1990 Stats

21 Races in 1990

AKRosemary Crumbfor Lieutenant Governor
AKJim Sykesfor Governor
ARKatherine Adamfor City Council
CAPatricia Akersfor Planning Group
CAMichael Boydfor Sanitary District Board
CAMichael Boydfor Park and Recreation District
CATodd Cooperfor Resource Conservation District
CADebra Lacerenzafor Water Board of Health
CAMindy Lorenzfor U.S. House of Representatives
CABob Ornelasfor City Council
CALaura Pricefor Park and Recreation District
CTHans Koningfor State Senate
CTJoel Schecterfor State Senate
NHGuy Chichesterfor Governor
NHChris Hansenfor General Court
NHStuart Leidermanfor General Court
NHRob Morrisonfor General Court
NHLucy Wymanfor General Court
WIDavid Conleyfor County Board of Supervisors
WIFrank Koehnfor County Board of Supervisors
WIDorothy Woldenfor County Board of Supervisors