1999 Stats

97 Races in 1999

Election DateStateCandidateOffice
11/02/1999AK Michael A. LewisBorough Assembly
11/02/1999AR Ernst SchraderAlderman
11/02/1999CA Steve BurkeCity Council
11/02/1999CA Donley FalkensteinCity Council
11/02/1999CAElected Bruce FrohmanCity Council
11/02/1999CA Tom GoselinSchool Board
11/02/1999CAElected Chuck KozakCommunity Council
11/02/1999CA Christopher LangTown Council
11/02/1999CA Brian Lee RencherCity Council
11/02/1999CA John StrawnCity Council
11/02/1999CAElected Lew TremaineTown Council
11/02/1999CAElected Dennis WaespiSanitary District Board
11/02/1999CO Martin ThomasTown Council
11/02/1999CT Glenn CheneyBoard of Finance
11/02/1999CT Jean de SmetSelectman
11/02/1999CT Chris DeMoritWetlands Commission
11/02/1999CT Thomas EthierCity Council
11/02/1999CTElected Elizabeth Horton SheffCity Council
11/02/1999CT Elizabeth KraemerBoard of Education
11/02/1999CT Amy Vas NunesConstable
11/02/1999CT Max WentworthCommunity College District
11/02/1999CT Ben WojanCity Council
11/02/1999GA Charles SumblinMayor
11/02/1999IAElected Steve KannerCity Council
11/02/1999IA Starlene RankinCity Council
11/02/1999MA Tennis LillyCity Council
11/02/1999MD Bob AuerbachCity Council
11/02/1999MNElected Russ StewartCity Council
11/02/1999NJ Jay FoxState Assembly
11/02/1999NJ Thomas R. GreggFreeholder
11/02/1999NJ Richard MarxBorough Council
11/02/1999NY Martin BrechCounty Legislature
11/02/1999NY Liz CarlisleCommon Council
11/02/1999NY Drew CharlesTown Trustee
11/02/1999NY Millicent CollinsBoard of Education
11/02/1999NY Keegan CoxCounty Legislature
11/02/1999NY Herbert CronenCommon Council
11/02/1999NY Curtis DeForestTown Trustee
11/02/1999NY Raymond L. DolfiniTown Council
11/02/1999NY Patrick DwyerCity Council
11/02/1999NY Ron EhrenreichCounty Comptroller
11/02/1999NY Larry EllisCommon Council
11/02/1999NY Robert EvansMayor
11/02/1999NY Vincent A. FerriTown Supervisor
11/02/1999NY Mary FichiBoard of Education
11/02/1999NY Andy GoldsteinCommon Council
11/02/1999NY Howie HawkinsCommon Council
11/02/1999NY Howie HawkinsCounty Executive
11/02/1999NY Kathleen HealyTown Justice
11/02/1999NY James HendersonCounty Legislature
11/02/1999NY Bill HenryTown Board
11/02/1999NY Neil MacDonald HickokTown Justice
11/02/1999NY Connie HollandTown Council
11/02/1999NY Constance JudsonTown Trustee
11/02/1999NY Larry Kendrick BowserCounty Legislature
11/02/1999NY Robert KupecCounty Legislature
11/02/1999NY Adrian KuzminskiCounty Legislature
11/02/1999NY Judy Tyner MalstromTown Clerk
11/02/1999NY Phil MartinCounty Legislature
11/02/1999NY Dave MenziesTown Supervisor
11/02/1999NY Bill MetzgerCounty Legislature
11/02/1999NY Frank MorrisCounty Legislature
11/02/1999NY Mark NaefCounty Legislature
11/02/1999NY Valerie NiederhofferCommon Council
11/02/1999NY Sonya OstromCity Council
11/02/1999NY Jeffery PeressCity Council
11/02/1999NY Brendan PradoTown Trustee
11/02/1999NY Mo SaladinCounty Legislature
11/02/1999NY Michael SheridanTown Supervisor
11/02/1999NY Morton ShiffTown Board
11/02/1999NY John SolakCity Council
11/02/1999NY Vinton B. StevensDistrict Attorney
11/02/1999NY Melony SwaseyCommon Council
11/02/1999NY Ron Von NostrandState House of Representatives
11/02/1999NY Joe WetmoreTown Board
11/02/1999NY Constance YoungTown Board
11/02/1999NY Janet ZinkCounty Legislature
11/02/1999PA Steve BakerBoard of Supervisors
11/02/1999PA William M. BelitskusBoard of Supervisors
11/02/1999PA Thomas Alan LinzeyTownship Supervisor
11/02/1999PA Eugene MillerCity Council
11/02/1999VA D. Reber DunkelHouse of Delegates
11/02/1999VA Eric SheffieldCounty Board of Supervisors
11/02/1999VA Sherry StanleyHouse of Delegates
11/02/1999WA Curt FirestoneCity Council
09/14/1999MN Emily FruchtmanCounty Commissioner
09/14/1999NM Robert MastCity Council
05/25/1999NY James HendersonState Senate
05/04/1999CA Nancy PearlmanCommunity College District
05/04/1999NMElected Gary ClaussCity Council
04/06/1999CAElected Audie BockState Assembly
04/06/1999CA Rex FrankelCity Council
04/06/1999NJElected Gary NovosielskiBoard of Education
04/06/1999NMElected Sherry TippettSchool Board
04/06/1999WIElected Jose Manuel SentmanatCommon Council
03/10/1999CA Chris PatrouchCity Council
03/10/1999NY Dave SealesTown Manager