2009 Stats

149 Races in 2009

Election DateStateCandidateOffice
11/03/2009AZ Mary DeCampCity Council
11/03/2009CA Jeremy ClowardU.S. House of Representatives
11/03/2009CAElected Joseph GauderCommunity Services District
11/03/2009CAElected Pam Hartwell-HerreroTown Council
11/03/2009CAElected James HarveyWater and Sanitary District
11/03/2009CAElected William LemosFire Protection District
11/03/2009CAElected Paul PerkovicWater and Sanitary District
11/03/2009COElected Charlie GreenSchool Board
11/03/2009CO Brian HerzfeldCity Council
11/03/2009CO Tanya IshikawaCity Council
11/03/2009CT David BedellBoard of Representatives
11/03/2009CT David BedellConstable
11/03/2009CT Allan BrisonBoard of Alders
11/03/2009CT Megan CassanoBoard of Education
11/03/2009CT Jean de SmetMayor
11/03/2009CTElected Daphne DixonZoning Board of Appeals Alternate
11/03/2009CT Mary FarrellBoard of Representatives
11/03/2009CT Mary FarrellConstable
11/03/2009CT Thaddeus HanserBoard of Representatives
11/03/2009CTElected Estela LopezConstable
11/03/2009CTElected Hector LopezConstable
11/03/2009CT Rolf MaurerConstable
11/03/2009CT Rolf MaurerMayor
11/03/2009FL Javier Del SolMayor
11/03/2009IAElected Raymond MeyerCity Council
11/03/2009MA J.D. HebertCity Council
11/03/2009MDElected Christine NagleCity Council
11/03/2009ME Jason BergquistTown Council
11/03/2009MEElected Kevin DonoghueCity Council
11/03/2009MEElected David MarshallCity Council
11/03/2009ME Oliver OuterbridgeWater District
11/03/2009MI Elena HerradaCharter Commission
11/03/2009MN Dave BickingCity Council
11/03/2009MN Jeanine EstimeCity Council
11/03/2009MN Andy ExleyCity Council
11/03/2009MNElected Cam GordonCity Council
11/03/2009MN Marcus HarcusCity Council
11/03/2009NJ Jason KoraljaBorough Council
11/03/2009NY Evergreen ChouCity Council
11/03/2009NYElected Jennifer DotsonCommon Council
11/03/2009NY Joseph DuffyMayor
11/03/2009NY Jeff GreenTown Council
11/03/2009NY Howie HawkinsCommon Council
11/03/2009NYElected Mary Jo LongTown Council
11/03/2009NY Walter NestlerCity Council
11/03/2009NY David PechefskyCity Council
11/03/2009OH Anitra BrockmanCity Council
11/03/2009OH Jason HaapSchool Board
11/03/2009PA Steve BakerAuditor
11/03/2009PA Martin BoksenbaumTownship Supervisor
11/03/2009PA Juanita Carra-BudzekTownship Supervisor
11/03/2009PAElected Charles Michael FarleyInspector of Elections
11/03/2009PA Edward Gately, Sr.Auditor
11/03/2009PAElected Randi PetersAuditor
11/03/2009PAElected Randi PetersMinority Inspector of Elections
11/03/2009TX Don CookCity Council
11/03/2009TX Alfred MolisonCity Council
10/06/2009AKElected Mike MusickBorough Assembly
09/22/2009CA Michael McCueCity Council
09/08/2009IA David GrimesySchool Board
06/09/2009MAElected Nat FortuneSchool Committee
06/09/2009MAElected Joyce Palmer-FortuneSelect Board
06/09/2009MEElected Ben ChipmanCharter Commission
06/09/2009ME Daniel JenkinsCharter Commission
05/19/2009MD George GluckCounty Council
05/19/2009OR Susan AufderheideTransportation District
05/19/2009ORElected Matt DonohueSchool Board
05/11/2009MA Lee Scott LaugenourSelectman
04/25/2009MDElected Michael CornellCity Council
04/14/2009FL Michael CanneyCity Commission
04/07/2009COElected Pete GleichmanMayor
04/07/2009IL Steve AleschTownship Trustee
04/07/2009ILElected Robert BraamLibrary Board
04/07/2009IL Paula BradshawCity Council
04/07/2009IL Jesus Correa VIIMayor
04/07/2009IL Val DensmoreTownship Clerk
04/07/2009IL Michael DrennanCity Council
04/07/2009IL Paul JasineviciusSchool Board
04/07/2009IL Paul JasineviciusHighway District
04/07/2009IL Paul JasineviciusVillage Trustee
04/07/2009IL Bradley KairisTownship Trustee
04/07/2009IL Dan KairisTownship Supervisor
04/07/2009IL Durl KruseMayor
04/07/2009IL Mark MallonAlderman
04/07/2009IL Chris MeredithCity Council
04/07/2009ILElected Jon MurrayVillage Trustee
04/07/2009WIElected Peter BlewettSchool Board
04/07/2009WIElected JoEllen GramlingTown Clerk
04/07/2009WI Bruce HinkforthCommon Council
04/07/2009WI Pete KarasMayor
04/07/2009WI Brenda KonkelCommon Council
04/07/2009WIElected Tony PalmeriCommon Council
03/31/2009MAElected Miriam DaytonTown Meeting Member
03/31/2009MAElected Frank GattiTown Meeting Member
03/31/2009MA Eleanor Manire-GattiTown Meeting Member
03/03/2009IL Alan AugustsonU.S. House of Representatives
03/03/2009IL Mark Arnold FredricksonU.S. House of Representatives
03/03/2009IL Deb GordilsU.S. House of Representatives
03/03/2009VT Steve EkbergCity Council
03/03/2009VT Gregory KnopsCity Council
03/03/2009VT Jerri KohlCity Council
03/03/2009VT Kim MasonCity Council
03/03/2009VT LisaAnn OberbrunnerCity Council
02/17/2009WI Katrina FloresCommon Council