1990 Stats

21 Races in 1990

Election DateStateCandidateOffice
11/06/1990AK Rosemary CrumbLieutenant Governor
11/06/1990AK Jim SykesGovernor
11/06/1990AR Katherine AdamCity Council
11/06/1990CAElected Patricia AkersPlanning Group
11/06/1990CA Michael BoydSanitary District Board
11/06/1990CAElected Michael BoydPark and Recreation District
11/06/1990CAElected Todd CooperResource Conservation District
11/06/1990CAElected Debra LacerenzaWater Board of Health
11/06/1990CA Mindy LorenzU.S. House of Representatives
11/06/1990CAElected Bob OrnelasCity Council
11/06/1990CAElected Laura PricePark and Recreation District
11/06/1990CT Hans KoningState Senate
11/06/1990CT Joel SchecterState Senate
11/06/1990NH Guy ChichesterGovernor
11/06/1990NH Chris HansenGeneral Court
11/06/1990NH Stuart LeidermanGeneral Court
11/06/1990NH Rob MorrisonGeneral Court
11/06/1990NH Lucy WymanGeneral Court
04/05/1990WIElected David ConleyCounty Board of Supervisors
04/05/1990WIElected Frank KoehnCounty Board of Supervisors
04/05/1990WIElected Dorothy WoldenCounty Board of Supervisors