2004 Stats

439 Races in 2004

Election DateStateCandidateOffice
12/04/2004LA Adam WilsonState Senate
11/02/2004AK Timothy FellerU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004AK Jim SykesU.S. Senate
11/02/2004AR Bernard SullibanCity Council
11/02/2004AZ Claudia EllquistCounty Attorney
11/02/2004CA Jon (Stevens) MannCity Council
11/02/2004CA Ken AdamsBoard of Education
11/02/2004CA Greg Allen (CA)City Council
11/02/2004CA Chuck AndersonFire District
11/02/2004CA Leticia (Tish) AndersonCity Council
11/02/2004CA Ana AraizaCity Council
11/02/2004CA Terry BaumU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004CA Stuart BechlanU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004CA Jeff BenefielCity Council
11/02/2004CA Lucrecia BermudezBoard of Supervisors
11/02/2004CA Warner BloombergState Assembly
11/02/2004CA Tanya Boone-AlvaCity Council
11/02/2004CA Tod BrilliantCity Council
11/02/2004CA Phil Brock. Jr.City Council
11/02/2004CA Peter Miguel CamejoVice-President
11/02/2004CA Sean CarlCommunity College District
11/02/2004CA Eric CarterU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004CAElected Jeff ChapmanNeighborhood Council
11/02/2004CA David CobbPresident
11/02/2004CA John R. CrockfordState Assembly
11/02/2004CA Bruce DelgadoMayor
11/02/2004CAElected Melody DemerittCity Council
11/02/2004CAElected Lynda DeschambaultTown Council
11/02/2004CA DNACity Council
11/02/2004CA Patrick DriscollU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004CA John EarlCity Council
11/02/2004CA Pamela ElizondoU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004CA Michael FeinsteinCity Council
11/02/2004CA Lisa FeldsteinBoard of Supervisors
11/02/2004CA Jim FerrignoBoard of Education
11/02/2004CA Raymond Glock-GrueneichU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004CA Bob GragsonCity Council
11/02/2004CA Patricia GrayU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004CAElected Harmony GrovesCity Council
11/02/2004CAElected Doug HammerstromCity Council
11/02/2004CA Thomas A. HutchingsState Assembly
11/02/2004CA Jane KimBoard of Education
11/02/2004CA Susan KingBoard of Supervisors
11/02/2004CA Philip KoebelU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004CA Thomas LashU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004CA Louis LingSchool Board
11/02/2004CAElected Craig LitwinCity Council
11/02/2004CA Jonathan LundellSchool Board
11/02/2004CAElected Holly MadrigalCity Council
11/02/2004CA Ryen Brook MadsenState Senate
11/02/2004CAElected Randy MarxWater District Board
11/02/2004CAElected Gayle McLaughlinCity Council
11/02/2004CA Craig MerrihueCity Council
11/02/2004CA John MerzCity Council
11/02/2004CAElected Ross MirkarimiBoard of Supervisors
11/02/2004CAElected Christine MulhollandCity Council
11/02/2004CA Larry R. MullenU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004CA Richard NunezHealthcare District
11/02/2004CA Rebecca OliverTransit Board
11/02/2004CA Orval OsborneCity Council
11/02/2004CA Bill PattersonCity Council
11/02/2004CA Jhym Fhyre PhoenixCity Council
11/02/2004CAElected Sam PierceCity Council
11/02/2004CAElected Paul PitinoCity Council
11/02/2004CA Adrienne PrinceState Assembly
11/02/2004CA Chuck ReutterSchool Board
11/02/2004CA Lawrence P. RockwoodU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004CA Matt RoginaCity Council
11/02/2004CAElected Mark SanchezBoard of Education
11/02/2004CA Renee SaucedoBoard of Supervisors
11/02/2004CA Mark SawickiCity Council
11/02/2004CA Stephanie SchaafCity Council
11/02/2004CAElected John SelawskyBoard of Education
11/02/2004CA David Minton SilvaHealthcare District
11/02/2004CA David Minton SilvaVeterans Memorial District
11/02/2004CAElected Jeff SklarRent Control Board
11/02/2004CAElected Kaitlin Sopoci-BelknapWater Board
11/02/2004CA Jesse TownleyCity Council
11/02/2004CA Maureen VaughnSchool Board
11/02/2004CA Gary WaayersU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004CAElected Karl WarkomskiCity Council
11/02/2004CA Annie Yang-McNallyWater District
11/02/2004CO Tom CastrignoCounty Commissioner
11/02/2004COElected Art GoodtimesCounty Commissioner
11/02/2004CO Tanya IshikawaCounty Commissioner
11/02/2004CO Bob KinseyU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004CO Bruce MeyerState House of Representatives
11/02/2004CO Eric RechelCounty Commissioner
11/02/2004CT David AlbanoState Senate
11/02/2004CT John AmariliosState Senate
11/02/2004CT David BedellRegistrar of Voters
11/02/2004CT Colin BennettState Senate
11/02/2004CT Nancy BurtonState House of Representatives
11/02/2004CT Joyce ChenState House of Representatives
11/02/2004CT Mike DeRosaState Senate
11/02/2004CT Ralph FerrucciU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004CT Calvin NicholsonRegistrar of Voters
11/02/2004CT Thomas SevignyState Senate
11/02/2004DC Mai Abdul RahlanState Board of Education
11/02/2004DCElected Marc BorbelyAdvisory Neighborhood Commission
11/02/2004DCElected Renee BowserAdvisory Neighborhood Commission
11/02/2004DC Adam EidingerUnited States Representative
11/02/2004DCElected Wesley HickmanAdvisory Neighborhood Commission
11/02/2004DCElected Alexander HoganAdvisory Neighborhood Commission
11/02/2004DC Jay MarxCity Council
11/02/2004DCElected Nate MathewsAdvisory Neighborhood Commission
11/02/2004DC Joyce Robinson-PaulAdvisory Neighborhood Commission
11/02/2004DC Laurent RossCity Council
11/02/2004DC Michele Tingling-ClemmonsCity Council
11/02/2004DCElected Bryan WeaverAdvisory Neighborhood Commission
11/02/2004DE John AtkeisonCity Council
11/02/2004DE J. Roy CannonCounty Council
11/02/2004DE Vince SottileCounty Council
11/02/2004FL Henry LawrenceCounty Commissioner
11/02/2004FLElected Kim O’ConnorSoil and Water Conservation District
11/02/2004GA David ClarkState House of Representatives
11/02/2004HI Shaun StensholState Senate
11/02/2004IA Peter HartySoil and Water Conservation District
11/02/2004IAElected Cathy LivingstonSoil and Water Conservation District
11/02/2004IA Daryl NorthropU.S. Senate
11/02/2004IA Kevin OwensBoard of Supervisors
11/02/2004IAElected Raymond MeyerHospital Board of Trustees
11/02/2004ID Kevin BayhouseHighway District
11/02/2004ID Jon HowardSchool Board
11/02/2004IL Pat CoxCounty Attorney
11/02/2004IL Don CrawfordCounty Board of Supervisors
11/02/2004IL Phil HuckelberryState House of Representatives
11/02/2004IL Zach MillerCounty Board
11/02/2004IL Susan RodgersCounty Board
11/02/2004IL Julie SamuelsState House of Representatives
11/02/2004IL Ken UrbanCounty Board
11/02/2004IL Rich WhitneyState House of Representatives
11/02/2004IN Maureen BarlockTownship Commissioner
11/02/2004MAElected George BryantCounty Assembly
11/02/2004MA Nat FortuneState House of Representatives
11/02/2004MA Rick GrabowskiState House of Representatives
11/02/2004MA Carolina JohnsonState House of Representatives
11/02/2004MA Jill SteinState House of Representatives
11/02/2004MA Rich ZitolaState Senate
11/02/2004MD Patsy AllenU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004MD Maria AllwineU.S. Senate
11/02/2004MD Bob AuerbachU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004MD Bill BarryCity Council
11/02/2004MD Matt ClarkCity Council
11/02/2004MD Paul DibosCity Council
11/02/2004MD Theresa DudleyU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004MD Terrence FitzgeraldCity Council
11/02/2004MD Joan FloydCity Council
11/02/2004MD David GreeneCity Council
11/02/2004MD Greg HemingwayU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004MD Myles HoenigCity Council
11/02/2004MD Virginia RodinoU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004MD Glenn RossCity Council
11/02/2004MD Keith SalkowskiU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004MD David StysleySchool Board
11/02/2004ME Marc BednerState House of Representatives
11/02/2004ME Nathan BrimmerState House of Representatives
11/02/2004ME Charles Hugh ChatfieldCity Council
11/02/2004ME Ben ChipmanState House of Representatives
11/02/2004ME Pamela Jean CraginState House of Representatives
11/02/2004ME Martin Dennis Jr.Water District
11/02/2004MEElected John EderState House of Representatives
11/02/2004ME Michael HiltzState House of Representatives
11/02/2004ME Mark HortonState House of Representatives
11/02/2004MEElected Denis HowardCity Council
11/02/2004ME Wladislav David KubiakState Senate
11/02/2004ME Pat LaMarcheVice-President
11/02/2004ME David Margolis-PineoWater District
11/02/2004ME Donald MasseState House of Representatives
11/02/2004MEElected Benjamin MeiklejohnBoard of Education
11/02/2004ME Matthew ReadingState House of Representatives
11/02/2004ME Patricia RyanState House of Representatives
11/02/2004ME John SafarikState House of Representatives
11/02/2004ME Theresa SavageState House of Representatives
11/02/2004ME Tarik SivonenState House of Representatives
11/02/2004ME Jeffery SpencerState House of Representatives
11/02/2004MEElected Jason ToothakerBoard of Education
11/02/2004ME Elizabeth TriceState House of Representatives
11/02/2004ME Sarah Lorraine TrundyState House of Representatives
11/02/2004ME John WeaverState Senate
11/02/2004ME Steven WestState House of Representatives
11/02/2004ME Philip WeyenbergState House of Representatives
11/02/2004ME Lynne WilliamsState House of Representatives
11/02/2004MI Keith AgdanowskiCity Council
11/02/2004MI JoAnne BeemonDrain Commissioner
11/02/2004MI Kathleen BlakleyCounty Clerk
11/02/2004MI Ellis BoalCounty Board of Elections
11/02/2004MI Ben BurgisUniversity Board of Trustees
11/02/2004MI Amber CareyDrain Commissioner
11/02/2004MI Lloyd ClarkeCounty Commissioner
11/02/2004MI Nathaniel DamrenUniversity Board of Regents
11/02/2004MI Michael C. DavisCounty Clerk
11/02/2004MI Stephanie FritzellSheriff
11/02/2004MI Jason GloverBoard of Trustees
11/02/2004MI Margaret GuttshallUniversity Board of Governors
11/02/2004MI Donnelly HaddenCounty Commissioner
11/02/2004MI Joseph KingTownship Trustee
11/02/2004MI Anthony KozubalCounty Commissioner
11/02/2004MI Robbie KullState House of Representatives
11/02/2004MI Andrea LavigneState House of Representatives
11/02/2004MI Tom LavigneU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004MI Randy MacPheeU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004MI Mike MadiasState House of Representatives
11/02/2004MI Tom MairCounty Clerk
11/02/2004MI Ken MatheniaCounty Commissioner
11/02/2004MI Roger McClaryState House of Representatives
11/02/2004MI Harley MikkelsonU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004MI Rebekah MikkelsonState House of Representatives
11/02/2004MIElected Jim MorenoCity Commission
11/02/2004MI Edward MuellerTownship Trustee
11/02/2004MI Arthur MyattCounty Executive
11/02/2004MI David NewlandU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004MI Jessie Nichole OlsonCounty Commissioner
11/02/2004MI Peter PonzettiBoard of Elementary and Secondary Education
11/02/2004MI Marc ReichardtCity Council
11/02/2004MI Kevin SawnickCity Commission
11/02/2004MI James L. SeagravesCounty Commissioner
11/02/2004MI Jason SeagravesU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004MI Judy SeigneurTownship Trustee
11/02/2004MI Jonathan ShaverCounty Commissioner
11/02/2004MI Elliott SmithCounty Commissioner
11/02/2004MI Lisa WeltmanU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004MI James WilberCounty Clerk
11/02/2004MI Hillard WilliamsCounty Commissioner
11/02/2004MI Rev. A.S. WrightCounty Sheriff
11/02/2004MN George BatemanState House of Representatives
11/02/2004MNElected Elaine FlemingMayor
11/02/2004MN James HammesState House of Representatives
11/02/2004MN Wade HannonState House of Representatives
11/02/2004MN Glenn KuehneState House of Representatives
11/02/2004MN Jay PondU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004MN Van PresleyU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004MN Becki SmithState House of Representatives
11/02/2004MN Tom TaylorState House of Representatives
11/02/2004MN Roger WestallState House of Representatives
11/02/2004MO Charles CubaState House of Representatives
11/02/2004MO Donald E. De VivoSheriff
11/02/2004MO David HenryState House of Representatives
11/02/2004MO Lydia LewisState Senate
11/02/2004MO Willie MarshallPublic Administrator
11/02/2004MO David SladkyState Senate
11/02/2004MS Victor FleitasCounty Election Commission
11/02/2004MS Jan HillegasCounty Election Commission
11/02/2004MSElected John WagesCounty Election Commission
11/02/2004MT Chris FrazierState House of Representatives
11/02/2004MT Bob KelleherGovernor
11/02/2004MT Colleen Little ThunderLieutenant Governor
11/02/2004MT John McCrackenState House of Representatives
11/02/2004MT William NigroState House of Representatives
11/02/2004MT Paul StephensState House of Representatives
11/02/2004NE Roy GuisingerU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004NE Paul JuntunenState Assembly
11/02/2004NE Steve LarrickU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004NE Dante SalvatierraU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004NJ David AlcantaraU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004NJ Daryl BrooksU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004NJ Joseph FortunatoU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004NJ Mark HeacockBorough Council
11/02/2004NJ Stewart KautschBorough Council
11/02/2004NJ Gregory Lee LaneCounty Clerk
11/02/2004NJ Gary NovosielskiBorough Council
11/02/2004NJ Toy-Ling WashingtonU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004NM Steve CabiedesCounty Clerk
11/02/2004NM Herman MontoyaCounty Commissioner
11/02/2004NM Jeffrey ShannonDistrict Attorney
11/02/2004NM Dean WilliamsonCounty Surveyor
11/02/2004NY David AtiasSchool Board
11/02/2004NY Mark BorinoState Assembly
11/02/2004NY Evergreen ChouState Assembly
11/02/2004NY Mike EmperorState Senate
11/02/2004NY Dale GibbonsState Assembly
11/02/2004NY Howie HawkinsU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004NY Dave McReynoldsU.S. Senate
11/02/2004NY Susan MetzState Assembly
11/02/2004NY Rachel TreichlerState Assembly
11/02/2004NY Rebecca WhiteState Senate
11/02/2004NY Kimberly WilderState Senate
11/02/2004OH Chris GlassburnState House of Representatives
11/02/2004OH Logan MartinezState House of Representatives
11/02/2004OH Rick OttenState House of Representatives
11/02/2004OH Rich StevensonU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004OR Hosanna BroderickCounty Commissioner
11/02/2004OR Lori BurtonCounty Commissioner
11/02/2004ORElected Tim DehneSoil and Water Conservation District
11/02/2004OR Chuck FallState House of Representatives
11/02/2004OR Steve GeigerState House of Representatives
11/02/2004ORElected George GroschCity Council
11/02/2004ORElected Emily HagenCity Council
11/02/2004OR Teresa KeaneU.S. Senate
11/02/2004ORElected Alexander PattersonSoil and Water Conservation District
11/02/2004OR Monica SchreiberSoil and Water Conservation District
11/02/2004ORElected Wendy SiporenCity Council
11/02/2004OR Curt SommerState House of Representatives
11/02/2004PA Greta BrowneU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004PA Scott BusslerState House of Representatives
11/02/2004PA Jim GoodleyState House of Representatives
11/02/2004PA Guy GrayState House of Representatives
11/02/2004PA W. Robert HagenU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004PA Stefan KosikowskiState House of Representatives
11/02/2004PA Vern MartenState House of Representatives
11/02/2004PA Thom MartiState House of Representatives
11/02/2004PA Jonah McAllister-EricksonState House of Representatives
11/02/2004PA Ben PriceState Auditor General
11/02/2004PA Marakay RogersAttorney General
11/02/2004PA Susan SaviaState House of Representatives
11/02/2004PA Dorothy SchieberU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004PA Patrick St. JohnState House of Representatives
11/02/2004PA Charles SteelU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004PA Jay SweeneyState House of Representatives
11/02/2004PA Paul TeeseState Treasurer
11/02/2004RI Joseph E. BroderickCity Council
11/02/2004RI Edward Larry KernState House of Representatives
11/02/2004RI Stephen James LaMarreMayor
11/02/2004RI Brian ReynoldsState House of Representatives
11/02/2004RI Jeff TosteState Senate
11/02/2004SC Jim DunnU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004SC Christopher GibbsState House of Representatives
11/02/2004SC Leslie MinerdSoil and Water Conservation District
11/02/2004SC Efia NwangazaU.S. Senate
11/02/2004SC Ken StyerState House of Representatives
11/02/2004SC C. Faye WaltersU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004TX Charlie MauchStatewide Railroad Commissioner
11/02/2004UT Patrick DiehlU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004UT Tom KingState House of Representatives
11/02/2004UT Rich PetersonState House of Representatives
11/02/2004UT John WeisheitState House of Representatives
11/02/2004UT Victoria WoodardState House of Representatives
11/02/2004VT Craig ChevrierJustice of the Peace
11/02/2004VT Benjamin ClarkeState Senate
11/02/2004VT Greg DelantyHigh Bailiff
11/02/2004VT Craig HillU.S. Senate
11/02/2004VT James Marc LeasAttorney General
11/02/2004VT Owen MulliganJustice of the Peace
11/02/2004VT Jay VosJustice of the Peace
11/02/2004WA Bern HaggertyLieutenant Governor
11/02/2004WA Joyce HarrellFreeholder
11/02/2004WA Chris LaRocheState House of Representatives
11/02/2004WA Robert LoseyU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004WAElected Steve LudwigFreeholder
11/02/2004WA Tom MunseyFreeholder
11/02/2004WA Wilma MunseyFreeholder
11/02/2004WA Tom OdegardFreeholder
11/02/2004WA Howard PelletCounty Commissioner
11/02/2004WA Paul RichlondAttorney General
11/02/2004WA Ben WhiteCounty Commissioner
11/02/2004WA Tim WhiteFreeholder
11/02/2004WA Mark WilsonU.S. Senate
11/02/2004WI Bruce HinkforthState Assembly
11/02/2004WI Damien JonesState Assembly
11/02/2004WI Mike MilesU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004WI Tony PalmeriState Assembly
11/02/2004WI Bill PerronCounty Treasurer
11/02/2004WI Brian PrukaCounty Clerk
11/02/2004WI Steve RingwoodCounty Treasurer
11/02/2004WI Carol Ann RittenhouseU.S. House of Representatives
11/02/2004WI Tony SchultzState Senate
11/02/2004WI Sally A. StixDistrict Attorney
11/02/2004WY Amy MoonCity Council
10/30/2004CA Deacon AlexanderNeighborhood Council
10/17/2004CAElected Sergio MonteiroNeighborhood Council
10/16/2004CAElected Ken WeinerNeighborhood Council
09/18/2004HIElected Bob JacobsonCounty Council
09/14/2004MA Ebony BarkleyState House of Representatives
09/14/2004MN Audrey ThayerCity Council
09/14/2004RI Tim RossanoMayor
08/05/2004TN Martin PleasantCounty Commissioner
06/27/2004CAElected Sheila BernardNeighborhood Council
06/27/2004CA Peter Miguel CamejoPresident
06/27/2004CA Kent MesplayPresident
06/27/2004CA John RaphlingNeighborhood Council
06/27/2004CAElected Emily WintersNeighborhood Council
06/27/2004CA Will YeagerNeighborhood Council
06/27/2004NM Carol MillerPresident
06/27/2004NY Paul GloverPresident
06/27/2004NY Lorna SalzmanPresident
06/14/2004MIElected David NewlandSchool Board
06/14/2004MI Carl WilliamsCommunity College District
06/08/2004ME Elke RosenbergState House of Representatives
06/01/2004NM Joe NiesleyState Senate
05/18/2004NYElected Rome CelliSchool Board
05/18/2004OR Joy KentPublic Power District
05/18/2004OR Mark LakemanCity Council
05/18/2004OR Lloyd MarbetPublic Power District
05/18/2004OR James PoseyMayor
05/18/2004ORElected Curt SommerPublic Power District
05/18/2004OR Brad TaylorMayor
05/11/2004NJ Cedric HunterTown Council
05/04/2004VAElected Don LangrehrTown Council
04/27/2004NY Peter LaveniaCounty Legislature
04/13/2004MAElected Howard HaywardWater Board of Health
04/11/2004CAElected Harold BockNeighborhood Council
04/06/2004COElected Jeffrey BergeronTown Council
04/06/2004MAElected David DionneSelectman
04/06/2004WI Jeanne BehrendCounty Board of Supervisors
04/06/2004WIElected Robert BrowneCounty Board of Supervisors
04/06/2004WI Bruce T. CiskieCounty Board of Supervisors
04/06/2004WIElected David ConleyCounty Board of Supervisors
04/06/2004WI Steve CowanCounty Board of Supervisors
04/06/2004WIElected Taniya FatticciCounty Board of Supervisors
04/06/2004WIElected John HardinCounty Board of Supervisors
04/06/2004WIElected Larry HardingTownship Supervisor
04/06/2004WIElected David MachotkaCounty Board of Supervisors
04/06/2004WIElected Kathryn McKenzieCounty Board of Supervisors
04/06/2004WI Bob NemanichSchool Board
04/06/2004WIElected Phillip PetersonCounty Board of Supervisors
04/06/2004WIElected Kyle RichlondCounty Board of Supervisors
04/06/2004WIElected Kevin RuehlCounty Board of Supervisors
04/06/2004WI Charles SchudsonCounty Court of Appeals
04/06/2004WI Gerry SteltenpohlCounty Board of Supervisors
04/06/2004WIElected Robert StockingerVillage Trustee
04/06/2004WIElected Scott TiceSchool Board
04/06/2004WIElected Shwaw VangSchool Board
04/06/2004WIElected Echnaton VedderCounty Board of Supervisors
04/06/2004WI Annie WoodwardCounty Board of Supervisors
03/30/2004MAElected Robert CrownerTown Meeting Member
03/30/2004MAElected Tom FlittieSchool Committee
03/30/2004MA Frank GattiTown Meeting Seat
03/30/2004MAElected Steven GrossTown Meeting Seat
03/30/2004MA Eleanor Manire-GattiTown Meeting Member
03/30/2004MAElected Bill O’NeilTown Meeting Seat
03/16/2004NYElected Steven KrulickVillage Trustee
03/06/2004MEElected Charlie WigginsSelectman
03/02/2004CA Cora Marie BakerCity Council
03/02/2004CA Michael HarringtonCity Council
03/02/2004CA Robert B. HermansonU.S. House of Representatives
03/02/2004CA Tod LandisCounty Supervisor
03/02/2004CA Bill MeyersU.S. House of Representatives
03/02/2004NMElected Fran GallegosMunicipal Judge
02/17/2004FL Dan McCreaCity Commission
02/17/2004WI Gary GronquistBoard of Education
02/17/2004WI Damien JonesAlderperson
02/17/2004WI Joe KleinCounty Executive
02/17/2004WI Eric KrszjzaniekSchool Board
02/17/2004WI Robert MirandaCommon Council
02/17/2004WI Jeff SchimpffCounty Board of Supervisors
02/17/2004WI Doug StingleCounty Board of Supervisors
02/17/2004WI Leon ToddMayor
02/03/2004ME Dorothy LaFortuneState House of Representatives
01/27/2004WI Wendell HarrisState Assembly