Summary of Green Candidates

This is a database of all Green Party members who have run for public office in the United States since 1985, according to this definition of a Green Party candidate.

Candidates are entered into the database once they have qualified for the ballot. Click each candidate’s name below for more information about them and the race they are contesting. Use the search functions to the right to search by year, type of office, or for any candidate or race. Candidates not entered into the database who may have declared for office, but have not yet qualified for the ballot, may be found on state Green Party websites and on this GPUS candidate news feed. (Updated July 8, 2024)

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2011 Stats

114 Races in 2011

Election DateStateCandidateOffice
11/08/2011AZ Beryl BakerCity Council
11/08/2011AZ Mary DeCampMayor
11/08/2011CA Terry BaumMayor
11/08/2011CAElected Larry BragmanTown Council
11/08/2011CAElected Matthew ClarkSanitary District Board
11/08/2011CAElected Nanette CorleyResort Improvement District
11/08/2011CA Rick ErnstCity Council
11/08/2011CAElected Sean FrameGoverning Board
11/08/2011CAElected William HayesPark and Recreation District
11/08/2011CA Brian KlineSchool Board
11/08/2011CAElected Crispin LittlehalesCommunity Services District
11/08/2011CAElected Ryan O’NeilTown Council
11/08/2011CA Robert OvetzSchool Board
11/08/2011CA Brian Lee RencherCity Council
11/08/2011CAElected Jeffrey Dean SchwartzSchool Board
11/08/2011COElected Tanya IshikawaCity Council
11/08/2011COElected Thom CarnevaleTown Council
11/08/2011CT Jessica CartagenaCity Council
11/08/2011CT Dan DelventhalConstable
11/08/2011CT Daphne DixonZoning Board of Appeals Alternate
11/08/2011CT Mary FarrellBoard of Education
11/08/2011CT Mary FarrellConstable
11/08/2011CT Kenric HansonCity Council
11/08/2011CT Ben HoldenSelectman
11/08/2011CT Ruthann JohnsonCommon Council
11/08/2011CT Douglas LaryBoard of Education
11/08/2011CT Hector LopezConstable
11/08/2011CT Mirna MartinezBoard of Education
11/08/2011CT Rolf MaurerConstable
11/08/2011CTElected Leif SmithConstable
11/08/2011CT Ronna StullerBoard of Education
11/08/2011CT Joan Sullivan-CooperCity Council
11/08/2011MA Rick PurcellCity Council
11/08/2011MD Douglas ArmstrongCity Council
11/08/2011MD Bill BarryCity Council
11/08/2011MDElected Christine NagleCity Council
11/08/2011ME John EderMayor
11/08/2011ME David MarshallMayor
11/08/2011ME Josephine OkotBoard of Public Education
11/08/2011ME Pauline OutBoard of Public Education
11/08/2011ME John SafarikWater District Board of Trustees
11/08/2011MN Johnny HowardCity Council
11/08/2011MN Jim IveyCity Council
11/08/2011MN Devin MillerSchool Board
11/08/2011MN Bee Kevin XiongCity Council
11/08/2011NJ Michael SpectorGeneral Assembly
11/08/2011NJ Steven WelzerGeneral Assembly
11/08/2011NY Robert ClementeMayor
11/08/2011NY Joseph DuffyCity Council
11/08/2011NY Howard EagleSchool Board of Trustees
11/08/2011NY Chris EdesCounty Legislature
11/08/2011NY Stacie Porr EdickTown Council
11/08/2011NY Joe GajdoszTown Council
11/08/2011NY Howie HawkinsCommon Council
11/08/2011NY Cecile LawrenceCounty Legislature
11/08/2011NY Cesar MalagaCounty Legislature
11/08/2011NY Roger McGillTown Council
11/08/2011NY Suzanne MontalalouCounty Legislature
11/08/2011NY Carol OmalyevTown Board
11/08/2011NY John RoszmanTown Supervisor
11/08/2011NY Christine ShahinCounty Legislature
11/08/2011NY Wallace SmithSchool Board of Trustees
11/08/2011NY Alex WhiteCity Council
11/08/2011OH Anita RiosCity Council
11/08/2011PA Cheri HonkalaSheriff
11/08/2011PA Robert PiemmeBorough Council
11/08/2011PA Brian RudnickCity Council
11/08/2011PA Jay SweeneyTownship Board of Supervisors
11/08/2011PAElected Michael Bagdes-CanningBorough Council
11/08/2011TX Don CookCity Council
11/08/2011TX Amy PriceCity Council
11/08/2011VA Audrey ClementCounty Board
11/08/2011VAElected Giannina FrantzSoil and Water Conservation District
11/08/2011VAElected Ira RichardsSoil and Water Conservation District
11/08/2011VAElected Chris SimmonsSoil and Water Conservation District
10/22/2011LA Autumne BankovicJustice of the Peace
10/18/2011MA Mark MillerState House of Representatives
10/18/2011MN Farheen HakeemState Senate
10/04/2011WV Bob Henry BaberGovernor
09/13/2011NY Gregory HornState Assembly
09/13/2011OH Sean NestorCity Council
08/30/2011AZ Dave CroteauMayor
05/24/2011NY Ian MurphyU.S. House of Representatives
05/09/2011MAElected David SpanagelTown Moderator
05/03/2011NYElected Jason WestMayor
04/27/2011NJElected Gary NovosielskiBoard of Education
04/26/2011DC Alan PageCity Council
04/12/2011CT Rolf MaurerState House of Representatives
04/07/2011CAElected Joshua ScuteriCollege Board of Trustees
04/05/2011CAElected Vahe PeroomianCollege Board of Trustees
04/05/2011ILElected Steve AleschPark and Recreation District
04/05/2011IL Jessica BradshawCity Council
04/05/2011ILElected Don CrawfordLibrary Board
04/05/2011ILElected Michael DrennanPark and Recreation Board
04/05/2011IL Rita ManiotisSchool Board
04/05/2011ILElected Peter SchwartzmanCity Council
04/05/2011IL Rob ShermanVillage Clerk
04/05/2011ILElected Toni WilliamsSchool Board
04/05/2011OKElected Edward ShadidCity Council
04/05/2011WI Ron HardyCommon Council
04/05/2011WI Tony PalmeriMayor
04/05/2011WIElected Bob PoeschlCommon Council
04/05/2011WIElected Marsha RummelCommon Council
03/29/2011MA Vincent O’ConnorRedevelopment Authority
03/29/2011NY Alex WhiteMayor
03/12/2011MEElected Jane MeisenbachSchool Board
03/08/2011CA Gavin GlynnCity Council
02/22/2011CT Rolf MaurerState Senate
02/22/2011IL Alberto BocanegraCity Council
02/22/2011IL Matt HawkinsCity Council
02/22/2011IL Courtney JohnsonCity Council
02/22/2011IL Matt ReichelCity Council
02/22/2011IL Devon ReidCity Council
02/22/2011IL Brent RitzelMayor