1994 Stats

90 Races in 1994

Election DateStateCandidateOffice
11/08/1994AK Paul BrattonState House of Representatives
11/08/1994AK Michael A. LewisLieutenant Governor
11/08/1994AK Louie Jr. MarchState House of Representatives
11/08/1994AK Richard OlsonState House of Representatives
11/08/1994AK Jim SykesGovernor
11/08/1994AK Jonni WhitmoreU.S. House of Representatives
11/08/1994ARElected Stephan MillerCity Council
11/08/1994CA Jon (Stevens) MannCity Council
11/08/1994CAElected Glenn BaileyResource Conservation District
11/08/1994CA Leo Bennett-CauchonSchool Board
11/08/1994CA Rick BernardiResource Conservation District
11/08/1994CA Barbara BlongU.S. Senate
11/08/1994CAElected William BretzPlanning Group
11/08/1994CAElected Barbara CarrBoard of Education
11/08/1994CA Hank ChapotState Assembly
11/08/1994CA E. Craig CoffinU.S. House of Representatives
11/08/1994CAElected Todd CooperResource Conservation District
11/08/1994CAElected Alan DrusysCity Council
11/08/1994CAElected Raven EarlygrowCity Council
11/08/1994CA Tim FitzgeraldState Assembly
11/08/1994CA Suza FrancinaCity Council
11/08/1994CA Margaret GarciaSecretary of State
11/08/1994CA Tian HarterCity Council
11/08/1994CA Michael Dean HitchcockCity Council
11/08/1994CA Sharon HushkaBoard of Education
11/08/1994CAElected Jason KirkpatrickCity Council
11/08/1994CA Jane KramerCommunity College District
11/08/1994CA Kip KruegerU.S. House of Representatives
11/08/1994CA Robert MarstonU.S. House of Representatives
11/08/1994CA Timothy MooreWater Board
11/08/1994CA Danny MosesLieutenant Governor
11/08/1994CA Celesta OwenWater Board of Health
11/08/1994CA Steve SaintWater Board
11/08/1994CAElected Steven Schmidt (CA)City Council
11/08/1994CA Walt SheasbyState Senate
11/08/1994CAElected Dona SpringCity Council
11/08/1994CA Tom StaffordState Assembly
11/08/1994CA Charles WilkenState Assembly
11/08/1994CAElected Tim WillisSchool Board
11/08/1994CA Susan Wolfe-FlemingBoard of Education
11/08/1994CO Phil HuffordGovernor
11/08/1994CO Krista ParadiseLieutenant Governor
11/08/1994DC Jodean MarksMayor
11/08/1994HI Meiling AkunaCounty Council
11/08/1994HI Karen ArchibaldState House of Representatives
11/08/1994HI Victor BaileyCounty Council
11/08/1994HI Keiko BonkCounty Council
11/08/1994HI Kioni DudleyGovernor
11/08/1994HI Bruce MacPhersonState House of Representatives
11/08/1994HI Jack MorseLieutenant Governor
11/08/1994HI Nick NikhilanandaCounty Council
11/08/1994HI Jason SchwartzCounty Council
11/08/1994HI Christopher WalkerState House of Representatives
11/08/1994HI Toni WorstState House of Representatives
11/08/1994ME Jonathan CarterGovernor
11/08/1994ME Charles FitzgeraldU.S. House of Representatives
11/08/1994ME Thomas O. FooteState House of Representatives
11/08/1994ME Greg GerrittState House of Representatives
11/08/1994NM Robert AndersonState House of Representatives
11/08/1994NM Don BrayfieldCounty Recorder/Assessor
11/08/1994NM Lorenzo GarciaState Treasurer
11/08/1994NM David HamptonState House of Representatives
11/08/1994NM Rex JohnsonU.S. House of Representatives
11/08/1994NM Mary Lou JonesState House of Representatives
11/08/1994NM Roberto MondragonGovernor
11/08/1994NM Steven Schmidt (NM)Lieutenant Governor
11/08/1994NM Patricia WolffLand Commissioner
11/08/1994NY Tom LeightonU.S. House of Representatives
11/08/1994PA Thomas Alan LinzeyGovernor
11/08/1994RI Anna Cardillo MartinState Senate
11/08/1994WI Jeff PetersonState Assembly
11/02/1994CAAppointed Raven EarlygrowMayor
06/07/1994CA John LewellenGovernor
06/07/1994CA James OgleGovernor
06/07/1994CA John SelawskyGovernor
06/07/1994CA Kent SmithU.S. Senate
04/05/1994AZ Alva D’OrgeixTown Council
04/05/1994MO Jeff BarrowCounty Commissioner
04/05/1994MOElected Matt HarlineCity Council
04/05/1994MOElected Terri WilliamsMayor
04/05/1994WIElected William AndersonCounty Board of Supervisors
04/05/1994WIElected Robert BrowneCounty Board of Supervisors
04/05/1994WIElected Bruce T. CiskieCounty Board of Supervisors
04/05/1994WIElected David ConleyCounty Board of Supervisors
04/05/1994WIElected Frank KoehnCounty Board of Supervisors
04/05/1994WIElected Kathryn McKenzieCounty Board of Supervisors
03/01/1994CA Bonnie GengronPlanning Group
03/01/1994CA Brian McCallPlanning Group
03/01/1994NM Fran GallegosMunicipal Judge
03/01/1994NMElected Cris MooreCity Council