1996 Stats

89 Races in 1996

AKJohn Gramesfor U.S. House of Representatives
AKRon Reedfor Borough Assembly
AKJed Whittakerfor U.S. Senate
ALLarry Wayne Granthamfor Mayor
ARStephan Millerfor City Council
ARRandy Zurcherfor City Council
AZGerald Andersonfor Charter Commission
AZAlva D’Orgeixfor Town Council
AZNorm Wallenfor City Council
CAKristen Andersonfor City Council
CABill Bulkleyfor Planning Group
CAHank Chapotfor State Assembly
CAE. Craig Coffinfor State Senate
CADavid Diehlfor Planning Group
CAMichael Feinsteinfor City Council
CATim Fitzgeraldfor Board of Education
CASuza Francinafor City Council
CAKen Goldsteinfor Mayor
CAJennifer Hananfor City Council
CAChris Kavanaghfor City Council
CALarry Kissingerfor Board of Education
CAKip Kruegerfor Planning Group
CAJon Lifor City Council
CATimothy Moorefor Planning Group
CABob Ornelasfor City Council
CAJulie Partanskyfor City Council
CAWalt Sheasbyfor U.S. House of Representatives
CALarry Shoupfor City Council
CADavid Minton Silvafor City Council
CADona Springfor City Council
CATom Staffordfor Community College District
CACynthia Streckerfor School Board of Trustees
CAWill Yeagerfor U.S. House of Representatives
COTico Emburyfor State House of Representatives
COKrista Paradisefor Board of Trustees
COGary Swingfor State House of Representatives
CTRalph Naderfor President
HIKaren Archibaldfor State House of Representatives
HIKeiko Bonkfor Mayor
HIJulie Jacobsonfor Common Council
HIDonnalynn Johnsfor County Council
HIJulie Leialohafor County Council
HIJason Schwartzfor County Council
MEHarold Hansenfor School Board
MEGeorge Lehighfor Town Council
MEKaren Mayofor Selectman
MEJohn Rensenbrinkfor U.S. Senate
MIGaia L. M. Kilefor County Sheriff
MNDavid Abazsfor Board of Supervisors
MNCam Gordonfor State House of Representatives
MNWinona LaDukefor Vice-President
MNDebbie Ortmanfor City Council
NECharles Lawsfor U.S. House of Representatives
NMMiguel Chavezfor City Council
NMFran Gallegosfor Municipal Judge
NMAbraham Guttmanfor U.S. Senate
NMPeggy Helgesonfor Public Service Commissioner
NMSam Hittfor U.S. Senate
NMScott Jonesfor County Commissioner
NMTom Luebbenfor State Supreme Court
NMJohn McCallfor U.S. House of Representatives
NMRoberto Mondragonfor State House of Representatives
NMJohn A. ‘Jack’ Uhrichfor U.S. House of Representatives
NMAndres Vargasfor District Attorney
NYAnthony Gronowiczfor State Assembly
NYTom Leightonfor U.S. House of Representatives
NYBob Polhemusfor State Assembly
NYCraig Seemanfor State Assembly
NYJ. David Swiftfor Town Council
ORRichard Bowdenfor County Commissioner
ORAndy Davisfor State House of Representatives
ORLou Goldfor U.S. Senate
ORJoe Keatingfor U.S. House of Representatives
ORGary Kutcherfor U.S. Senate
ORAllan Opusfor U.S. House of Representatives
ORCecilia Storyfor State House of Representatives
ORJohn Walshfor City Council
PAAnne Goekefor Vice-President
RIJeff Johnsonfor State House of Representatives
RIGraham Schwassfor U.S. House of Representatives
VATyla Mattesonfor U.S. House of Representatives
WIWilliam Andersonfor County Board of Supervisors
WIRobert Brownefor County Board of Supervisors
WIBruce T. Ciskiefor County Board of Supervisors
WIDavid Conleyfor County Board of Supervisors
WIFrank Koehnfor County Board of Supervisors
WIBen Manskifor County Board of Supervisors
WIKathryn McKenziefor County Board of Supervisors
WIRobert Olsgardfor County Board of Supervisors