2003 Stats

279 Races in 2003

AKDella Coburnfor Tribal Council
AKSoren Wuerthfor Town Supervisor
CADeacon Alexanderfor Neighborhood Council
CASara Basslerfor Community Council
CASheila Bernardfor Neighborhood Council
CATom Bolemafor Town Council – Advisory
CALarry Bragmanfor Town Council
CAPeter Miguel Camejofor Governor
CARobert Cawleyfor City Council
CAMatthew Clarkfor Sanitary District Board
CAJames Geraghtyfor Community College District
CAMatt Gonzalezfor Mayor
CAIvan Alexander Hallfor Governor
CABob Hansenfor City Council
CARodney Jonesfor School Board of Trustees
CAPhilip Koebelfor Mayor
CAGeorge Kranenfor City Council
CAEva Lettneckerfor School Board
CAJames Marshfor Water District
CABill Meyersfor School Board
CABill Meyersfor U.S. House of Representatives
CADerek Milosavljevicfor City Council
CASusan Nashfor City Council
CARocky Neptunfor Planning Group
CABrian Lee Rencherfor City Council
CAChuck Reutterfor Community College District
CADavid Sanchezfor Community College District
CALew Tremainefor Town Council
CASabrina Venskusfor Neighborhood Council
CAMaurice Walkerfor Governor
CADonna Warrenfor Community College District
CADaniel T. Wattsfor Governor
CTJohn Amariliosfor Selectman
CTColin Bennettfor Board of Education
CTJoyce Chenfor Board of Alders
CTJean de Smetfor Selectman
CTAndy Derrfor City Council
CTVic Edgertonfor Board of Alders
CTKenric Hansonfor Board of Education
CTAllen (Kim) Herkimerfor Park and Recreation Board
CTMatt Hoegemannfor Board of Education
CTElizabeth Horton Shefffor City Council
CTBrooks Kellyfor Board of Education
CTKen Keskinenfor Selectman
CTEarl Leightonfor Town Council
CTJuan Perezfor Selectman
CTCharlie Pillsburyfor Board of Alders
CTRobert Stullerfor City Council
CTAmy Vas Nunesfor Board of Education
CTMichael Westerfieldfor Board of Finance
FLRob Brinkmanfor City Commission
FLNadine Burnsfor City Council
GAHugh Escofor State House of Representatives
GAReverend Zack Lydefor City Commission
HINick Nikhilanandafor U.S. House of Representatives
IAMatthew Dennerfor City Council
IATim Harthanfor City Council
IAEric Kinmanfor City Council
IASteve Wielandfor City Council
IDLarry Baggettfor School Board
IDRobert Blurtonfor City Council
IDSelene Hallfor School Board
ILMarc Sansonfor Alderman
ILKen Urbanfor City Council
LALes Evenchickfor State House of Representatives
LAJason Nevillefor State Senate
LADan Thompsonfor State House of Representatives
MAOwen Broadhurstfor City Council
MAMichael Castronovafor School Committee
MAMiriam Daytonfor Town Meeting Member
MATom Flittiefor Town Meeting Member
MANat Fortunefor School Committee
MAFrank Gattifor Town Meeting Seat
MADan Kontofffor City Council
MAEmily Lewisfor Town Meeting Member
MASharon Nietschefor City Council
MAMartina Robinsonfor Board of Selectman
MAAimee Smithfor City Council
MAChuck Turnerfor City Council
MAKeith Wrightfor Town Council
MARich Zitolafor Charter Commission
MDDan Robinsonfor Town Council
MEErek Gainesfor Water District
MERob Hoytfor City Council
MEDorothy LaFortunefor City Council
MEStephen Springfor Board of Education
MEElizabeth Tricefor Charter Commission
MIAdrianna Buonarrotifor City Council
MIDon Cooneyfor City Commission
MIElizabeth Forestfor City Commission
MIRob Haugfor City Council
MIMelissa Hohausher-Thatcherfor School Board
MIDavid Juarezfor City Commission
MIRoger McClaryfor Library Board
MIScott Trudeaufor City Council
MIRichard Wunschfor State House of Representatives
MNRichard Broderickfor School Board
MNElizabeth Dickinsonfor City Council
MNPeggy Marrinfor City Council
MNGarner Moffatfor City Council
MNRuss Stewartfor City Council
MNKathleen Vadnaisfor State House of Representatives
MODonald E. De Vivofor Alderman
MOLeon B. Derapsfor Alderman
MSSherman Lee Dillonfor Governor
NCDenny Bestfor City Council
NJMatt Ahearnfor State Assembly
NJPatricia Alessandrinifor State Assembly
NJElizabeth Arnonefor General Assembly
NJThomas Aulettafor State Assembly
NJBarbara Briemerfor Freeholder
NJRussell Cullenfor State Assembly
NJGeorge DeCarlofor State Assembly
NJMarlene Dembinfor City Council
NJRosalie Donatellifor State Assembly
NJJaime Donnellyfor State Assembly
NJPaul Forstefor Freeholder
NJRobert (Gabe) Gabrielskyfor State Senate
NJTimothy A. Gaylord, Jr.for State Assembly
NJJosephine M. Giaimofor State Assembly
NJPatrick Goldsmithfor Township Committee
NJEarl Grayfor State Senate
NJThomas R. Greggfor State Assembly
NJMike Hallfor State Assembly
NJMark Heacockfor Borough Council
NJRay Higbee Jr.for State Assembly
NJDavid Hochfelderfor State Assembly
NJJane Hunterfor State Assembly
NJBeresford Jonesfor State Senate
NJKevin Maddenfor State Assembly
NJCarly R. Masseyfor Freeholder
NJCarly R. Masseyfor State Assembly
NJKen McGillfor Township Committee
NJTeresa Migliore-DiMatteofor State Senate
NJPeggy Murphyfor State Assembly
NJIrwin Nackfor Freeholder
NJRuth B. Neustadterfor State Assembly
NJMartin Nolanfor State Assembly
NJEric Olsenfor State Senate
NJPamela Olsenfor State Assembly
NJJonathan J. Oriolefor State Assembly
NJGreg Orrfor State Senate
NJPhilip Passantinofor State Assembly
NJJill Pennfor State Assembly
NJRyan Pesigan Reyesfor State Assembly
NJHarold Relkinfor State Assembly
NJMaria M. Riosfor State Assembly
NJScott Schusterfor City Council
NJMeredith Slotorofffor State Assembly
NJMary A. Snyderfor State Assembly
NJLynn Surgallafor State Assembly
NJSteven Syrekfor Mayor
NJDavid Thompsonfor Freeholder
NJSteven Thonusfor County Executive
NJBrian Ungerfor State Senate
NJToy-Ling Washingtonfor State Senate
NJCharles Woodrowfor State Assembly
NMRobert Andersonfor City Council
NMGary Claussfor City Council
NYDavid Atiasfor School Board
NYRobin Barkenhagenfor County Supervisor
NYJason Cranefor City Council
NYJim Farneyfor Town Council
NYLeslie Farneyfor Township Supervisor
NYDon Ferrugiafor Town Council
NYApril Garlowfor Town Board
NYPaul Gloverfor Mayor
NYManna Jo Greenefor County Legislature
NYSteven Greenfieldfor County Legislature
NYR. Daniel Hurwitzfor Commissioner of Public Safety
NYGerald Kannfor City Council
NYSteven Krulickfor County Legislature
NYJamie Levatofor County Legislature
NYGloria Matterafor City Council
NYEdwin Pellfor Mayor
NYJeffery Peressfor City Council
NYSamina Quraishifor Town Clerk
NYDarrin Robbinsfor Alderman
NYRebecca Rotzlerfor Village Trustee
NYDan Searlesfor Mayor
NYBarton Smithfor Common Council
NYBarbara Trypalukfor County Board of Supervisors
NYJason Westfor Mayor
OHBob Fitrakisfor Board of Education
OHBob Fitrakisfor City Council
OHJulie Gumermanfor City Council
OHAlan Scanlonfor City Council
ORJon Jacobfor School Board
ORDave Mazzafor Public Power District
ORNancy Newellfor Public Power District
ORAlexander Pattersonfor Public Power District
ORFillard Rhynefor Public Power District
ORShantu Shahfor Water District
ORTrey Smithfor Transit Board
ORMyles Twetefor Public Power District
PAMary Lou Alsentzerfor Auditor
PARichard Awaltfor Township Supervisor
PABeth Bonnerfor State House of Representatives
PADavid Brooksfor Auditor
PANazeer Chaudhryfor School Director
PARobert Coganfor Borough Council
PATom Davidockfor Borough Council
PAFrank Divonzo Jr.for Auditor
PAChris Fegleyfor City Council
PAEdward Gately, Sr.for Auditor
PAPhil Gettyfor Auditor
PAGreg Gilliganfor School Director
PABrad Hastingsfor School Director
PAMarci Henzifor School Director
PADean Hornbergerfor Auditor
PATom Huttfor City Council
PAJohn Irwinfor Auditor
PACurtis Jeffersonfor School Director
PAScott Kenderfor County Commissioner
PAMike Korsakfor Auditor
PAMitchel J. Laabsfor District Judge
PAThom Martifor Township Supervisor
PALarry Meglatheryfor Borough Council
PAKerry Neefor Borough Council
PAKayly Newcomerfor School Director
PAKayly Newcomerfor School Director
PAShane Novakfor Township Commissioner
PAMichael OMalleyfor Borough Council
PAKurt Reichenbach IIfor Auditor
PAMarakay Rogersfor District Judge
PALarry Sawdyfor State House of Representatives
PACatherine Scheibfor Borough Council
PAJake Schindelfor Borough Council
PANick Seigertfor Constable
PANick Seigertfor Constable
PABill Smedleyfor Constable
PAZachary Smithfor Auditor
PATim Soggsfor Township Supervisor
PAJim Spakfor Borough Council
PAApril Sullivanfor Auditor
PAJudith Szelafor Township Supervisor
PAChristopher Tlapafor School Director
PAHeather Urkuskifor County Commissioner
PADiane Whitefor City Treasurer
PAMike Zowniriwfor Township Supervisor
TXDennis Carterfor City Council
TXJason Lantzfor City Council
TXJulia Penelopefor U.S. House of Representatives
TXRuben Reyesfor City Council
VAGreg Allen (VA)for Soil and Water Conservation District
VASharon R. Bivensfor House of Delegates
VAPhil Hyrefor Soil and Water Conservation District
VAEric Sheffieldfor House of Delegates
VAChris Simmonsfor School Board
VTBenjamin Clarkefor City Council
VTRob Williamsfor School Board
WADiane Bedwellfor City Council
WABrita Butler-Wallfor School Board
WAChristopher Cainfor Port Commissioner
WAClint Coppernollfor City Council
WAAndrew Cottonwoodfor City Council
WASharon Crozierfor Mayor
WASteve Hotchkissfor City Council
WABrent McMillanfor Public Development Authority
WASally Sorianofor School Director
WABryan Weinsteinfor City Council
WAJulie K. Youngfor City Council
WIBrian Benfordfor Common Council
WIJill Bussierefor School Board
WIJim Carpenterfor State Senate
WILarry Hardingfor Town Chairperson
WIAmy Heartfor State House of Representatives
WIAmy Heartfor Mayor
WIMichael Hengelsfor Common Council
WIPete Karasfor Common Council
WIMaureen Keyesfor School Board
WIAustin Kingfor Common Council
WIBrenda Konkelfor Common Council
WIBonni Millerfor Common Council
WIJo Seiserfor State Senate
WILeon Toddfor School Board
WIShahla Wernerfor Common Council
WIBert Zippererfor Mayor