2019 Stats

125 Races in 2019

Election DateStateCandidateOffice
12/19/2019TN Ronnie HenleyState Representative
11/05/2019AZ Mike CeaseMayor
11/05/2019AZ Cara BissellCity Council
11/05/2019AZ Matthew SmithCity Council
11/05/2019AZ William PetersonCity Council
11/05/2019CA Wayne DoyleWater Board
11/05/2019CO Julie BañuelosBoard of Education
11/05/2019CT Judy BeaulieuZoning Board of Appeals
11/05/2019CT Frida BerriganMayor
11/05/2019CT James ConnollyPlanning and Zoning Commission
11/05/2019CT John EscobalesBoard of Assessment Appeals Board
11/05/2019CT Jason FeeneyBoard of Education
11/05/2019CT James FloresZoning Board of Appeals
11/05/2019CT Cassandra MartineauBoard of Education
11/05/2019CT John MayBoard of Education
11/05/2019CT Mary SandersCity Council
11/05/2019CT Aldea SavvaZoning Board of Appeals
11/05/2019CT Phil SenglePolice Commission
11/05/2019CT Lorain SimisterZoning Board of Appeals
11/05/2019CT Laurel FreemanZoning Board of Appeals Alternate
11/05/2019CT Michael WesterfieldBoard of Finance
11/05/2019CTElected Leif SmithConstable
11/05/2019CT Jean de SmetTaxing District
11/05/2019CT Charles KrichTaxing District
11/05/2019CT Corey KrohnTaxing District
11/05/2019CT Eric BergmanTown Council
11/05/2019CT Ronna StullerCity Council
11/05/2019CT Sharmaine GregorSchool Board
11/05/2019CT Rolf MaurerBoard of Education
11/05/2019CTElected Rob DerryPolice Commission
11/05/2019CT Enevia Baidoo KeeneBoard of Education
11/05/2019CT Colleen Ann ReidyCity Council
11/05/2019CT Samuel UrbanRepresentative Town Meeting
11/05/2019CTElected Ed HeflinConstable
11/05/2019CTElected Eric BergmanTown Council
11/05/2019CT Michael WesterfieldBoard of Assessment Appeals
11/05/2019CTElected Enevia Baidoo KeeneBoard of Assessment Appeals
11/05/2019IN Sarah DillonCity Council
11/05/2019IN Joseph ConnCity Council
11/05/2019IN Michael CooperCity Council
11/05/2019IN Mike SmithCity Council
11/05/2019IN Monica JamesCity Council
11/05/2019IN Susan BrownCity Council
11/05/2019MEElected Anna TrevorrowSchool Board
11/05/2019MI Tom MairCity Commission
11/05/2019MIElected Kat Bruner JamesCity Council
11/05/2019MIElected Cliff YankovichCity Council
11/05/2019MN Danielle SwiftCity Council
11/05/2019MO Jeff FrancisState Representative
11/05/2019MO Bob VoorheesState Representative
11/05/2019NC Mack CoyleCity Council
11/05/2019NJ Craig CayetanoTown Council
11/05/2019NY Dave Sutliff-AtiasCity Council
11/05/2019NY Alex WhiteCity Council
11/05/2019NY Chris EdesCity Council
11/05/2019NY Mark McDermottVillage Trustee
11/05/2019NY Carol “Sandy” PrzybylakTown Council
11/05/2019NY Frank CeteraCommon Council
11/05/2019NY Cassandra LemsCity Council
11/05/2019NY Bill BassCommon Council
11/05/2019NY Jamie CooneyTown Council
11/05/2019NY Elizabeth WhitehouseMayor
11/05/2019NY Kevin KellyTown Justice
11/05/2019NY Fred BalzacTown Supervisor
11/05/2019NY Reginald BradwellCounty Legislator
11/05/2019NY Michael AnelloHighway Superintendent
11/05/2019NY Cariol HorneCounty Legislator
11/05/2019NY Rick TannenbaumTown Council
11/05/2019NY Dorethea FranklinCity Council
11/05/2019NY Charles TarrCity Council
11/05/2019OH Dario HunterBoard of Education
11/05/2019PA Mike FarleyTownship Supervisor
11/05/2019PA Nicholas PreteSchool Board
11/05/2019PA Riley MahonSchool Board
11/05/2019PA Olivia FasonCity Council
11/05/2019PAElected Tara YaneyBorough Council
11/05/2019VA Wendy Hageman SmithSchool Board
11/05/2019VAElected Ira RichardsSoil and Water Conservation District
11/05/2019VA Jonah ThomasSoil and Water Conservation District
10/08/2019NC Joshua BradleyCity Council
09/10/2019NC Loran Allen SmithU.S. House of Representatives
09/10/2019OH Stefania CzechCity Council
08/27/2019CAElected William StokemWater Board
08/27/2019CAElected Jeffrey WhitehouseWater Board
06/25/2019NY Terry HocklerMayor
06/25/2019NY Casey J. ChapmanMayor
06/25/2019NY Cerrone Y. CunninghamCity Council President
06/25/2019NY Chris ScullyCity Council
06/25/2019NY Glen CulbertsonTown Board
06/25/2019NY Tom HodgkinsTown Council
06/15/2019CAElected Hugh MooreNeighborhood Council
06/15/2019CA Timeka DrewNeighborhood Council
06/15/2019CAElected Aaron WilliamsNeighborhood Council
06/15/2019CAElected Audre Lopez-KingNeighborhood Council
06/09/2019CAElected Rachel BruhnkeNeighborhood Council
05/28/2019MDElected Annie ChambersHousing Authority
05/28/2019MDElected Anthony WilliamsonHousing Authority
05/21/2019NY Deyva ArthurSchool Board
05/21/2019OR Emma LugoSchool Board
05/21/2019PA Brian UllomTownship Supervisor
05/16/2019CAElected Derek IversenNeighborhood Council
05/14/2019MAElected Matthew MoncreaffSelect Board
05/07/2019CO Annie MartinezCity Council
05/07/2019NY Timothy J. HartiganSchool Board
05/04/2019CAElected Carl PetersenNeighborhood Council
05/04/2019TX Hunter CrowCollege Board of Trustees
04/27/2019CAElected Lisa JohnsonNeighborhood Council
04/13/2019CAElected Melissa CurielNeighborhood Council
04/08/2019WIElected Barbara DahlgrenConservation Congress
04/08/2019WI Michael WhiteConservation Congress
04/06/2019CA Ryan MooreNeighborhood Council
04/04/2019CA Diana CruzNeighborhood Council
04/02/2019CO Fred KirschCity Council
04/02/2019IL Steve AleschPark and Recreation District
04/02/2019ILElected Sandy LezonLibrary Board of Trustees
04/02/2019ILElected Peter SchwartzmanAlderman
04/02/2019MO Jerome BauerAlderman
04/02/2019MOElected Ed WilliamsonHealth Board
04/02/2019WI Adam KassulkeSchool Board
03/31/2019CA Danielle MeadNeighborhood Council
03/26/2019CA Cesar FloresState Senate
03/26/2019MAElected Edward Tar LarnerHousing Authority
03/26/2019MA Jim Snyder-GrantBoard of Selectman
03/19/2019CA Bob DennisPlanning Committee
02/26/2019CT Mirna MartinezState House
02/26/2019NY James LanePublic Advocate