Greens in Office

Currently at least 95 Greens hold elected office. Below are 88 Greens currently serving in elected office, who were elected to those offices. Another six have been appointed to elected office, and a seventh changed to Green after being elected.

Since 1985, Greens have won at least 1264 races, including at least 145 partisan races.

At least 88 Greens currently hold elected office
NameOfficeLocationTerm Ends
Elected Samuel PfeifleSchool BoardGray, ME06/2024
Elected Alex PolikoffFire DistrictCorvalis, OR05/2025
Elected Chloe FloraHealth DistrictBakerr County, OR05/2025
Elected David SpanagelLibrary TrusteeLancaster, MA05/2024
Elected Bryan MossTown Meeting MemberShrewsbury, MA05/2024
Elected Sam EvansNeighborhood CouncilLos Angeles, CA05/2023
Elected Mireira Alejandra MoranNeighborhood CouncilLos Angeles, CA04/2023
Elected Peter SchwartzmanMayorGalesburg, IL04/2025
Elected Steve De La RosaLibrary BoardVillage of Villa Park, IL04/2025
Elected Kyle CadmanNeighborhood CouncilLos Angeles, CA04/2023
Elected Alexander RobinsonNeighborhood CouncilLos Angeles, CA03/2023
Elected Anthony Del PlatoVillage TrusteeVillage of Interlaken, NY03/2025
Elected Audrey ThayerCity CouncilBemidji, MN11/2024
Elected David GroverCity CouncilTrinidad, CA11/2022
Elected Emmanuel EstradaMayorBaldwin Park, CA11/2022
Elected Jane JarlsbergWater DistrictSan Bernardino County, CA11/2024
Elected John Abraham *Abe* PowellFire Protection DistrictMontecito, CA11/2024
Elected Josiah DeanCity CouncilDufur, OR11/2024
Elected Matthew ClarkCommunity Services DistrictSan Mateo County, CA11/2024
Elected Michael ClarySoil and Water Conservation DistrictCoos County, OR11/2024
Elected Randy MarxWater District BoardSacramento County, CA11/2024
Elected Sharron ParraCommunity Services DistrictHyampom, CA11/2024
Elected Sylvia R. ChavezCity CouncilCalipatria, CA11/2024
Elected Jamie CooneyVillage TrusteeSouth Corning (Village), NY09/2022
Elected Sharon MossTown Meeting MemberShrewsbury, MA06/2023
Elected Daniel LutzConservation DistrictJefferson County, WV06/2024
Elected John W. FarrellConservation DistrictSummers County, WV06/2024
Elected Joyce-Palmer FortuneSelect BoardWhately, MA06/2023
Elected Nat FortuneTown ModeratorWhately, MA06/2023
Elected Bob GiffordCounty BoardPortage County, WI04/2022
Elected Quincy McCourtCity CouncilSusanville, CA03/2024
Elected Anna TrevorrowSchool BoardPortland, ME11/2023
Elected Cliff YankovichCity CouncilLowell, MI11/2023
Elected Daniel WelshTown BoardLewisboro, NY11/2023
Elected Ed HeflinConstableGreenwich, CT11/2021
Elected Enevia Baidoo-KeeneBoard of Assessment AppealsWindham, CT11/2023
Elected Eric BergmanTown CouncilClinton, CT11/2021
Elected Ira RichardsSoil and Water Conservation DistrictWarren County, VA11/2023
Elected Kat Bruner JamesCity CouncilFerndale, MI11/2023
Elected Leif SmithConstableRedding, CT11/2021
Elected Michael Bagdes-CanningBorough CouncilCherry Valley , PA11/2023
Elected Rick DuffTownship Fiscal OfficerMifflin, OH11/2023
Elected Rob DerryPolice CommissionClinton, CT11/2023
Elected Tara YaneyBorough CouncilEdgewood, PA11/2023
Elected Thomas AdamsSoil and Water Conservation DistrictMontgomery County, VA11/2023
Elected Timothy BarnesCity CouncilLafayette, CO11/2023
Elected William StokemWater BoardMendocino County, CA08/2023
Elected Hugh MooreNeighborhood CouncilLos Angeles, CA06/2023
Elected Michael SonnleitnerCommunity College BoardPortland, OR05/2023
Elected Matthew MoncreaffSelect BoardPrinceton, MA05/2022
Elected Desiree ScorciaSelectmanBoothbay, ME05/2022
Elected Carl PetersenNeighborhood CouncilLos Angeles, CA05/2023
Elected Ed WilliamsonHealth BoardHouston, MO04/2023
Elected Sandy LezonLibrary Board of TrusteesWarrenville, IL04/2025
Elected Edward Tar LarnerHousing AuthorityConcord, MA03/2024
Elected Beau PerryLibrary BoardFerndale, MI11/2022
Elected Bruce DelgadoMayorMarina, CA11/2022
Elected Carolyn DixonGoverning Board MemberSanta Rosa, CA11/2022
Elected Dana SilvernaleSchool BoardHumboldt County, CA11/2022
Elected David ClarkSchool Board of TrusteesCardiff By-the-Sea, CA11/2022
Elected Evelyn PridemoreSchool BoardRedford Township, MI11/2022
Elected Jacob CoanGoverning Board MemberEureka, CA11/2022
Elected Laura Esperanza SurlsSchool Board of TrusteesCanyon Township, CA11/2022
Elected Mark DykenGoverning BoardmemberCalaveras County, CA11/2022
Elected Michael StewartSoil and Water CommissionGreenville County, SC11/2022
Elected Robert ‘Bob’ WichertWater DistrictSacramento County, CA11/2022
Elected Adriana BohmSchool BoardNew Castle County, DE05/2023
Elected David SpanagelLibrary TrusteeLancaster, MA05/2021
Elected Bryan MossTown Meeting MemberShrewsbury, MA05/2021
Elected Cam GordonCity CouncilMinneapolis, MN11/2021
Elected Cassandra MartineauZoning Board of Appeals AlternateWillamantic, CT11/2021
Elected Cem ZeytinoglumSchool BoardStroudsburg, PA11/2021
Elected Dagmar NollTown CouncilWindham, CT11/2021
Elected Daphne DixonZoning Board of Appeals AlternateFairfield, CT11/2021
Elected Darcy Van NessZoning Board of Appeals AlternateWaterford, CT11/2021
Elected Dave OchmanowiczSchool BoardBucks County, PA11/2021
Elected David KurzwegJudge of ElectionsCumru Township, PA11/2021
Elected Douglas LaryBoard of FinanceWindham, CT11/2021
Elected Ethan LeatherbarrowJudge of ElectionsPhiladelphia, PA11/2021
Elected Jim KellerJudge of ElectionsWest Reading, PA11/2021
Elected Joseph WetmoreTown BoardLansing, NY11/2021
Elected Kerry FooseJudge of ElectionsLenox Township, PA11/2021
Elected Kristin CombsInspector of ElectionsPhiladelphia, PA11/2021
Elected William PilkonisJudge of ElectionsScranton , PA11/2021
Elected Don CrawfordLibrary BoardSt. Elmo, IL04/2023
Elected Kyle TaylorSchool BoardSt. Charles Township, IL04/2019
Elected David KennedyAuditorOverfield Township , PA11/2021
Elected Jay SweeneyAuditorFalls Township, PA11/2021