1993 Stats

18 Races in 1993

AK Howard FerrenTown Council
AK Mary JordanBorough Assembly
AKElected Dan LaSotaBorough Assembly
AK Bob PlumbCity Council
AK Kelly WeaverlingMayor
CAElected Ted BertschBoard of Education
CAElected James MarshCommunity Council
CA Margene McGeeState Senate
CA Gloria PurcellCity Council
CA Brian Lee RencherCity Council
CAAppointed Raven EarlygrowMayor
MD Hopi AuerbachCity Council
MI Brian ChambersCity Council
NCElected Joyce BrownTown Council
PA Greta BrowneCity Council
VA Eli FishpawBoard of Supervisors
VA Mike LooneyHouse of Delegates
WIElected Dan HerberCity Council