2005 Stats

203 Races in 2005

Election DateStateCandidateOffice
12/06/2005CA Bea Tomaselli TiritilliU.S. House of Representatives
11/28/2005CAElected Jeff ChapmanNeighborhood Council
11/08/2005CAElected Gary BlennerBoard of Education
11/08/2005CA Hilary Bradbury-HuangCommunity College District
11/08/2005CA Dana DillworthCity Council
11/08/2005CAElected Joseph GauderCommunity Services District
11/08/2005CAElected James HarveyWater and Sanitary District
11/08/2005CAElected Madeline HopeSchool Board of Trustees
11/08/2005CA James MarshWater District
11/08/2005CAElected Paul PerkovicWater and Sanitary District
11/08/2005CA Brian Lee RencherCity Council
11/08/2005CAElected Curtis RobinsonBoard of Education
11/08/2005CAElected Nicole VigeantCommunity Services District
11/08/2005CT David BedellConstable
11/08/2005CT Joshua BroekstraCity Council
11/08/2005CT Eric BrownMayor
11/08/2005CT Jean de SmetSelectman
11/08/2005CT Andy DerrCity Council
11/08/2005CT Trish Haines DayanBoard of Education
11/08/2005CT Kenric HansonBoard of Education
11/08/2005CT David HegBoard of Education
11/08/2005CT David IonnoBoard of Education
11/08/2005CTElected Hector LopezConstable
11/08/2005CT Margaret ManionSelectman
11/08/2005CT Kelly McCarthyCity Council
11/08/2005CT Miguel Angel NievesMayor
11/08/2005CT Charlie PillsburyBoard of Alders
11/08/2005CT Thomas SevignyBoard of Finance
11/08/2005CT Darek ShapiroMayor
11/08/2005CT Robert StullerCity Council
11/08/2005CT Amy Vas NunesBoard of Education
11/08/2005GA Elaine BrownMayor
11/08/2005GA Gladys LydeCity Commission
11/08/2005MA Dan KontoffState Assembly
11/08/2005MAElected Bruce MeninSchool Committee
11/08/2005MAElected Luc SchusterSchool Committee
11/08/2005MA Gerald SykesSchool Board
11/08/2005MAElected Chuck TurnerCity Council
11/08/2005MD Joanne IvancicAlderman
11/08/2005ME David HomaTown Council
11/08/2005MEElected Susan HopkinsBoard of Public Education
11/08/2005ME Richard (Angelo) HowlandCity Council
11/08/2005ME Carol SchillerCity Council
11/08/2005MIElected Rob CedarCity Council
11/08/2005MIElected Don CooneyCity Commission
11/08/2005MIElected Scott KleinCity Council
11/08/2005MIElected Karen MajewskiMayor
11/08/2005MI Lisa WeltmanSchool Board
11/08/2005MN Dave BergerBoard of Estimation and Taxation
11/08/2005MN Dave BickingCity Council
11/08/2005MNElected Cam GordonCity Council
11/08/2005MN Natalie Johnson LeeCity Council
11/08/2005MN Aaron NeuwmannCity Council
11/08/2005MN Ann ThomasCity Council
11/08/2005MNElected Annie YoungPark and Recreation Board
11/08/2005MN Dean ZimmermannCity Council
11/08/2005NJ Thomas AulettaState Assembly
11/08/2005NJ Richard GiovanoniGeneral Assembly
11/08/2005NJ Mike HallGeneral Assembly
11/08/2005NJ Bessie HalseyState Assembly
11/08/2005NJ Mark HeacockGeneral Assembly
11/08/2005NJ Stewart KautschGeneral Assembly
11/08/2005NJ Natalie KochlarBorough Council
11/08/2005NJ Irwin NackFreeholder
11/08/2005NJ Ann NapolitanoGeneral Assembly
11/08/2005NJ Gary NovosielskiBorough Council
11/08/2005NJ Greg OrrGeneral Assembly
11/08/2005NJ Michael SpectorMayor
11/08/2005NJ Judith StantonGeneral Assembly
11/08/2005NJ Matthew ThiekeGovernor
11/08/2005NJ Brian UngerFreeholder
11/08/2005NJ Charles WoodrowFreeholder
11/08/2005NY Fed BaysCounty Legislature
11/08/2005NY Gary BonaparteCommon Council
11/08/2005NY Aleese CodyCounty Legislature
11/08/2005NY Pete CodyCounty Legislature
11/08/2005NY Joseph DuffyMayor
11/08/2005NY Judith EinachMayor
11/08/2005NY Cosmo Fanizzi IIICounty Legislature
11/08/2005NY Alice GreenMayor
11/08/2005NY Anthony GronowiczMayor
11/08/2005NY Howie HawkinsMayor
11/08/2005NY Laura HeadyCounty Legislature
11/08/2005NY Chris HilderbrantCounty Legislature
11/08/2005NY Gerald KannCity Council
11/08/2005NY David LintonCounty Legislature
11/08/2005NY Jenny LoebCounty Legislature
11/08/2005NYElected Mary Jo LongTown Council
11/08/2005NY David LussierCommon Council
11/08/2005NY Will MaksutaTown Clerk
11/08/2005NY Gloria MatteraBorough President
11/08/2005NY Darrin RobbinsAlderman
11/08/2005NY Kathy SchlidtTown Board
11/08/2005NYElected Mike SellersMayor
11/08/2005NY Robyn SklarCity Council
11/08/2005NY Dan SpilmanTown Council
11/08/2005NY Russell ZiembaCounty Legislature
11/08/2005OH David BallCity Council
11/08/2005OHElected Dennis SpisakBoard of Education
11/08/2005PA Guy AnthonyMayor
11/08/2005PAElected Mathew AshMayor
11/08/2005PA Merritt BaileySchool Director
11/08/2005PAElected Steve BakerInspector of Elections
11/08/2005PA Danelle BowersSchool Board
11/08/2005PAElected Shawnya CalpInspector of Elections
11/08/2005PA Wanda DavilaCity Council
11/08/2005PA Mike FarleyInspector of Elections
11/08/2005PA Mario FiorucciMayor
11/08/2005PA Andrea JeffersonCity Council
11/08/2005PAElected Robert KlunckBorough Council
11/08/2005PA Sam KrakowSchool Board
11/08/2005PAElected Derf MaitlandAuditor
11/08/2005PAElected Mike ManglesInspector of Elections
11/08/2005PA Thom MartiTownship Supervisor
11/08/2005PA Lawrence MaxtedSchool Board
11/08/2005PAElected Andrew McDowellJudge of Elections
11/08/2005PA Michael MorrillBorough Council
11/08/2005PA Titus NorthMayor
11/08/2005PA Jennaro PullanoCity Council
11/08/2005PAElected Marty QuallyBorough Council
11/08/2005PAElected Brenda Jo SamrykInspector of Elections
11/08/2005PA Mary Gay ScallionSchool Board
11/08/2005PA Jake SchindelBorough Council
11/08/2005PA Phil SchindelTownship Supervisor
11/08/2005PA Bob SmallJudge of Elections
11/08/2005PA Lynn SmallwoodBorough Council
11/08/2005PA Courtney WegeSchool Board
11/08/2005PAElected Diane WhiteInspector of Elections
11/08/2005PAElected Diane WhiteJudge of Elections
11/08/2005PAElected Leif WinterAuditor
11/08/2005PA Eric WolfeCity Council
11/08/2005TX Dennis CarterCity Council
11/08/2005WA Stonewall Jackson BirdCity Council
11/08/2005WA Gentry LangeCounty Executive
11/08/2005WA Steve LudwigCounty Commissioner
11/08/2005WAElected Joe MarinoCemetery District
11/01/2005COElected Thom CarnevaleTown Moderator
11/01/2005COElected Charlie GreenSchool Board
11/01/2005FL Patrick JonesCity Commission
10/01/2005CAElected Deacon AlexanderNeighborhood Council
09/27/2005MA Dan KontoffCity Council
09/20/2005WA Dave EwoldtCounty Council
09/13/2005MN Reggie BirtsCity Council
09/13/2005MN Elizabeth DickinsonMayor
09/13/2005MN Farheen HakeemMayor
09/13/2005MN Ian StadeLibrary Board
09/13/2005MT William NigroCity Council
09/13/2005OH Mitch BalonekCity Council
09/13/2005PA Marlene SantoyoState Assembly
09/05/2005WA Angel BolanosCity Council
09/05/2005WA Alan LloydSchool Board
07/19/2005PA Walter ScheirerState House of Representatives
05/17/2005CA Aimee AllisonCity Council
05/17/2005ORElected Ruth AlexanderSchool Board
05/17/2005ORElected Matt DonohueSchool Board
05/17/2005ORElected Mat MarrSchool Board
05/17/2005OR Lisa MelyanWater Board
05/17/2005OR Aria SeligmannSchool Board
05/10/2005IL David WilcoxPark and Recreation Board
05/10/2005ME Lester TimofeevTown Board
05/10/2005NJ Toy-Ling WashingtonCity Council
05/07/2005TX Bob BrewerCity Council
05/07/2005TXElected David LanmanMayor
04/19/2005NJElected Gary NovosielskiBoard of Education
04/05/2005IL David BlackBoard of Trustees
04/05/2005IL Charles HoweCity Council
04/05/2005IL E.G. HugesCity Council
04/05/2005IL Todd KuzmaMayor
04/05/2005ILElected Anna LempartSchool Board of Trustees
04/05/2005ILElected Scott SummersTown Assessor
04/05/2005ILElected Scott SummersCollege Board of Trustees
04/05/2005IL Alfred WiessCollege Board of Trustees
04/05/2005NE Mike FloydCity Council
04/05/2005WIElected Brian BenfordCommon Council
04/05/2005WIElected Pete KarasCommon Council
04/05/2005WIElected Austin KingCommon Council
04/05/2005WI Sarah KingCommon Council
04/05/2005WIElected Brenda KonkelCommon Council
04/05/2005WI Chris KratochwillCommon Council
04/05/2005WI Maud LaMarcheCity Council
04/05/2005WI Lori NitzelCommon Council
04/05/2005WI Bob PoeschlCommon Council
04/05/2005WI Doug StingleCommon Council
03/29/2005MA Frank GattiSchool Committee
03/29/2005MAElected Frank GattiTown Meeting Member
03/29/2005MAElected Eleanor Manire-GattiTown Meeting Member
03/29/2005MAElected Vincent O’ConnorTown Meeting Member
03/29/2005MAElected Jill SteinTown Meeting Seat
03/15/2005NYElected Steven KrulickVillage Trustee
03/08/2005CA Greg Allen (CA)City Council
03/08/2005CA Ted CrisellMayor
03/08/2005CA KCM CurryCity Council
03/08/2005CA Patrick DriscollU.S. House of Representatives
03/08/2005CA Victor GonzalezSchool Board
03/08/2005CA Felicia MollinedoCity Council
03/08/2005MA Dan KontoffState Assembly
03/07/2005ME Peter ColmanSelectman
03/07/2005MEElected Robert LaVangieSchool Board
03/01/2005MEElected Jane MeisenbachSchool Board
03/01/2005VT Owen MulliganInspector of Elections
02/24/2005NYElected Edgar RodriquezBoard of Education
02/24/2005NYElected Rebecca RotzlerSchool Committee
02/15/2005WI Jenni RyanCommon Council