1993 Stats

17 Races in 1993

Election DateStateCandidateOffice
11/04/1993CAElected James MarshCommunity Council
11/02/1993AK Howard FerrenTown Council
11/02/1993AK Mary JordanBorough Assembly
11/02/1993AKElected Dan LaSotaBorough Assembly
11/02/1993AK Bob PlumbCity Council
11/02/1993AK Kelly WeaverlingMayor
11/02/1993CAElected Ted BertschBoard of Education
11/02/1993CA Gloria PurcellCity Council
11/02/1993CA Brian Lee RencherCity Council
11/02/1993MD Hopi AuerbachCity Council
11/02/1993NCElected Joyce BrownTown Council
11/02/1993PA Greta BrowneCity Council
11/02/1993VA Eli FishpawBoard of Supervisors
11/02/1993VA Mike LooneyHouse of Delegates
04/06/1993CA Margene McGeeState Senate
04/06/1993MI Brian ChambersCity Council
04/06/1993WIElected Dan HerberCity Council