2006 Stats

385 Races in 2006

AKMark Amesfor State House of Representatives
AKMark Amesfor Borough Assembly
AKWilliam Barteefor State House of Representatives
AKDavid Braunfor State Senate
AKEva Incefor U.S. House of Representatives
AKMike Musickfor Borough Assembly
ARMichael J. Bolzeniusfor State Auditor
ARBrock Carpenterfor State Treasurer
ARRebekah Kennedyfor Attorney General
ARJim Lendallfor Governor
ARDavid Lewisfor Commissioner of State Lands
ARRalph Scullyfor Secretary of State
AZTom Doranfor School Board
CAJon (Stevens) Mannfor City Council
CAAimee Allisonfor City Council
CAAimee Allisonfor City Council
CAMary Altmannfor Water District
CAGary Blennerfor Board of Trustees
CAHarold Bockfor Neighborhood Council
CAWilliam Bretzfor Planning Group
CAJanice Brittainfor City Council
CACarol Brouilletfor U.S. House of Representatives
CALarry Cafierofor Insurance Commissioner
CAPeter Miguel Camejofor Governor
CAGinny-Marie Casefor Neighborhood Council
CAJo Chamberlainfor Board of Supervisors
CAHoward Chongfor Rent Stabilization Board
CATodd Chretienfor U.S. Senate
CAEls Cooperriderfor County Supervisor
CARichard Costafor State Assembly
CAVicente Cruz IIfor School Board
CAByron De Learfor U.S. House of Representatives
CAEmily Drennenfor Transportation District
CAAlan Drusysfor City Council
CAPamela Elizondofor U.S. House of Representatives
CATim Fitzgeraldfor Mayor
CAPaul Franklinfor School Board
CAGerald Frittsfor State Assembly
CABruce Frohmanfor County Supervisor
CAHerb Gurafor School Board
CATian Harterfor City Council
CATian Harterfor U.S. Senate
CABarry Hermansonfor State Assembly
CAPatricia Hilesfor School Board
CAForrest Hillfor Secretary of State
CAJeffrey Hornefor Neighborhood Council
CAJim Jenkinsfor City Council
CAAshley Jonesfor City Council
CARebecca Kaplanfor Transit Board
CAChris Kavanaghfor Rent Stabilization Board
CAKrissy Keeferfor U.S. House of Representatives
CAJane Kimfor Board of Education
CASarah Knoppfor Superintendent of Public Instruction
CAKim Knoxfor Board of Education
CAPhilip Koebelfor State Assembly
CAJeff Kravitzfor U.S. House of Representatives
CADennis Kynefor City Council
CACecilia Lariosfor Town Clerk
CAHarry Martinfor City Council
CAGayle McLaughlinfor Mayor
CADave Meservefor City Council
CAKent Mesplayfor U.S. Senate
CACameron Millerfor Water Conservation District Board
CAJohn Millerfor U.S. House of Representatives
CAMerrilie Mitchellfor City Council
CADeOnne Noelfor School Board
CABill Paparianfor U.S. House of Representatives
CADana Quillmanfor City Council
CATiffany Reneefor City Council
CAMathew Rickfor State Senate
CAJohn Rizzofor Community College District
CALarry Robinsonfor City Council
CAFrancisco Romerofor City Council
CARobert Royfor City Council
CAZachary Running Wolffor Mayor
CASandra Ventura Scottfor School Board
CADavid Minton Silvafor State Assembly
CALauren Sinnottfor City Council
CADona Springfor City Council
CALisa Stephensfor Rent Stabilization Board
CAJohn Stinsonfor Neighborhood Council
CAMehul Thakkerfor Statewide Treasurer
CAPeter Thotthamfor State Assembly
CARobert Vizzardfor State Senate
CADonna Warrenfor Lieutenant Governor
CAPam Websterfor Rent Stabilization Board
CAGabrielle Weeksfor City Council
CALaura Wellsfor State Controller
CABruce Wolfefor Community College District
CACat Woodsfor State Assembly
CAMike Wymanfor Attorney General
COTom Babbidgefor State Assembly
COJ.A. Calhounfor U.S. House of Representatives
CODave Chandlerfor U.S. House of Representatives
COScott Chaplinfor Board of Trustees
COMatt Keefauverfor Town Council
COTom Kellyfor U.S. House of Representatives
CODavid Longfor Town Council
CODoug Malkanfor Board of Commissioners
COWendy Mimiagafor Town Board
CTDavid Bedellfor State Senate
CTDavid Bedellfor Judge of Probate
CTColin Bennettfor State Senate
CTColin Bennettfor State Comptroller
CTDavid Buefor State Treasurer
CTNancy Burtonfor State House of Representatives
CTNancy Burtonfor Attorney General
CTJean de Smetfor Lieutenant Governor
CTMike DeRosafor Secretary of State
CTRalph Ferruccifor U.S. Senate
CTMatt Loterfor Board of Education
CTRobert Pandolfofor State Senate
CTNina Sherwoodfor Board of Education
CTDaniel Sumrallfor U.S. House of Representatives
CTCliff Thorntonfor Governor
DCPhilip Blair, Jr.for City Council
DCMarc Borbelyfor State Board of Education
DCDavid Bossermanfor Advisory Neighborhood Commission
DCRenee Bowserfor Advisory Neighborhood Commission
DCWesley Hickmanfor Advisory Neighborhood Commission
DCAlex Hoganfor Advisory Neighborhood Commission
DCNate Mathewsfor Advisory Neighborhood Commission
DCChris Ottenfor Mayor
DCJoyce Robinson-Paulfor U.S. Senate
DCLaurent Rossfor State Board of Education
DCNancy Shiafor Advisory Neighborhood Commission
DCJamil Shoatzfor Advisory Neighborhood Commission
DCCarolyn Steptoefor City Council
DCRick Tingling-Clemmonsfor Advisory Neighborhood Commission
DCKeith Warefor Delegate to U.S. House of Representatives
DCBryan Weaverfor Advisory Neighborhood Commission
DCAnn Wilcoxfor City Council
DCJane Zarafor Advisory Neighborhood Commission
DEMichael Bergfor U.S. House of Representatives
FLBrian Beckerfor State House of Representatives
FLTammy Harmonfor Soil and Water Conservation District
FLMike Henkelfor City Commission
FLCara Jenningsfor City Commission
FLBrian Moorefor U.S. Senate
FLKim O’Connorfor Mayor
HIJim Brewerfor Governor
HIFrank DeGiacomofor State House of Representatives
HIRenee Ingfor Lieutenant Governor
HIBob Jacobsonfor County Council
HINick Nikhilanandafor County Council
IAWendy Barthfor Governor
IARichard Johnsonfor Lieutenant Governor
IAKevin Leefor Township Trustee
ILTom Abramfor State House of Representatives
ILDavid Blackfor Attorney General
ILDorian Breuerfor State Sennate
ILJoe Futrellefor County Board
ILNathan Helsabeckfor State House of Representatives
ILCharles Howefor State House of Representatives
ILPhil Huckelberryfor State House of Representatives
ILBradley Kleinfor County Board
ILNick Mannfor County Board
ILDan Rodriguez Schlorfffor Statewide Treasurer
ILJulie Samuelsfor Lieutenant Governor
ILAlicia Snyderfor State Comptroller
ILJennifer Vaughnfor County Board
ILRich Whitneyfor Governor
ILKonstantinas Yfantisfor County Board
ILKaren Youngfor Secretary of State
INBill Stantfor Secretary of State
MAOwen Broadhurstfor State House of Representatives
MAGeorge Bryantfor County Assembly
MARobert Crownerfor Town Meeting Member
MAMiriam Daytonfor Town Meeting Member
MANat Fortunefor School Committee
MAEleanor Manire-Gattifor Town Meeting Member
MAJamie O’Keefefor State Treasurer
MAMartina Robinsonfor Lieutenant Governor
MAMartina Robinsonfor Board of Selectman
MAGrace Rossfor Governor
MAJill Steinfor Secretary of State
MDMaria Allwinefor State Senate
MDBob Auerbachfor State Comptroller
MDBrandy Bakerfor State House of Delegates
MDBrian Bittnerfor County Council
MDEddie Boydfor Governor
MDJan Danforthfor State House of Delegates
MDKim Fellfor State House of Delegates
MDGerard Giblinfor U.S. House of Representatives
MDDave Goldsmithfor State House of Delegates
MDDavid Greenefor State House of Delegates
MDGary Hullfor Town Council
MDDavid Kiasifor State House of Delegates
MDRobert Kozakfor U.S. House of Representatives
MDJames Madiganfor Lieutenant Governor
MDRichard Ochsfor State House of Delegates
MDJoseph Sanchezfor State House of Delegates
MDRobb Tuftsfor County Council
MDSteve Warnerfor U.S. House of Representatives
MDKevin Zeesefor U.S. Senate
MEKevin Donoghuefor City Council
MEJohn Ederfor State House of Representatives
MEChristina Fellerfor City Council
MEDavid Fransfor State House of Representatives
MEKevin Gardellafor Board of Education
MEDavid Homafor Town Council
MEWilliam Laidleyfor State House of Representatives
MEPat LaMarchefor Governor
MEKeith Louisfor State Senate
MEDavid Margolis-Pineofor Water District
MEDavid Marshallfor City Council
MEBenjamin Meiklejohnfor State House of Representatives
MERebecca Minnickfor Board of Education
MEMurrough O’Brienfor State House of Representatives
MEKelsey Perchinskifor State Senate
MEMatthew Readingfor State House of Representatives
MEJohn Safarikfor State House of Representatives
MEStephen Springfor Board of Education
MELeo Tallaricofor State House of Representatives
MIMatthew Abelfor U.S. House of Representatives
MIEllis Boalfor County Commissioner
MIDouglas Campbellfor Governor
MIKevin Careyfor State Board of Education
MICandace Cavenyfor U.S. House of Representatives
MILloyd Clarkefor State Senate
MIDerek Grigsbyfor State House of Representatives
MIRodger Gurkfor U.S. House of Representatives
MIMargaret Guttshallfor University Board of Governors
MIKristen Hamelfor State House of Representatives
MIRichard Kuszmarfor State Senate
MIKen Matheniafor U.S. House of Representatives
MIKyle McBeefor State Senate
MILynn Meadowsfor Secretary of State
MIMichael Merriweatherfor University Board of Governors
MIEdward Morinfor University Board of Regents
MIArthur Myattfor U.S. House of Representatives
MIDavid Newlandfor U.S. House of Representatives
MIWilliam Opalickyfor State Senate
MIPete Schermerhornfor City Council
MIDavid Frank Skrbinafor Lieutenant Governor
MIAimee Smithfor U.S. House of Representatives
MIDavid Solefor U.S. Senate
MILauren Elizabeth Spencerfor University Board of Trustees
MIAaron Stuttmanfor U.S. House of Representatives
MIPete Van Jr.for State House of Representatives
MIFred Vitalefor State House of Representatives
MIJames Wolbrinkfor State Senate
MIJacob Woodsfor State Board of Education
MNDave Bergerfor State Auditor
MNMichael Cavlanfor U.S. Senate
MNFarheen Hakeemfor County Commissioner
MNJohn Kolstadfor Attorney General
MNJohn Lobanfor Soil and Water Conservation District
MNJesse Mortensonfor State House of Representatives
MNVic Ormsbyfor Soil and Water Conservation District
MNKen Pentelfor Governor
MNJay Pondfor U.S. House of Representatives
MNDanene Provencherfor Lieutenant Governor
MNJulie Risserfor State Senate
MNCory Rubinfor City Council
MNLeroy Schafferfor City Council
MNDwayne Voegelifor County Commissioner
MNPhil Wilkefor Soil and Water Conservation District
MOTerry Bunkerfor State Auditor
MOWilliam Hastingsfor U.S. House of Representatives
MOMelinda Iveyfor U.S. House of Representatives
MOLydia Lewisfor U.S. Senate
MODavid Sladkyfor U.S. House of Representatives
MOShirley Yurkonisfor U.S. House of Representatives
NESteve Larrickfor Natural Resources District
NESteve Larrickfor State Auditor
NEDoug Patersonfor Secretary of State
NJPaula Ellentuchfor County Clerk
NMDavid Baconfor Public Regulation Commissioner
NMCynthia Morrisonfor State House of Representatives
NMDonald L. Thompsonfor State House of Representatives
NVCraig Berglandfor Governor
NYTrevor Archerfor State Assembly
NYJoseph DeMarefor State Assembly
NYAlison Duncanfor Lieutenant Governor
NYHowie Hawkinsfor U.S. Senate
NYMalachy McCourtfor Governor
NYEdgar Rodriguezfor Board of Education
NYEdgar Rodriguezfor Board of Education
NYRachel Treichlerfor Attorney General
NYJulia Willebrandfor State Comptroller
OHBob Fitrakisfor Governor
OHTim Kettlerfor Secretary of State
OHDavid Kovacsfor State Board of Education
OHDonald Lesiakfor Auditor
OHLogan Martinezfor State House of Representatives
OHAnita Riosfor Lieutenant Governor
OKJames Branumfor State House of Representatives
OKBob Waldropfor Mayor
ORPaul Aranasfor U.S. House of Representatives
ORMichael Beilsteinfor City Council
ORMark Camarafor City Council
ORJeff Croppfor State House of Representatives
ORNeil Friedmanfor City Council
ORGeorge Groschfor City Council
ORAlice Hardestyfor City Council
ORChris Iversonfor City Council
ORJoe Keatingfor Governor
ORPaul Loneyfor State House of Representatives
OREric Navickasfor City Council
ORAlexander Pattersonfor County Commissioner
ORYohanna Stormfor City Recorder
ORJohn Strombergfor City Council
OREd Winslowfor Governor
PADave Bakerfor U.S. House of Representatives
PAGreta Brownefor U.S. House of Representatives
PATraci Conferfor State Assembly
PATraci Conferfor State Assembly
PAEdward Gately, Sr.for State Senate
PAMichelle Grantfor State House of Representatives
PAGuy Grayfor State House of Representatives
PAKatrina Heycockfor State Assembly
PAChristopher Irvinfor State Assembly
PADodie Lovettfor State Assembly
PADerf Maitlandfor U.S. House of Representatives
PAThom Martifor State Assembly
PATitus Northfor U.S. House of Representatives
PAJason Phillipsfor City Council
PATim Reimfor State Assembly
PAMike Rosenbergfor State Assembly
PALynn Smallwoodfor State Assembly
PAJay Sweeneyfor State House of Representatives
PAEric Wolfefor State Assembly
RIJeff Tostefor State Senate
SCJim Dunnfor U.S. House of Representatives
SCArnold Karrfor Superintendent of Education
SCNammu Muhammadfor County Council
SCC. Faye Waltersfor U.S. House of Representatives
SCAntonio Williamsfor U.S. House of Representatives
SCAntonio Williamsfor City Council
TNKatey Culverfor U.S. House of Representatives
TNChristina (Chris) Lugofor U.S. Senate
TNMartin Pleasantfor County Commissioner
TNRobert Smithfor U.S. House of Representatives
TNHoward Switzerfor Governor
TXColin Kalmbacherfor City Council
TXAnnalisa Peacefor Aquifer Authority Board
TXEnrique Valdiviafor Aquifer Authority Board
TXCharles Waterburyfor State Supreme Court
TXGeorge Ricefor Aquifer Authority Board
TXStephen Colleyfor Aquifer Authority Board
UTKathy Doppfor County Clerk
UTJulian Hatchfor U.S. Senate
UTTom Kingfor State House of Representatives
UTDeanna Taylorfor County Council
UTChuck Trippfor County Council
UTBob Bristerfor U.S. House of Representatives
VADon Langrehrfor Mayor
VAJosh Ruebnerfor County Board
VTCraig Hillfor U.S. Senate
VTJim Hoguefor Governor
VTBruce Marshallfor U.S. House of Representatives
VTOwen Mulliganfor Inspector of Elections
VTLoyal Plooffor Mayor
VTLoyal Plooffor Mayor
VTSean Starfighterfor Inspector of Elections
WADan Asherfor Community Council Board
WAAaron Dixonfor U.S. Senate
WASteve Garrisonfor Public Utility District
WABern Haggertyfor U.S. Senate
WIRobert Brownefor County Board of Supervisors
WIJill Bussierefor State Senate
WIDavid Conleyfor County Board of Supervisors
WINelson Eismanfor Governor
WIBen Farrellfor County Board of Supervisors
WIRev. Glen Halbefor Common Council
WIJohn Hardinfor County Board of Supervisors
WILarry Hardingfor State Assembly
WILarry Hardingfor Township Supervisor
WIJohn Hendrickfor County Board of Supervisors
WIStephen Kalmar IIfor Village Board
WIAshok Kumarfor County Board of Supervisors
WIMichael LaForrestfor Secretary of State
WIBob Levisfor U.S. House of Representatives
WIKathryn McKenziefor County Board of Supervisors
WIMike Milesfor U.S. House of Representatives
WIJeff Petersonfor County Board of Supervisors
WIPhillip Petersonfor County Board of Supervisors
WIJohn Rendallfor County Board of Supervisors
WITaku Ronsmanfor City Council
WIRobert Ryanfor County Board of Supervisors
WIWinston Sephus Jr.for State Treasurer
WIGerry Steltenpohlfor County Board of Supervisors
WILeon Toddfor Lieutenant Governor
WIClaude VanderVeenfor State Senate
WIBarbara Vedderfor County Board of Supervisors
WIRae Vogelerfor U.S. Senate
WIRae Vogelerfor U.S. Senate