2011 Stats

111 Races in 2011

AZBeryl Bakerfor City Council
AZDave Croteaufor Mayor
AZMary DeCampfor Mayor
CATerry Baumfor Mayor
CALarry Bragmanfor Town Council
CAMatthew Clarkfor Sanitary District Board
CANanette Corleyfor Board of Directors
CARick Ernstfor City Council
CASean Framefor Governing Board
CAGavin Glynnfor City Council
CAWilliam Hayesfor Park and Recreation District
CABrian Klinefor School Board
CACrispin Littlehalesfor Community Services District
CARyan O’Neilfor Town Council
CARobert Ovetzfor School Board
CAVahe Peroomianfor Board of Trustees
CABrian Lee Rencherfor City Council
CAJeffrey Dean Schwartzfor School Board
CAJoshua Scuterifor Board of Trustees
COTanya Ishikawafor City Council
CTJessica Cartagenafor City Council
CTDan Delventhalfor Constable
CTDaphne Dixonfor Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate
CTMary Farrellfor Board of Education
CTMary Farrellfor Constable
CTKenric Hansonfor City Council
CTBen Holdenfor Selectman
CTRuthann Johnsonfor Common Council
CTDouglas Laryfor Board of Education
CTHector Lopezfor Constable
CTMirna Martinezfor Board of Education
CTRolf Maurerfor Constable
CTRolf Maurerfor State House of Representatives
CTRolf Maurerfor State Senate
CTLeif Smithfor Constable
CTRonna Stullerfor Board of Education
CTJoan Sullivan-Cooperfor City Council
DCAlan Pagefor City Council
ILSteve Aleschfor Park and Recreation District
ILAlberto Bocanegrafor City Council
ILJessica Bradshawfor City Council
ILDon Crawfordfor Library Board
ILMichael Drennanfor Park and Recreation Board
ILMatt Hawkinsfor City Council
ILCourtney Johnsonfor City Council
ILRita Maniotisfor School Board
ILMatt Reichelfor City Council
ILDevon Reidfor City Council
ILBrent Ritzelfor Mayor
ILPeter Schwartzmanfor City Council
ILRob Shermanfor Village Clerk
ILToni Williamsfor School Board
LAAutumne Bankovicfor Justice of the Peace
MAMark Millerfor State House of Representatives
MARick Purcellfor City Council
MAVincent O’Connorfor Redevelopment Authority
MDDouglas Armstrongfor City Council
MDBill Barryfor City Council
MDChristine Naglefor City Council
MEJohn Ederfor Mayor
MEDavid Marshallfor Mayor
MEJosephine Okotfor Board of Public Education
MEPauline Outfor Board of Public Education
MEJohn Safarikfor Water District
MEJane Meisenbachfor School Board
MNFarheen Hakeemfor State Senate
MNJohnny Howardfor City Council
MNJim Iveyfor City Council
MNDevin Millerfor School Board
MNBee Kevin Xiongfor City Council
NJGary Novosielskifor Board of Education
NJMichael Spectorfor General Assembly
NJSteven Welzerfor General Assembly
NYRobert Clementefor Mayor
NYJoseph Duffyfor Alderman
NYHoward Eaglefor School Board of Trustees
NYChris Edesfor County Legislature
NYStacie Porr Edickfor Town Council
NYJoe Gajdoszfor Town Council
NYHowie Hawkinsfor Common Council
NYGregory Hornfor State Assembly
NYCecile Lawrencefor County Legislature
NYCesar Malagafor County Legislature
NYRoger McGillfor Town Council
NYSuzanne Montalaloufor County Legislature
NYIan Murphyfor U.S. House of Representatives
NYCarol Omalyevfor Town Board
NYJohn Roszmanfor Town Supervisor
NYChristine Shahinfor County Legislature
NYWallace Smithfor School Board of Trustees
NYJason Westfor Mayor
NYAlex Whitefor City Council
NYAlex Whitefor Mayor
OHSean Nestorfor City Council
OHAnita Riosfor City Council
OKEdward Shadidfor City Council
PACheri Honkalafor Sheriff
PARobert Piemmefor Borough Council
PABrian Rudnickfor City Council
PAJay Sweeneyfor Township Supervisor
TXDon Cookfor City Council
TXAmy Pricefor City Council
VAAudrey Clementfor County Board
VAGiannina Frantzfor Soil and Water Conservation District
VAIra Richardsfor Soil and Water Conservation District
VAChris Simmonsfor Soil and Water Conservation District
WIRon Hardyfor Common Council
WITony Palmerifor Mayor
WIBob Poeschlfor Common Council
WIMarsha Rummelfor Common Council
WVBob Henry Baberfor Governor