2014 Stats

280 Races in 2014

Election DateStateCandidateOffice
11/04/2014AR Joshua DrakeGovernor
11/04/2014AR Mark SwaneyU.S. Senate
11/04/2014CA Jon (Stevens) MannCity Council
11/04/2014CA Joshua AlvesBoard of Education
11/04/2014CA Jason AndersonMayor
11/04/2014CAElected James BaronePark and Recreation Board
11/04/2014CAElected Heather BassGoverning Board Member
11/04/2014CAElected Larry BragmanWater District
11/04/2014CAElected William BretzPlanning Group
11/04/2014CAElected Robert CampbellFire District
11/04/2014CA Ruscal CayangyangBoard of Trustees
11/04/2014CAElected David ClarkSchool Board of Directors
11/04/2014CA Chrystal ColemanCity Council
11/04/2014CA Vicente Cruz IICity Council
11/04/2014CAElected Jeff S. DavisTransportation District
11/04/2014CAElected Bruce DelgadoMayor
11/04/2014CAElected Gerald EppersonCommunity Services District
11/04/2014CA Michael FeinsteinCity Council
11/04/2014CA Juan Daniel FernandezCity Council
11/04/2014CAElected Adriana GriffinBoard of Trustees
11/04/2014CAElected Deborah HeathersoneCity Council
11/04/2014CA John JohnsCity Council
11/04/2014CAElected John KeenerCity Council
11/04/2014CAElected Jim KellerBoard of Trustees
11/04/2014CA Patricia LandisFire District
11/04/2014CAElected Amy MartensonCollege Board of Trustees
11/04/2014CAElected Gayle McLaughlinCity Council
11/04/2014CA Eric PetersenCity Council
11/04/2014CAElected Paul PitinoCity Council
11/04/2014CAElected Kathy RallingsSchool Board
11/04/2014CA Jane RandsCity Council
11/04/2014CA Jeffrey Shane RomsosPublic Utility District
11/04/2014CAElected John SelawskyRent Stabilization Board
11/04/2014CAElected Alex ShantzBoard of Trustees
11/04/2014CAElected Jan ShrinerWater District
11/04/2014CAElected Jim SmithSchool Board of Trustees
11/04/2014CAElected Logan Blair SmithBoard of Trustees
11/04/2014CAElected Jesse TownleyRent Stabilization Board
11/04/2014CA Jack WagnerCity Council
11/04/2014CA Richard WilliamsBoard of Trustees
11/04/2014CAElected Claudia WhitePlanning Group
11/04/2014CAElected Carolyn DixonGoverning Board Member
11/04/2014CO Charmaine BarrosLieutenant Governor
11/04/2014CO Harry HempyGovernor
11/04/2014CO Gary SwingU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014CO Martin WirthState Senate
11/04/2014CT Don AlexanderState House of Representatives
11/04/2014CT Barbara BarryState Senate
11/04/2014CT David BedellState House of Representatives
11/04/2014CT Colin BennettState Senate
11/04/2014CT Todd CheneyState Senate
11/04/2014CT Nathan CloutierState House of Representatives
11/04/2014CT Bill ClydeU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014CT Billy Gene CollinsState House of Representatives
11/04/2014CT Cynthia DayState House of Representatives
11/04/2014CT Mike DeRosaSecretary of State
11/04/2014CT Stephen FournierAttorney General
11/04/2014CT Paul GobellState House of Representatives
11/04/2014CT Kelly HannaState House of Representatives
11/04/2014CT Thaddeus HanserJudge of Probate
11/04/2014CT Edward HeflinState Senate
11/04/2014CT Douglas LaryRegistrar of Voters
11/04/2014CT Hector LopezRegistrar of Voters
11/04/2014CT Rolf MaurerState Comptroller
11/04/2014CT Rolf MaurerState Treasurer
11/04/2014CT David MichelState Senate
11/04/2014CT David OlsztaState House of Representatives
11/04/2014CT Jeff RussellU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014CT Cora SantaguidaBoard of Education
11/04/2014CT Bonnie TroyState House of Representatives
11/04/2014CT Matt WentState House of Representatives
11/04/2014DC G. Lee AikinChairman of the Council
11/04/2014DC Eugene PuryearCity Council
11/04/2014DC David SchwartzmanU.S. Senate
11/04/2014DC Natale ‘Lino’ StracuzziDelegate to U.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014DE Bernard AugustU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014DE Dave ChandlerStatewide Treasurer
11/04/2014DE Catherine DamavandiAttorney General
11/04/2014DE Andrew GroffU.S. Senate
11/04/2014DE David McCorquodaleState House of Representatives
11/04/2014FL Henry LawrenceState House of Representatives
11/04/2014HI Keiko BonkState House of Representatives
11/04/2014HI Cedric Asuega GatesState House of Representatives
11/04/2014HI Leslie Keith IczkovitzGovernor
11/04/2014HI Nick NikhilanandaCounty Council
11/04/2014IA David Courard-HauriState House of Representatives
11/04/2014IL Paula BradshawU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014IL Tim CurtinState Comptroller
11/04/2014IL Julie DanielsState Treasurer
11/04/2014IL George MilkowskiWater Reclamation District
11/04/2014IL Karen RoothaanWater Reclamation District
11/04/2014IL Sheldon SchaferSecretary of State
11/04/2014IL Michael SmithWater Reclamation District
11/04/2014IL Scott SummersGovernor
11/04/2014IL Nancy WadeU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014IL Gary ShepherdState House of Representatives
11/04/2014IL Catherine TalbottState House of Representatives
11/04/2014IL Tabitha TrippState House of Representatives
11/04/2014MA Daniel FactorSecretary of State
11/04/2014MA Ian JacksonStatewide Treasurer
11/04/2014MA M.K. MereliceAuditor
11/04/2014MD George GluckU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014MD Dan RobinsonHouse of Delegates
11/04/2014MD Ian SchlackmanU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014MD Tim WillardCounty Council
11/04/2014ME Paige BrownState House of Representatives
11/04/2014ME Samuel ChandlerState House of Representatives
11/04/2014ME Mark DiehlState Senate
11/04/2014ME Frederick HorchState Senate
11/04/2014ME Bob KlotzState House of Representatives
11/04/2014ME Alice KnappState Senate
11/04/2014ME Thomas MacMillianState House of Representatives
11/04/2014ME Randall ParrState House of Representatives
11/04/2014ME Asher PlattsState Senate
11/04/2014ME Ben SchattenburgState House of Representatives
11/04/2014ME Daniel StromgrenState House of Representatives
11/04/2014ME Michael WakefieldState House of Representatives
11/04/2014ME Lisa Hazel WilleyState House of Representatives
11/04/2014ME Andrew ReddyState House of Representatives
11/04/2014ME Lauren Marie BesankoState House of Representatives
11/04/2014ME Owen HillState Senate
11/04/2014MEElected John EderBoard of Education
11/04/2014MI Adam AdriansonUniversity Board of Trustees
11/04/2014MI Ellis BoalU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014MI Eric BorregardCollege Board of Trustees
11/04/2014MI Stephen BoyleU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014MI Jim CashaU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014MI Candace CavenyLieutenant Governor
11/04/2014MI Tonya DuncanU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014MI Margaret GuttshallUniversity Board of Governors
11/04/2014MI Paul HomeniukGovernor
11/04/2014MI John Anthony La PietraAttorney General
11/04/2014MI John LawrenceU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014MI Terry LinkUniversity Board of Trustees
11/04/2014MI Tom MairCounty Commissioner
11/04/2014MI John McDermottU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014MI Harley MikkelsonU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014MI Sarah MolenaarCounty Commissioner
11/04/2014MI Latham ReddingUniversity Board of Trustees
11/04/2014MI Ian SwansonUniversity Board of Regents
11/04/2014MI Wayne VermilyaCounty Board
11/04/2014MI Chris WahlhoffU.S. Senate
11/04/2014MI Sherry WellsState Board of Education
11/04/2014MN Lena BuggsState House of Representatives
11/04/2014MN Andy DawkinsAttorney General
11/04/2014MN Kristin OsbakkenState House of Representatives
11/04/2014MN Ray ‘Skip’ SandmanU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014NJ Steven WelzerU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014NY Henry (Hank) BardelU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014NY William EdstromU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014NY Matt FunicielloU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014NY Howie HawkinsGovernor
11/04/2014NY Brian JonesLieutenant Governor
11/04/2014NY William StevensonU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014OH Bob FitrakisLieutenant Governor
11/04/2014OH Bob HartU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014OH Will ‘Pete’ JohnsonState House of Representatives
11/04/2014OH Dennis LambertU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014OH Nathan LaneState House of Representatives
11/04/2014OH Elaine MastromatteoState House of Representatives
11/04/2014OH Eddie PfauCounty Judge
11/04/2014OH Anita RiosGovernor
11/04/2014OH Will JohnsenState House of Representatives
11/04/2014ORElected Michael BeilsteinCity Council
11/04/2014OR Michael BeilsteinU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014ORElected Matt DonohueCircuit Court Judge
11/04/2014OR Christina (Chris) LugoU.S. Senate
11/04/2014OR Michael MeoU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014PA Glenn DavisGeneral Assembly
11/04/2014PA Ryan HazelGeneral Assembly
11/04/2014TN Amy BalderramaState Senate
11/04/2014TN Norris DryerU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014TN Martin HolsingerState House of Representatives
11/04/2014TN Isa InfanteGovernor
11/04/2014TN Martin PleasantU.S. Senate
11/04/2014TN Robert SmithU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014TX Remington AlessiU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014TX Valerie AlessiCommissioner of State Lands
11/04/2014TX Paul BlairU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014TX Morgan BradfordState House of Representatives
11/04/2014TX Art BrowningState House of Representatives
11/04/2014TX Marco BuentelloState House of Representatives
11/04/2014TX Schyler ButlerCounty Clerk
11/04/2014TX Michael CaryU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014TX Jim ChisholmState Supreme Court
11/04/2014TX David CollinsCounty Judge
11/04/2014TX Don CookU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014TX Frank CortezCounty Judge
11/04/2014TX Chandrakantha CourtneyLieutenant Governor
11/04/2014TX David CourtneyState Senate
11/04/2014TX Luis DeckerCounty Commissioner
11/04/2014TX Antonio DiazU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014TX Matthew HansonCounty Clerk
11/04/2014TX Paul IngmundsonState House of Representatives
11/04/2014TX Diana KendallJustice of the Peace
11/04/2014TX Kenneth KendrickState Agriculture Commissioner
11/04/2014TX William KoehnJustice of the Peace
11/04/2014TX Earl LyonsCounty Clerk
11/04/2014TX Jamar OsborneAttorney General
11/04/2014TX Brandon ParmerGovernor
11/04/2014TX Paul PipkinCounty Judge
11/04/2014TX Jesus QuirozCounty Treasurer
11/04/2014TX Hal Ridley, JrU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014TX Mark RobertsU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014TX Chuck RobinsonCounty Commissioner
11/04/2014TX Martina SalinasStatewide Railroad Commissioner
11/04/2014TX Emily Marie SanchezU.S. Senate
11/04/2014TX Nicolas SernaState House of Representatives
11/04/2014TX Deb ShaftoState Comptroller
11/04/2014TX Roy Carl StanleyU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014TX William StoutCounty Clerk
11/04/2014TX Kat SwiftU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014TX John TunmireState Senate
11/04/2014TX Lakshlama ViswanathJustice of the Peace
11/04/2014TX Charles WaterburyState Supreme Court
11/04/2014TX Braeden WrightState House of Representatives
11/04/2014TX Judith Sanders-CastroStatewide Court of Appeals
11/04/2014TX George AltgeltStatewide Court of Appeals
11/04/2014TX Clint DavidsonCounty Criminal Court Judge
11/04/2014TX Erika MartinezCounty Commissioner
11/04/2014TX George RiceAquifer Authority Board
11/04/2014VA Joe GaldoU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014WA Stonewall Jackson BirdCharter Review Commission
11/04/2014WA Bob BurrPublic Utility District
11/04/2014WA Bob Lewis (WA)State House of Representatives
11/04/2014WA Doug MilholandU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014WA Lindey Schromen-WawrinCharter Review Commission
11/04/2014WI Lawrence DaleU.S. House of Representatives
11/04/2014WI Ron HardyStatewide Treasurer
11/04/2014WI Michael LaForestState Assembly
11/04/2014WV Bob Henry BaberU.S. Senate
11/04/2014WV Tighe BullockHouse of Delegates
11/04/2014WV Danny Ray CookeState House of Representatives
11/04/2014WV Jesse JohnsonState Senate
11/04/2014WV Daniel LutzState House of Representatives
11/04/2014WV Mark MyersState House of Representatives
11/04/2014WV Dianna StricklandCounty Commissioner
11/04/2014WV Karen WhiteState House of Representatives
08/26/2014FL Randy TolerSchool Board
08/12/2014MN Doug MannBoard of Education
06/24/2014MAElected George P. (Gus) SteevesTown Council
06/03/2014CA Ellen BrownStatewide Treasurer
06/03/2014CA James BrownEagleBoard of Supervisors
06/03/2014CA David CurtisSecretary of State
06/03/2014CAElected Robb DavisCity Council
06/03/2014CA Pamela ElizondoState Assembly
06/03/2014CA Jena GoodmanLieutenant Governor
06/03/2014CAElected Dan HamburgBoard of Supervisors
06/03/2014CA Barry HermansonU.S. House of Representatives
06/03/2014CA Jack LindbladState Senate
06/03/2014CA Michael PowelsonU.S. House of Representatives
06/03/2014CA Luis RodriguezGovernor
06/03/2014CA Michael Ian SachsU.S. House of Representatives
06/03/2014CA Laura WellsState Controller
05/18/2014CA Beth AllynNeighborhood Council
05/18/2014CAElected Sylvia ArothNeighborhood Council
05/18/2014CAElected Robin DoynoNeighborhood Council
05/15/2014CAElected April ClaryCollege Board of Trustees
05/15/2014CTElected Colleen Ann ReidyFire District
05/13/2014MAElected Damon JespersenSelect Board
05/12/2014MAElected David SpanagelTown Moderator
04/26/2014CA Elva OrtegaNeighborhood Council
04/26/2014CAElected Johanna SanchezNeighborhood Council
04/26/2014CAElected Johanna SanchezNeighborhood Council
04/26/2014CAElected Marisol SanchezNeighborhood Council
04/26/2014CA Amy SimsNeighborhood Council
04/12/2014CA Andrew CoffingNeighborhood Council
04/12/2014CA David SauerwaldNeighborhood Council
04/08/2014CA Marshall BlesofskyBoard of Trustees
04/07/2014ILElected Phil HuckelberryLocal School Council
04/01/2014DC G. Lee AikinCity Council
04/01/2014WIElected David ConleyCounty Board of Supervisors
04/01/2014WIElected Ron HardyCounty Board of Supervisors
04/01/2014WIElected Leland PanCounty Board of Supervisors
04/01/2014WIElected Heidi WegleitnerCounty Board of Supervisors
03/28/2014CAElected Annette KeenbergTown Council – Advisory
03/24/2014MAElected Edward LarnerHousing Authority
03/20/2014CAElected Janine JordanNeighborhood Council
03/20/2014CAElected Jack LindbladNeighborhood Council
03/08/2014CA Amelia AndersonNeighborhood Council
03/08/2014CA Eugene HernandezNeighborhood Council