Election History

Year-by-year totals of number of Green candidates and victories across the United States, in aggregate and by type of office

Green Party Elections History – Total Number of Candidates By Year (1985-2021)

Green Party Elections History – Total Number of Candidates By Year, Even Years (1986-2020)


Green Party Elections History – Total Number of Candidates By Year, Odd Years (1985-2021)


(1) Note in reviewing these spreadsheets, each column lists the number of Greens who ran for that type of office in each year:  for US Senate, US House, State Constitutional Office, State Senate, State House, Mayor, City Council/Town Council, County Supervisor, College Board/School Board, Judicial, Other
(2) When in each year Greens have been elected to one of those types of office, go to that column and the first number is the number of candidates for that type of office, and the second number (after two slashes //) is the number of Greens elected that year to that type of office.
(3) The winning percentage listed for each year is the percentage of wins for all offices excerpt for state and federal office, meaning that is the Green winning percentage in ‘local’ races.