1992 Stats

93 Races in 1992

AKBumpo Bremmickerfor Borough Assembly
AKTimothy Fellerfor Borough Assembly
AKMary Jordanfor U.S. Senate
AKBenn Levinefor State House of Representatives
AKMike Milliganfor U.S. House of Representatives
AKGary Pearsonfor State House of Representatives
AKDavid Stannardfor State Senate
AKKelly Weaverlingfor State House of Representatives
ARStephan Millerfor City Council
AZCarolyn Campbellfor State House of Representatives
AZJesse Chandleyfor State House of Representatives
AZRichard Doulefor Board of Education
AZCANDIDATE McNallyfor State Senate
AZCANDIDATE Perkinsfor State House of Representatives
AZJack Strasburgfor Board of Supervisors
AZMelissa Usreyfor Board of Education
CAPatricia Akersfor Planning Group
CACynthia Allairefor State Assembly
CAGlenn Baileyfor State Assembly
CAGlenn Baileyfor State Senate
CAJohn Beallfor Resource Conservation District
CANancy Bernardifor Resource Conservation District
CABarry Bissonfor City Council
CABlase Bonpanefor U.S. House of Representatives
CARobert Brownfor Board of Supervisors
CABarbara Carrfor Board of Education
CAJoseph äóìJoe’ Desistfor State Assembly
CAAlan Drusysfor City Council
CABrenda Ferrisfor Water Board
CARichard Geiselhartfor State Assembly
CARichard Greenefor U.S. House of Representatives
CATian Harterfor U.S. House of Representatives
CAPaul Herzogfor City Council
CARichard Hobbsfor Community College District
CALois Humphreysfor Water Board
CAFrank Kahlfor City Council
CAMindy Lorenzfor U.S. House of Representatives
CAChristine Malanfor Park and Recreation District
CAKathryn McColl-Hawkinsfor Conservation District
CAMargene McGeefor State Assembly
CATimothy Moorefor Planning Group
CAJesse Moormanfor U.S. House of Representatives
CARichard Niemanfor Park and Recreation District
CALarry Norryfor City Council
CAGary Orthuberfor City Council
CAJulie Partanskyfor City Council
CARobert Ravenfor Board of Education
CARichard Roefor U.S. House of Representatives
CARobin Rutherfordfor Water Board
CASteve Saintfor City Council
CAWalt Sheasbyfor U.S. House of Representatives
CACarol Skiljanfor Board of Education
CAKent Smithfor State Senate
CADona Springfor City Council
CADan Tarrfor Planning Group
CADan Tarrfor State Assembly
CADavid Tarrfor Water Board
CACharles Wilkenfor U.S. House of Representatives
CASusan Wolfe-Flemingfor Board of Education
FLBarbara Rodgers-Hendricksfor U.S. House of Representatives
HIJeff Alexanderfor State House of Representatives
HIGary Kent Andersenfor State Senate
HIVictor Baileyfor County Council
HIJoe Bertram IIIfor County Council
HIKeiko Bonkfor County Council
HIChris Cackleyfor County Council
HIConnie Chunfor County Council
HIJack Davisfor Mayor
HIKristine Kubatfor State House of Representatives
HILinda Martinfor U.S. Senate
HIJack Morsefor State House of Representatives
HILynn Nakkimfor State House of Representatives
HINick Nikhilanandafor County Council
HISally Reisbeckfor County Council
HIJason Schwartzfor County Council
HIEllen Takazawafor County Council
HIEdwina Wongfor State Senate
MEJonathan Carterfor U.S. House of Representatives
MNDebbie Ortmanfor City Council
MOJeff Barrowfor U.S. House of Representatives
MODelmyra Quarlesfor State House of Representatives
NCMark Marcopolosfor County Commissioner
NMAbraham Guttmanfor State House of Representatives
NMAndres Vargasfor District Attorney
RIJohn Martinfor State Senate
RIGraham Schwassfor State Senate
RITom Sholafor State House of Representatives
RISusan Sklarfor State House of Representatives
WIRobert Brownefor County Board of Supervisors
WIDavid Conleyfor County Board of Supervisors
WIFrank Koehnfor County Board of Supervisors
WIDavid Skrupkyfor County Commissioner