2013 Stats

142 Races in 2013

Election DateStateCandidateOffice
12/04/2013CA Angela IturiagaCollege Board of Trustees
12/04/2013CAElected Alex ShantzCollege Board of Trustees
11/26/2013DE Any RoeMayor
11/05/2013CAElected Illijana AsaraCommunity Services District
11/05/2013CA Gladwyn D’SouzaCity Council
11/05/2013CAElected Joseph GauderCommunity Services District
11/05/2013CA Marnie GlickmanSanitary District Board
11/05/2013CAElected Renee GoddardTown Council
11/05/2013CAElected James Duffy GriffinCommunity Services District
11/05/2013CAElected James HarveyWater and Sanitary District
11/05/2013CA Caroline KennyBoard of Trustees
11/05/2013CAElected Brigitte KubackiGoverning Board Member
11/05/2013CAElected William LemosFire Protection District
11/05/2013CA Avito MirandaGoverning Board Member
11/05/2013CA Mike MurphyBoard of Supervisors
11/05/2013CAElected Russell PaceFire Protection District
11/05/2013CAElected Sean ReaganSchool Board
11/05/2013CAElected John ReedTown Council
11/05/2013CA Brian Lee RencherCity Council
11/05/2013CAElected Curtis RobinsonBoard of Education
11/05/2013CAElected Christopher SabecGoverning Board Member
11/05/2013CAElected Katherine SalinasSchool Board
11/05/2013CAElected Jeffrey Dean SchwartzSchool Board
11/05/2013CAElected Dana SilvernaleSchool Board
11/05/2013CA Sarah StiefelGoverning Board Member
11/05/2013CA Mitcheal TolesMayor
11/05/2013CAElected George WheelerCommunity Services District
11/05/2013CAElected Rama ZarcufskyBoard of Education
11/05/2013CAElected William HayesPark and Recreation District
11/05/2013CAElected Jose LaraGoverning Board Member
11/05/2013CAElected Angelia HillmanSchool Board of Trustees
11/05/2013CT David BedellConstable
11/05/2013CT Clausel Berrouet, JrBoard of Representatives
11/05/2013CT Nathan CloutierBoard of Representatives
11/05/2013CT Zoe DeVitoBoard of Representatives
11/05/2013CTElected Daphne DixonZoning Board of Appeals Alternate
11/05/2013CT Richard DuffeeBoard of Education
11/05/2013CT Joel FurstBoard of Representatives
11/05/2013CT Thaddeus HanserBoard of Representatives
11/05/2013CT Hector LopezConstable
11/05/2013CTElected Mirna MartinezBoard of Education
11/05/2013CT Rolf MaurerBoard of Representatives
11/05/2013CT David MichelBoard of Representatives
11/05/2013CT Fausto MolinaConstable
11/05/2013CT Laurie RogersSelectman
11/05/2013CT Cora SantaguidaBoard of Representatives
11/05/2013CTElected Leif SmithConstable
11/05/2013CT Ronna StullerCity Council
11/05/2013CT Al VargasFirst Selectman
11/05/2013MA Joe CarvalhoMayor
11/05/2013MEElected Joshua PlourdeCity Council
11/05/2013ME Christopher ShorrCity Council
11/05/2013MEElected Anna TrevorrowBoard of Education
11/05/2013MNElected Cam GordonCity Council
11/05/2013MN Kristina GronquistCity Council
11/05/2013MN Ty MooreCity Council
11/05/2013MNElected Annie YoungPark and Recreation Board
11/05/2013NC Michael ZytkowCity Council
11/05/2013NJ Patricia AlessandriniLieutenant Governor
11/05/2013NJ Steven WelzerGovernor
11/05/2013NY David AtiasCity Council
11/05/2013NY Fred BalzacTown Council
11/05/2013NY Henry (Hank) BardelBorough President
11/05/2013NY Kevin BottMayor
11/05/2013NY Miles BuddeCity Council
11/05/2013NY Evergreen ChouCity Council
11/05/2013NY Joseph DuffyMayor
11/05/2013NY Patrick DwyerCity Council
11/05/2013NY Christina GonzalezCity Council
11/05/2013NY Emily GoodSheriff
11/05/2013NY Anthony GronowiczMayor
11/05/2013NY Howie HawkinsCommon Council
11/05/2013NY Barbara HumphreySchool Board
11/05/2013NY James LanePublic Advocate
11/05/2013NY Andrew LangdonCity Council
11/05/2013NY Peter LaVeniaCommon Council
11/05/2013NY Carl LundgrenBorough President
11/05/2013NY Dorothy PaigeCity Council
11/05/2013NY Jeffery PeressCity Council
11/05/2013NY Theresa PortelliMayor
11/05/2013NY John ReynoldsCity Council
11/05/2013NY Beth RisoMayor
11/05/2013NY Darrin RobbinsMayor
11/05/2013NY Lynne SerpeCity Council
11/05/2013NY Chistine ShahinCounty Legislature
11/05/2013NY Thomas SiracuseCity Council
11/05/2013NY Stephen SloaneCounty Legislature
11/05/2013NY Lori ThomasSchool Board
11/05/2013NY Alex WhiteMayor
11/05/2013NY Julia WillebrandState Comptroller
11/05/2013OH Susie BeiersdorferCity Council
11/05/2013OHElected Brian CumminsCity Council
11/05/2013OH Joseph DeMareCity Council
11/05/2013OH Sean NestorCity Council
11/05/2013OH Dennis SpisakSchool Board
11/05/2013PA Thomas AlbaBorough Council
11/05/2013PA Charles Michael FarleySchool Board
11/05/2013PAElected Neil HaagenBorough Council
11/05/2013PAElected Eric HamellInspector of Elections
11/05/2013PAElected Tausif KhanJudge of Elections
11/05/2013PAElected Douglas MasonInspector of Elections
11/05/2013PAElected Kevin MockAuditor
11/05/2013PA David OchmanowiczAuditor
11/05/2013PAElected Stephen WeisserInspector of Elections
11/05/2013PAElected Michael Bagdes-CanningBorough Council
11/05/2013TX Don CookMayor
11/05/2013VA Audrey ClementCounty Board
10/19/2013LA Eliot BarronU.S. House of Representatives
10/03/2013RI David FisherMayor
09/10/2013NY William PeltzMayor
08/27/2013ME Daniel StromgrenState Senate
06/11/2013MEElected Malorie PastorTown Council
05/21/2013ORElected Alex PolikoffFire District
05/21/2013PA Bill SwartzState House of Representatives
05/07/2013MI Bobby JonesState Senate
05/07/2013NYElected Rebecca RotzlerVillage Trustee
05/07/2013SC Eugene PlattU.S. House of Representatives
05/02/2013CAElected Ruscal CayangyangBoard of Trustees
04/30/2013MAElected M.K. MereliceTown Meeting Member
04/23/2013DC Perry ReddCity Council
04/09/2013CAElected Karen AndersonFire District
04/09/2013CA Lee McKusickFire District
04/09/2013ILElected Jessica BradshawCity Council
04/09/2013IL Chuck DieringerBoard of Trustees
04/09/2013IL LeAlan JonesU.S. House of Representatives
04/09/2013ILElected Sandy LezonLibrary Board
04/09/2013ILElected Bruce SamuelsLibrary Board
04/09/2013IL Frank WedigTownship Trustee
04/09/2013ILElected Robert BraamLibrary Board
04/09/2013ILElected Kenneth WilliamsSchool Board
04/09/2013IL Rita ManiotisSchool Board
04/09/2013IL Chuck DieringerTrustee of Schools
04/02/2013WI Barbara DavisCommon Council
04/02/2013WI Christian HansenCommon Council
04/02/2013WIElected Dean LoumosSchool Board
04/02/2013WI Leslie PetersonCommon Council
04/02/2013WI Hawk SullivanCommon Council
04/02/2013WI C.J. TerrellCounty Board of Supervisors
04/02/2013WIElected Ledell ZellersCommon Council
03/05/2013MEElected Gilbert HarrisBudget Committee
02/19/2013WI Sarah ManskiSchool Board
01/22/2013TX Maria SelvaState Senate