1994 Stats

89 Races in 1994

AKPaul Brattonfor State House of Representatives
AKMichael A. Lewisfor Lieutenant Governor
AKLouie Jr. Marchfor State House of Representatives
AKRichard Olsonfor State House of Representatives
AKJim Sykesfor Governor
AKJonni Whitmorefor U.S. House of Representatives
ARStephan Millerfor City Council
AZAlva D’Orgeixfor Town Council
CAJon (Stevens) Mannfor City Council
CAGlenn Baileyfor Resource Conservation District
CALeo Bennett-Cauchonfor School Board
CARick Bernardifor Resource Conservation District
CABarbara Blongfor U.S. Senate
CAWilliam Bretzfor Planning Group
CABarbara Carrfor Board of Education
CAHank Chapotfor State Assembly
CAE. Craig Coffinfor U.S. House of Representatives
CATodd Cooperfor Resource Conservation District
CAAlan Drusysfor City Council
CARaven Earlygrowfor City Council
CATim Fitzgeraldfor State Assembly
CASuza Francinafor City Council
CAMargaret Garciafor Secretary of State
CABonnie Gengronfor Planning Group
CATian Harterfor City Council
CAMichael Dean Hitchcockfor City Council
CASharon Hushkafor Board of Education
CAJason Kirkpatrickfor City Council
CAJane Kramerfor Community College District
CAKip Kruegerfor U.S. House of Representatives
CAJohn Lewellenfor Governor
CARobert Marstonfor U.S. House of Representatives
CABrian McCallfor Planning Group
CATimothy Moorefor Water Board
CAMosesfor Lieutenant Governor
CAJames Oglefor Governor
CACelesta Owenfor Water Board of Health
CASteve Saintfor Water Board
CASteven Schlidt (CA)for City Council
CAJohn Selawskyfor Governor
CAWalt Sheasbyfor State Senate
CAKent Smithfor U.S. Senate
CADona Springfor City Council
CATom Staffordfor State Assembly
CACharles Wilkenfor State Assembly
CATim Willisfor School Board
CASusan Wolfe-Flemingfor Board of Education
COPhil Huffordfor Governor
COKrista Paradisefor Lieutenant Governor
DCJodean Marksfor Mayor
HIMeiling Akunafor County Council
HIKaren Archibaldfor State House of Representatives
HIVictor Baileyfor County Council
HIKeiko Bonkfor County Council
HIKioni Dudleyfor Governor
HIBruce MacPhersonfor State House of Representatives
HIJack Morsefor Lieutenant Governor
HINick Nikhilanandafor County Council
HIJason Schwartzfor County Council
HIChristopher Walkerfor State House of Representatives
HIToni Worstfor State House of Representatives
MEJonathan Carterfor Governor
MECharles Fitzgeraldfor U.S. House of Representatives
METhomas O. Footefor State House of Representatives
MEGreg Gerrittfor State House of Representatives
MOJeff Barrowfor County Commissioner
MOMatt Harlinefor City Council
MOTerri Williamsfor Mayor
NMRobert Andersonfor State House of Representatives
NMDon Brayfieldfor County Recorder/Assessor
NMFran Gallegosfor Municipal Judge
NMLorenzo Garciafor State Treasurer
NMDavid Hamptonfor State House of Representatives
NMRex Johnsonfor U.S. House of Representatives
NMMary Lou Jonesfor State House of Representatives
NMRoberto Mondragonfor Governor
NMCris Moorefor City Council
NMSteven Schlidt (NM)for Lieutenant Governor
NMPatricia Wolfffor Land Commissioner
NYTom Leightonfor U.S. House of Representatives
PAThomas Alan Linzeyfor Governor
RIAnna Cardillo Martinfor State Senate
WIWilliam Andersonfor County Board of Supervisors
WIRobert Brownefor County Board of Supervisors
WIBruce T. Ciskiefor County Board of Supervisors
WIDavid Conleyfor County Board of Supervisors
WIFrank Koehnfor County Board of Supervisors
WIKathryn McKenziefor County Board of Supervisors
WIJeff Petersonfor State Assembly