1997 Stats

74 Races in 1997

CAGlynn Bakerfor Mayor
CATed Bertschfor Board of Education
CADavid Diehlfor Planning Group
CABrian Donahuefor City Council
CADonley Falkensteinfor City Council
CARex Frankelfor Charter Commission
CAFred Guajardofor Board of Education
CADennis Kortheuerfor City Council
CABonnie Bade Marchfor Planning Group
CAJames Marshfor Community Council
CAChris Patrouchfor City Council
CANancy Pearlmanfor Community College District
CAPaul Perkovicfor Community Council
CAPaul Perkovicfor Water and Sanitary District
CABrian Lee Rencherfor City Council
CAAndrew Tillesfor Charter Commission
CALew Tremainefor Town Council
CAAaron Willetfor Planning Group
CTPaul Basslerfor City Council
CTKevin Burkefor Selectman
CTGlenn Cheneyfor Board of Education
CTWalton Greenfor Selectman
CTJack Hennessyfor City Council
CTElizabeth Horton Shefffor City Council
CTDavid Ionnofor City Council
CTSteve Mayfor City Council
CTJohn Mozzicatofor City Council
CTKarin Nortonfor Constable
CTAdam Shopisfor Town Council
CTAmy Vas Nunesfor Constable
IAJohn Jonesfor City Council
IARussell Lovetinskyfor City Council
MNNikki Denise Bakerfor City Council
MNJoshua Davisfor City Council
MNDeb Keeferfor Library Board
MNDavid Lucefor Park and Recreation Board
MNGeorge Puzakfor Park and Recreation Board
MNTom Taylorfor Park and Recreation Board
MNAnnie Youngfor Park and Recreation Board
MNDean Zimmermannfor Park and Recreation Board
NCJoyce Brownfor Town Council
NJSteve Bauerfor County Sheriff
NJEdith Gburfor State Senate
NJMadelyn Hoffmanfor Governor
NJNick Mellisfor Township Supervisor
NMAbraham Guttmanfor City Council
NMDavid Huttfor School Board
NMCarol Millerfor U.S. House of Representatives
NYHenry (Hank) Bardelfor City Council
NYJolie Cameronfor Board of Education
NYMillicent Collinsfor Board of Education
NYHowie Hawkinsfor Mayor
NYPeter Healyfor County Legislature
NYDale Hughesfor Town Board
NYCharles Kahlfor County Legislature
NYAlbert Mitchellfor Common Council
NYCraig Seemanfor State Assembly
NYDania Vegafor County Legislature
OHRick Van Landinghamfor City Council
OHStephen Vinesfor School Board
PAThomas Alan Linzeyfor Township Supervisor
PALarry Zalewskifor Township Supervisor
TXKaren Haddenfor City Council
VADale Anne Diazfor House of Delegates
VAEli Fishpawfor House of Delegates
VACharles Jordanfor House of Delegates
VADaniel Metrauxfor House of Delegates
VAKathy O’Harafor Soil and Water Conservation District
VAStephanie Porrasfor Soil and Water Conservation District
VASherry Stanleyfor House of Delegates
VAPhil Welchfor Soil and Water Conservation District
WIAmand Cookfor City Council
WIDan Herberfor Mayor
WIBill Hormanfor City Council