Summary of Green Candidates

This is a database of all Green Party members who have run for public office in the United States since 1985, according to this definition of a Green Party candidate.

Candidates are entered into the database once they have qualified for the ballot. Click each candidate’s name below for more information about them and the race they are contesting. Use the search functions to the right to search by year, type of office, or for any candidate or race. Candidates not entered into the database who may have declared for office, but have not yet qualified for the ballot, may be found on state Green Party websites and on this GPUS candidate news feed.

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2021 Stats

115 Races in 2021

Election DateStateCandidateOffice
11/13/2021LA Bart EversonCity Council
11/02/2021CTElected Charles KrichTaxing District
11/02/2021CTElected Emery NgZoning Board of Appeals Alternate
11/02/2021CT Curtis EhlerTown Council
11/02/2021CT Cora SantaguidaConstable
11/02/2021CTElected Leif SmithConstable
11/02/2021CT Eric BergmanTown Council
11/02/2021CT Hugh BirdsallZoning Board of Appeals
11/02/2021CT John EscobalesBoard of Assessment Appeals
11/02/2021CT Jason FeeneyBoard of Education
11/02/2021CT Douglas LaryBoard of Finance
11/02/2021CTElected Cassandra MartineauTaxing District
11/02/2021CTElected Dagmar NollTown Council
11/02/2021CT Phil SengleBoard of Police Commissioners
11/02/2021CTElected Michael WesterfieldBoard of Assessment Appeals
11/02/2021CT Tania AbbatelloPlanning & Zoning Commission
11/02/2021CT James FloresMayor
11/02/2021CT Jean de SmetBoard of Finance
11/02/2021CT Kris WraightCity Council
11/02/2021CT Eddie LongCity Council
11/02/2021CT William Keith KimballBoard of Education
11/02/2021CT Patricia KaneAlderman
11/02/2021CT Justin PaglinoSelectman
11/02/2021MEElected Anna TrevorrowCity Council
11/02/2021MEElected Ryan WhitehouseSchool Board
11/02/2021MEElected Scott HarrimanCity Council
11/02/2021MEElected Megan ParksSchool Committee
11/02/2021MEElected Diane WhalenSchool Board
11/02/2021MEElected Adam MorseSewer Board
11/02/2021ME Jonathan HansonTown Council
11/02/2021MI Stephen BoyleBoard of Police Commissioners
11/02/2021MI Claretta Duckett-FreemanCity Council
11/02/2021MNElected Samantha Pree-StinsonBoard of Estimation and Taxation
11/02/2021MN Kati MedfordCity Council
11/02/2021MN Cam GordonCity Council
11/02/2021NJ Madelyn HoffmanGovernor
11/02/2021NJ Heather WarburtonLt. Governor
11/02/2021NJ Dominique FaisonGeneral Assembly
11/02/2021NJ Craig CayetanoTown Council
11/02/2021NJ Barry BendarCounty Commissioner
11/02/2021NYElected Joseph WetmoreTown Board
11/02/2021NY Edwin DeJesusCity Council
11/02/2021NY Scott HutchinsCity Council
11/02/2021OH K.A. Heard Jr
City Council
11/02/2021OH Logan SimmeringCity Council
11/02/2021PA Jubalyn ExWilliamsSchool Director
11/02/2021PAElected Andrew Moses Yanez OlivaJudge of Elections
11/02/2021PAElected Bert SchultzInspector of Elections
11/02/2021PA Connor MulvaneyCity Council
11/02/2021PAElected William PilkonisJudge of Elections
11/02/2021PA Ward AllebachBorough Council
11/02/2021PA Lorriane Stangl BurgessMayor
11/02/2021PAElected Abigail HunterJudge of Elections
11/02/2021PA Steven MartinezBorough Council
11/02/2021PAElected Matthew ReitenauerSchool Board
11/02/2021PAElected Jay Ting WalkerJudge of Elections
11/02/2021PA Kearni WarrenCity Council
11/02/2021PAElected Jay SweeneyCity Auditor
11/02/2021PA Richard L. WeissJudge of the Court
11/02/2021VA Audrey ClementCounty Board
11/02/2021WA Stephen WrightMayor
10/05/2021AK Robert ShieldsMayor
09/14/2021CA Dan KapelovitzGovernor
09/14/2021CA Heather CollinsGovernor
09/14/2021OH James KushlanCity Council
08/19/2021MEElected Danielle GraySchool Board
08/03/2021MI JoAnna UnderwoodCity Council
08/03/2021MI D. Etta WilcoxonMayor
06/15/2021MEElected Samuel PfeifleSchool Board
06/08/2021CA Dax NicholsNeighborhood Council
06/08/2021CA Tyler ProctorNeighborhood Council
06/08/2021MEElected Scott AverySelectboard
06/08/2021MEElected Jessica TremblayWater District Trustee
06/08/2021MEElected Desiree BaileySchool Board
06/08/2021MEElected Larry WhittingtonSchool Board
06/08/2021MEElected Leslie DyerSelectboard
06/08/2021ME Vanessa BryantSchool Board
05/25/2021MEElected Kevin RogersSelect Board
05/21/2021MEElected Jessaka NicholesSchool Board
05/18/2021NY Samuel RoseSchool Board
05/18/2021ORElected Alex PolikoffFire District
05/18/2021ORElected Chloe FloraHealth District
05/18/2021ORElected Abe CurrinCommunity College Board of Education
05/18/2021ORElected Brian PowersFire Protection District
05/18/2021PA Marlene SebastianelliState Senate
05/10/2021MAElected David SpanagelLibrary Trustee
05/07/2021ME Lester SpearSelectman
05/04/2021CAElected Sam EvansNeighborhood Council
05/04/2021MAElected Bryan MossTown Meeting Member
05/01/2021TX Brody Andrew MulliganSchool Board
04/20/2021CAElected Mireira Alejandra MoranNeighborhood Council
04/13/2021CAElected Rebecca HelmNeighborhood Council
04/06/2021CAElected Danielle MeadNeighborhood Council
04/06/2021IL Jessica BradshawCity Council
04/06/2021IL Jeffrey “JD” DixonMayor
04/06/2021ILElected Peter SchwartzmanMayor
04/06/2021ILElected Steve De La RosaLibrary Board
04/06/2021WIElected Brian BenfordCommon Council
04/06/2021WI Benji RamirezCommon Council
04/06/2021WI Charly RoweCommon Council
04/06/2021WI Tessa EcheverriaCommon Council
04/06/2021WI Brandi GraysonCommon Council
04/05/2021CAElected Kyle CadmanNeighborhood Council
04/05/2021MEElected Adam HarkinsSchool Board
03/23/2021CAElected Matthew GlaserNeighborhood Council
03/23/2021CAElected Alexander RobinsonNeighborhood Council
03/16/2021NYElected Anthony Del PlatoVillage Trustee
03/16/2021NY Carol ‘Sandy’ PrzybylakVillage Trustee
03/15/2021MEElected Ann IngersollSchool Board
03/12/2021MEElected Maureen ChipulloSchool Board
03/12/2021ME Gilbert HarrisBoard of Selectman
03/06/2021MEElected Wayne ‘Chip’ JohnsonSelectboard
03/06/2021MEElected Robert LindblomSchool Board
03/06/2021MEElected Jennifer BillingsSelect Board
03/02/2021CA Michael Ian SachsMayor