1997 Stats

74 Races in 1997

Election DateStateCandidateOffice
11/04/1997CAElected Ted BertschBoard of Education
11/04/1997CA Brian DonahueCity Council
11/04/1997CA Donley FalkensteinCity Council
11/04/1997CA Fred GuajardoBoard of Education
11/04/1997CA James MarshCommunity Council
11/04/1997CAElected Paul PerkovicCommunity Council
11/04/1997CAElected Paul PerkovicWater and Sanitary District
11/04/1997CA Brian Lee RencherCity Council
11/04/1997CA Lew TremaineTown Council
11/04/1997CT Paul BasslerCity Council
11/04/1997CT Kevin BurkeSelectman
11/04/1997CT Glenn CheneyBoard of Education
11/04/1997CT Walton GreenSelectman
11/04/1997CT Jack HennessyCity Council
11/04/1997CT Elizabeth Horton SheffCity Council
11/04/1997CT David IonnoCity Council
11/04/1997CT Steve MayCity Council
11/04/1997CT John MozzicatoCity Council
11/04/1997CTElected Karin NortonConstable
11/04/1997CT Adam ShopisTown Council
11/04/1997CTElected Amy Vas NunesConstable
11/04/1997IA John JonesCity Council
11/04/1997MN Deb KeeferLibrary Board
11/04/1997MN David LucePark and Recreation Board
11/04/1997MN George PuzakPark and Recreation Board
11/04/1997MNElected Annie YoungPark and Recreation Board
11/04/1997MNElected Dean ZimmermannPark and Recreation Board
11/04/1997NCElected Joyce BrownTown Council
11/04/1997NJ Steve BauerCounty Sheriff
11/04/1997NJ Edith GburState Senate
11/04/1997NJ Madelyn HoffmanGovernor
11/04/1997NJ Nick MellisTownship Supervisor
11/04/1997NY Henry (Hank) BardelCity Council
11/04/1997NY Jolie CameronBoard of Education
11/04/1997NY Millicent CollinsBoard of Education
11/04/1997NY Howie HawkinsMayor
11/04/1997NY Peter HealyCounty Legislature
11/04/1997NY Dale HughesTown Board
11/04/1997NY Charles KahlCounty Legislature
11/04/1997NY Albert MitchellCommon Council
11/04/1997NY Dania VegaCounty Legislature
11/04/1997OH Stephen VinesSchool Board
11/04/1997PA Thomas Alan LinzeyTownship Supervisor
11/04/1997PA Larry ZalewskiTownship Supervisor
11/04/1997TX Karen HaddenCity Council
11/04/1997VA Dale Anne DiazHouse of Delegates
11/04/1997VA Eli FishpawHouse of Delegates
11/04/1997VA Charles JordanHouse of Delegates
11/04/1997VA Daniel MetrauxHouse of Delegates
11/04/1997VA Kathy O’HaraSoil and Water Conservation District
11/04/1997VAElected Stephanie PorrasSoil and Water Conservation District
11/04/1997VA Sherry StanleyHouse of Delegates
11/04/1997VAElected Phil WelchSoil and Water Conservation District
10/07/1997NM Abraham GuttmanCity Council
10/07/1997NM David HuttSchool Board
09/16/1997IA Russell LovetinskyCity Council
09/16/1997MN Nikki Denise BakerCity Council
09/16/1997MN Joshua DavisCity Council
09/16/1997MN Tom TaylorPark and Recreation Board
09/16/1997OH Rick Van LandinghamCity Council
05/13/1997NM Carol MillerU.S. House of Representatives
05/06/1997CA Nancy PearlmanCommunity College District
04/01/1997CAElected David DiehlPlanning Group
04/01/1997CAElected Bonnie Bade MarchPlanning Group
04/01/1997CA Chris PatrouchCity Council
04/01/1997CAElected Aaron WilletPlanning Group
04/01/1997NY Craig SeemanState Assembly
04/01/1997WI Dan HerberMayor
04/01/1997WI Bill HormanCity Council
02/18/1997CA Glynn BakerMayor
02/18/1997CA Rex FrankelCharter Commission
02/18/1997CA Dennis KortheuerCity Council
02/18/1997CA Andrew TillesCharter Commission
02/18/1997WI Amand CookCity Council