1991 Stats

16 Races in 1991

Election DateStateCandidateOffice
11/05/1991AKElected Mike MilliganBorough Assembly
11/05/1991AKElected Kelly WeaverlingMayor
11/05/1991CA Frank KahlCity Council
11/05/1991CA Gloria PurcellCity Council
11/05/1991CA Brian Lee RencherCity Council
11/05/1991CT Matt BorensteinBoard of Alders
11/05/1991CT Charles MaloneBoard of Alders
11/05/1991IDElected David SawyerCity Council
11/05/1991MAElected Charlie AdlerCity Council
11/05/1991MAElected Jay GustaferroCity Council
11/05/1991MAElected Helen NorrisCity Council
11/05/1991NYElected Mark A. DunleaTown Council
11/05/1991NY Paul SayvetzCommon Council
04/01/1991MI Valerie AckermanCity Council
04/01/1991MI Dalynn ParkCity Council
04/01/1991MOElected Matt HarlineCity Council