU.S. House of Representatives
NYElected Christine ElmsVillage Trustee
NY Adrienne Craig-WilliamsState Assembly
OH Joe ManchikU.S. House of Representatives
OH David CoxState Senate
OH Steven DodgeState House of Representatives
OH Kevin FayState House of Representatives
OH Constance Gadell-NewtonGovernor
OH Brett JosephLt. Governor
SC Bryan Kelly PughU.S. House of Representatives
SC Joel MillikenCounty Council
SC David EdmondCommissioner of Agriculture
TX Hunter CrowSchool Board Trustee
UT Adam DavisU.S. House of Representatives
UT Abrian Velarde State Senate
UT Matt StylesState House of Representatives
UT Brendan PhillipsCounty Commission
WA Stonewall Jackson BirdU.S. House of Representatives
WA Andrew SaturnPublic Utility District
WIElected Bob GiffordCounty Board of Supervisors
WIElected Yogesh ChawlaCounty Board of Supervisors
WI Michael WhiteGovernor
WI Tiffany AndersonLt. Governor
WI Aaron CamachoState Senate
WV Barbara DanielsHouse of Delegates
WV Daniel LutzU.S. House of Representatives
WV Karen WhiteHouse of Delegates
WV Jesse JohnsonHouse of Delegates
WV David Elliot PrittHouse of Delegates
WV David TabbCounty Commission
WV Susie Worley JenkinsCounty Commission