1993 Stats

17 Races in 1993

AKHoward Ferrenfor Town Council
AKMary Jordanfor Borough Assembly
AKDan LaSotafor Borough Assembly
AKBob Plumbfor City Council
AKKelly Weaverlingfor Mayor
CATed Bertschfor Board of Education
CAJames Marshfor Community Council
CAMargene McGeefor State Senate
CAGloria Purcellfor City Council
CABrian Lee Rencherfor City Council
MDHopi Auerbachfor City Council
MIBrian Chambersfor City Council
NCJoyce Brownfor Town Council
PAGreta Brownefor City Council
VAEli Fishpawfor Board of Supervisors
VAMike Looneyfor House of Delegates
WIDan Herberfor City Council