2004 Stats

440 Races in 2004

AKTimothy Fellerfor U.S. House of Representatives
AKJim Sykesfor U.S. Senate
ARBernard Sullibanfor City Council
AZClaudia Ellquistfor County Attorney
CAJon (Stevens) Mannfor City Council
CAKen Adamsfor Board of Education
CADeacon Alexanderfor Neighborhood Council
CAGreg Allen (CA)for City Council
CAChuck Andersonfor Fire District
CALeticia (Tish) Andersonfor City Council
CAAna Araizafor City Council
CACora Marie Bakerfor City Council
CATerry Baumfor U.S. House of Representatives
CAStuart Bechlanfor U.S. House of Representatives
CAJeff Benefielfor City Council
CALucrecia Bermudezfor Board of Supervisors
CASheila Bernardfor Neighborhood Council
CAWarner Bloombergfor State Assembly
CAHarold Bockfor Neighborhood Council
CATanya Boone-Alvafor City Council
CATod Brilliantfor City Council
CAPhil Brock. Jr.for City Council
CAPeter Miguel Camejofor Vice-President
CAPeter Miguel Camejofor President
CASean Carlfor Community College District
CAEric Carterfor U.S. House of Representatives
CAJeff Chapmanfor Neighborhood Council
CADavid Cobbfor President
CAJohn R. Crockfordfor State Assembly
CABruce Delgadofor Mayor
CAMelody Demerittfor City Council
CALynda Deschambaultfor Town Council
CADNAfor City Council
CAPatrick Driscollfor U.S. House of Representatives
CAJohn Earlfor City Council
CAPamela Elizondofor U.S. House of Representatives
CAMichael Feinsteinfor City Council
CALisa Feldsteinfor Board of Supervisors
CAJim Ferrignofor Board of Education
CARaymond Glock-Grueneichfor U.S. House of Representatives
CABob Gragsonfor City Council
CAPatricia Grayfor U.S. House of Representatives
CAHarmony Grovesfor City Council
CADoug Hammerstromfor City Council
CAMichael Harringtonfor City Council
CARobert B. Hermansonfor U.S. House of Representatives
CAThomas A. Hutchingsfor State Assembly
CAJane Kimfor Board of Education
CASusan Kingfor Board of Supervisors
CAPhilip Koebelfor U.S. House of Representatives
CATod Landisfor County Supervisor
CAThomas Lashfor U.S. House of Representatives
CALouis Lingfor School Board
CACraig Litwinfor City Council
CAJonathan Lundellfor School Board
CAHolly Madrigalfor City Council
CARyen Brook Madsenfor State Senate
CARandy Marxfor Board of Directors
CAGayle McLaughlinfor City Council
CACraig Merrihuefor City Council
CAJohn Merzfor City Council
CAKent Mesplayfor President
CABill Meyersfor U.S. House of Representatives
CARoss Mirkarimifor Board of Supervisors
CASergio Monteirofor Neighborhood Council
CAChristine Mulhollandfor City Council
CALarry R. Mullenfor U.S. House of Representatives
CARichard Nunezfor Healthcare District
CARebecca Oliverfor Transit Board
CAOrval Osbornefor City Council
CABill Pattersonfor City Council
CAJhym Fhyre Phoenixfor City Council
CASam Piercefor City Council
CAPaul Pitinofor City Council
CAAdrienne Princefor State Assembly
CAJohn Raphlingfor Neighborhood Council
CAChuck Reutterfor School Board
CALawrence P. Rockwoodfor U.S. House of Representatives
CAMatt Roginafor City Council
CAMark Sanchezfor Board of Education
CARenee Saucedofor Board of Supervisors
CAMark Sawickifor City Council
CAStephanie Schaaffor City Council
CAJohn Selawskyfor Board of Education
CADavid Minton Silvafor Healthcare District
CADavid Minton Silvafor Veterans Memorial District
CAJeff Sklarfor Rent Control Board
CAKaitlin Sopoci-Belknapfor Water Board
CAJesse Townleyfor City Council
CAMaureen Vaughnfor School Board
CAGary Waayersfor U.S. House of Representatives
CAKarl Warkomskifor City Council
CAKen Weinerfor Neighborhood Council
CAEmily Wintersfor Neighborhood Council
CAAnnie Yang-McNallyfor Water District
CAWill Yeagerfor Neighborhood Council
COJeffrey Bergeronfor Town Council
COTom Castrignofor County Commissioner
COArt Goodtimesfor County Commissioner
COTanya Ishikawafor County Commissioner
COBob Kinseyfor U.S. House of Representatives
COBruce Meyerfor State House of Representatives
COEric Rechelfor County Commissioner
CTDavid Albanofor State Senate
CTJohn Amariliosfor State Senate
CTDavid Bedellfor Registrar of Voters
CTColin Bennettfor State Senate
CTNancy Burtonfor State House of Representatives
CTJoyce Chenfor State House of Representatives
CTMike DeRosafor State Senate
CTRalph Ferruccifor U.S. House of Representatives
CTCalvin Nicholsonfor Registrar of Voters
CTThomas Sevignyfor State Senate
DCMai Abdul Rahlanfor State Board of Education
DCMarc Borbelyfor Advisory Neighborhood Commission
DCRenee Bowserfor Advisory Neighborhood Commission
DCAdam Eidingerfor United States Representative
DCWesley Hickmanfor Advisory Neighborhood Commission
DCAlexander Hoganfor Advisory Neighborhood Commission
DCJay Marxfor City Council
DCNate Mathewsfor Advisory Neighborhood Commission
DCJoyce Robinson-Paulfor Advisory Neighborhood Commission
DCLaurent Rossfor City Council
DCMichele Tingling-Clemmonsfor City Council
DCBryan Weaverfor Advisory Neighborhood Commission
DEJohn Atkeisonfor City Council
DEJ. Roy Cannonfor County Council
DEVince Sottilefor County Council
FLHenry Lawrencefor County Commissioner
FLDan McCreafor City Commission
FLKim O’Connorfor Soil and Water Conservation District
GADavid Clarkfor State House of Representatives
HIBob Jacobsonfor County Council
HIShaun Stensholfor State Senate
IAPeter Hartyfor Soil and Water Conservation District
IACathy Livingstonfor Soil and Water Conservation District
IADaryl Northropfor U.S. Senate
IAKevin Owensfor Board of Supervisors
IARaymond Meyerfor Hospital Board of Trustees
IDKevin Bayhousefor Highway District
IDJon Howardfor School Board
ILPat Coxfor County Attorney
ILDon Crawfordfor County Board of Supervisors
ILPhil Huckelberryfor State House of Representatives
ILZach Millerfor County Board
ILSusan Rodgersfor County Board
ILJulie Samuelsfor State House of Representatives
ILKen Urbanfor County Board
ILRich Whitneyfor State House of Representatives
INMaureen Barlockfor Township Commissioner
LAAdam Wilsonfor State Senate
MAEbony Barkleyfor State House of Representatives
MAGeorge Bryantfor County Assembly
MARobert Crownerfor Town Meeting Member
MADavid Dionnefor Selectman
MATom Flittiefor School Committee
MANat Fortunefor State House of Representatives
MAFrank Gattifor Town Meeting Seat
MARick Grabowskifor State House of Representatives
MASteven Grossfor Town Meeting Seat
MAHoward Haywardfor Water Board of Health
MACarolina Johnsonfor State House of Representatives
MAEleanor Manire-Gattifor Town Meeting Member
MABill O’Neilfor Town Meeting Seat
MAJill Steinfor State House of Representatives
MARich Zitolafor State Senate
MDPatsy Allenfor U.S. House of Representatives
MDMaria Allwinefor U.S. Senate
MDBob Auerbachfor U.S. House of Representatives
MDBill Barryfor City Council
MDMatt Clarkfor City Council
MDPaul Dibosfor City Council
MDTheresa Dudleyfor U.S. House of Representatives
MDTerrence Fitzgeraldfor City Council
MDJoan Floydfor City Council
MDDavid Greenefor City Council
MDGreg Hemingwayfor U.S. House of Representatives
MDMyles Hoenigfor City Council
MDVirginia Rodinofor U.S. House of Representatives
MDGlenn Rossfor City Council
MDKeith Salkowskifor U.S. House of Representatives
MDDavid Stysleyfor School Board
MEMarc Bednerfor State House of Representatives
MENathan Brimmerfor State House of Representatives
MECharles Hugh Chatfieldfor City Council
MEBen Chipmanfor State House of Representatives
MEPamela Jean Craginfor State House of Representatives
MEMartin Dennis Jr.for Water District
MEJohn Ederfor State House of Representatives
MEMichael Hiltzfor State House of Representatives
MEMark Hortonfor State House of Representatives
MEDenis Howardfor City Council
MEWladislav David Kubiakfor State Senate
MEDorothy LaFortunefor State House of Representatives
MEPat LaMarchefor Vice-President
MEDavid Margolis-Pineofor Water District
MEDonald Massefor State House of Representatives
MEBenjamin Meiklejohnfor Board of Education
MEMatthew Readingfor State House of Representatives
MEElke Rosenbergfor State House of Representatives
MEPatricia Ryanfor State House of Representatives
MEJohn Safarikfor State House of Representatives
METheresa Savagefor State House of Representatives
METarik Sivonenfor State House of Representatives
MEJeffery Spencerfor State House of Representatives
MEJason Toothakerfor Board of Education
MEElizabeth Tricefor State House of Representatives
MESarah Lorraine Trundyfor State House of Representatives
MEJohn Weaverfor State Senate
MESteven Westfor State House of Representatives
MEPhilip Weyenbergfor State House of Representatives
MECharlie Wigginsfor Selectman
MELynne Williamsfor State House of Representatives
MIKeith Agdanowskifor City Council
MIJoAnne Beemonfor Drain Commissioner
MIKathleen Blakleyfor County Clerk
MIEllis Boalfor County Board of Elections
MIBen Burgisfor University Board of Trustees
MIAmber Careyfor Drain Commissioner
MILloyd Clarkefor County Commissioner
MINathaniel Damrenfor University Board of Regents
MIMichael C. Davisfor County Clerk
MIStephanie Fritzellfor Sheriff
MIJason Gloverfor Board of Trustees
MIMargaret Guttshallfor University Board of Governors
MIDonnelly Haddenfor County Commissioner
MIJoseph Kingfor Township Trustee
MIAnthony Kozubalfor County Commissioner
MIRobbie Kullfor State House of Representatives
MIAndrea Lavignefor State House of Representatives
MITom Lavignefor U.S. House of Representatives
MIRandy MacPheefor U.S. House of Representatives
MIMike Madiasfor State House of Representatives
MITom Mairfor County Clerk
MIKen Matheniafor County Commissioner
MIRoger McClaryfor State House of Representatives
MIHarley Mikkelsonfor U.S. House of Representatives
MIRebekah Mikkelsonfor State House of Representatives
MIJim Morenofor City Commission
MIEdward Muellerfor Township Trustee
MIArthur Myattfor County Executive
MIDavid Newlandfor U.S. House of Representatives
MIDavid Newlandfor School Board
MIJessie Nichole Olsonfor County Commissioner
MIPeter Ponzettifor Board of Elementary and Secondary Education
MIMarc Reichardtfor City Council
MIKevin Sawnickfor City Commission
MIJames L. Seagravesfor County Commissioner
MIJason Seagravesfor U.S. House of Representatives
MIJudy Seigneurfor Township Trustee
MIJonathan Shaverfor County Commissioner
MIElliott Smithfor County Commissioner
MILisa Weltmanfor U.S. House of Representatives
MIJames Wilberfor County Clerk
MICarl Williamsfor Community College District
MIHillard Williamsfor County Commissioner
MIRev. A.S. Wrightfor County Sheriff
MNGeorge Batemanfor State House of Representatives
MNElaine Flemingfor Mayor
MNJames Hammesfor State House of Representatives
MNWade Hannonfor State House of Representatives
MNGlenn Kuehnefor State House of Representatives
MNJay Pondfor U.S. House of Representatives
MNVan Presleyfor U.S. House of Representatives
MNBecki Smithfor State House of Representatives
MNTom Taylorfor State House of Representatives
MNAudrey Thayerfor City Council
MNRoger Westallfor State House of Representatives
MOCharles Cubafor State House of Representatives
MODonald E. De Vivofor Sheriff
MODavid Henryfor State House of Representatives
MOLydia Lewisfor State Senate
MOWillie Marshallfor Public Administrator
MODavid Sladkyfor State Senate
MSVictor Fleitasfor County Election Commission
MSJan Hillegasfor County Election Commission
MSJohn Wagesfor County Election Commission
MTChris Frazierfor State House of Representatives
MTBob Kelleherfor Governor
MTColleen Little Thunderfor Lieutenant Governor
MTJohn McCrackenfor State House of Representatives
MTWilliam Nigrofor State House of Representatives
MTPaul Stephensfor State House of Representatives
NERoy Guisingerfor U.S. House of Representatives
NEPaul Juntunenfor State Assembly
NESteve Larrickfor U.S. House of Representatives
NEDante Salvatierrafor U.S. House of Representatives
NJDavid Alcantarafor U.S. House of Representatives
NJDaryl Brooksfor U.S. House of Representatives
NJJoseph Fortunatofor U.S. House of Representatives
NJMark Heacockfor Borough Council
NJCedric Hunterfor Town Council
NJStewart Kautschfor Borough Council
NJGregory Lee Lanefor County Clerk
NJGary Novosielskifor Borough Council
NJToy-Ling Washingtonfor U.S. House of Representatives
NMSteve Cabiedesfor County Clerk
NMFran Gallegosfor Municipal Judge
NMCarol Millerfor President
NMHerman Montoyafor County Commissioner
NMJoe Niesleyfor State Senate
NMJeffrey Shannonfor District Attorney
NMDean Williamsonfor County Surveyor
NYDavid Atiasfor School Board
NYMark Borinofor State Assembly
NYRome Cellifor School Board
NYEvergreen Choufor State Assembly
NYMike Emperorfor State Senate
NYDale Gibbonsfor State Assembly
NYPaul Gloverfor President
NYHowie Hawkinsfor U.S. House of Representatives
NYSteven Krulickfor Village Trustee
NYPeter Laveniafor County Legislature
NYDave McReynoldsfor U.S. Senate
NYSusan Metzfor State Assembly
NYLorna Salzmanfor President
NYRachel Treichlerfor State Assembly
NYRebecca Whitefor State Senate
NYKimberly Wilderfor State Senate
OHChris Glassburnfor State House of Representatives
OHLogan Martinezfor State House of Representatives
OHRick Ottenfor State House of Representatives
OHRich Stevensonfor U.S. House of Representatives
ORHosanna Broderickfor County Commissioner
ORLori Burtonfor County Commissioner
ORTim Dehnefor Soil and Water Conservation District
ORChuck Fallfor State House of Representatives
ORSteve Geigerfor State House of Representatives
ORGeorge Groschfor City Council
OREmily Hagenfor City Council
ORTeresa Keanefor U.S. Senate
ORJoy Kentfor Public Power District
ORMark Lakemanfor City Council
ORLloyd Marbetfor Public Power District
ORAlexander Pattersonfor Soil and Water Conservation District
ORJames Poseyfor Mayor
ORMonica Schreiberfor Soil and Water Conservation District
ORWendy Siporenfor City Council
ORCurt Sommerfor State House of Representatives
ORCurt Sommerfor Public Power District
ORBrad Taylorfor Mayor
PAGreta Brownefor U.S. House of Representatives
PAScott Busslerfor State House of Representatives
PAJim Goodleyfor State House of Representatives
PAGuy Grayfor State House of Representatives
PAW. Robert Hagenfor U.S. House of Representatives
PAStefan Kosikowskifor State House of Representatives
PAVern Martenfor State House of Representatives
PAThom Martifor State House of Representatives
PAJonah McAllister-Ericksonfor State House of Representatives
PABen Pricefor State Auditor General
PAMarakay Rogersfor Attorney General
PASusan Saviafor State House of Representatives
PADorothy Schieberfor U.S. House of Representatives
PAPatrick St. Johnfor State House of Representatives
PACharles Steelfor U.S. House of Representatives
PAJay Sweeneyfor State House of Representatives
PAPaul Teesefor State Treasurer
RIJoseph E. Broderickfor City Council
RILarry Kernfor State House of Representatives
RIStephen James LaMarrefor Mayor
RIBrian Reynoldsfor State House of Representatives
RITim Rossanofor Mayor
RIJeff Tostefor State Senate
SCJim Dunnfor U.S. House of Representatives
SCChristopher Gibbsfor State House of Representatives
SCLeslie Minerdfor Soil and Water Conservation District
SCEfia Nwangazafor U.S. Senate
SCKen Styerfor State House of Representatives
SCC. Faye Waltersfor U.S. House of Representatives
TNMartin Pleasantfor County Commissioner
TXCharlie Mauchfor Statewide Railroad Commissioner
UTPatrick Diehlfor U.S. House of Representatives
UTTom Kingfor State House of Representatives
UTRich Petersonfor State House of Representatives
UTJohn Weisheitfor State House of Representatives
UTVictoria Woodardfor State House of Representatives
VADon Langrehrfor Town Council
VTCraig Chevrierfor Justice of the Peace
VTBenjamin Clarkefor State Senate
VTGreg Delantyfor High Bailiff
VTCraig Hillfor U.S. Senate
VTJames Marc Leasfor Attorney General
VTOwen Mulliganfor Justice of the Peace
VTJay Vosfor Justice of the Peace
WABern Haggertyfor Lieutenant Governor
WAJoyce Harrellfor Freeholder
WAChris LaRochefor State House of Representatives
WARobert Loseyfor U.S. House of Representatives
WASteve Ludwigfor Freeholder
WATom Munseyfor Freeholder
WAWilma Munseyfor Freeholder
WATom Odegardfor Freeholder
WAHoward Pelletfor County Commissioner
WAPaul Richlondfor Attorney General
WABen Whitefor County Commissioner
WATim Whitefor Freeholder
WAMark Wilsonfor U.S. Senate
WIJeanne Behrendfor County Board of Supervisors
WIRobert Brownefor County Board of Supervisors
WIBruce T. Ciskiefor County Board of Supervisors
WIDavid Conleyfor County Board of Supervisors
WISteve Cowanfor County Board of Supervisors
WITaniya Fatticcifor County Board of Supervisors
WIGary Gronquistfor Board of Education
WIJohn Hardinfor County Board of Supervisors
WILarry Hardingfor Township Supervisor
WIWendell Harrisfor State Assembly
WIBruce Hinkforthfor State Assembly
WIDamien Jonesfor State Assembly
WIDamien Jonesfor Alderperson
WIJoe Kleinfor County Executive
WIEric Krszjzaniekfor School Board
WIDavid Machotkafor County Board of Supervisors
WIKathryn McKenziefor County Board of Supervisors
WIMike Milesfor U.S. House of Representatives
WIRobert Mirandafor Common Council
WIBob Nemanichfor School Board
WITony Palmerifor State Assembly
WIBill Perronfor County Treasurer
WIPhillip Petersonfor County Board of Supervisors
WIBrian Prukafor County Clerk
WIKyle Richlondfor County Board of Supervisors
WISteve Ringwoodfor County Treasurer
WICarol Ann Rittenhousefor U.S. House of Representatives
WIKevin Ruehlfor County Board of Supervisors
WIJeff Schimpfffor County Board of Supervisors
WICharles Schudsonfor County Court of Appeals
WITony Schultzfor State Senate
WIGerry Steltenpohlfor County Board of Supervisors
WIDoug Stinglefor County Board of Supervisors
WISally A. Stixfor District Attorney
WIRobert Stockingerfor Village Trustee
WIScott Ticefor School Board
WILeon Toddfor Mayor
WIShwaw Vangfor School Board
WIEchnaton Vedderfor County Board of Supervisors
WIAnnie Woodwardfor County Board of Supervisors
WYAmy Moonfor City Council