2007 Stats

152 Races in 2007

AZBeryl Bakerfor City Council
AZDave Croteaufor Mayor
CALaura Borelfor School Board
CALarry Bragmanfor Town Council
CADaniel Brezenofffor U.S. House of Representatives
CAJanice Brittainfor City Council
CAKimberly Brownfor City Council
CAMatthew Clarkfor Sanitary District Board
CADon Havisfor School Board
CACrispin Littlehalesfor Community Services District
CAKathryn Marandofor Community Services District
CALeticia Pepperfor City Council
CAVahe Peroomianfor Board of Trustees
CABrian Lee Rencherfor City Council
CALew Tremainefor Town Council
COPete Gleichmanfor Mayor
CTDavid Bedellfor Constable
CTClausel Berrouet, Jrfor Board of Education
CTAllan Brisonfor Board of Alders
CTNick Cegelkafor Constable
CTArt Costafor City Council
CTJean de Smetfor First Selectman
CTErik Eisenbergfor Constable
CTMary Farrellfor Constable
CTRalph Ferruccifor Mayor
CTDavana Grabelfor Board of Education
CTKenric Hansonfor City Council
CTDavid Ionnofor City Council
CTHector Lopezfor Constable
CTLeif Smithfor Constable
CTRonna Stullerfor Board of Education
CTDaniel Sumrallfor Board of Alders
DCMai Abdul Rahlanfor State Board of Education
DCRenee Bowserfor City Council
ILRobert Braamfor Library Board
ILKris Campbellfor Village Trustee
ILAdrian Frostfor School Board
ILCarol Larsonfor School Board
ILLouis Markfor Village President
ILJason Wallacefor College Board of Trustees
INThomas Eugene Brownfor Mayor
INKarl Hardyfor Common Council
INKathleen Petitjeanfor Common Council
INDavid Alan Vollrathfor Common Council
LAAutumne Bankovicfor Justice of the Peace
LAGary Wainwrightfor Criminal District Court Judge
MATom Flittiefor Town Meeting Member
MAJudy Gatesfor Library Board
MARudy Hellerfor Selectman
MAEleanor Manire-Gattifor Town Meeting Member
MABruce Meninfor School Committee
MARick Purcellfor City Council
MAGrace Rossfor Councillor-At-Large
MALuc Schusterfor School Committee
MAChuck Turnerfor City Council
MDMaria Allwinefor City Council
MDBill Barryfor City Council
MDMichael Cornellfor City Council
MDKaren Jenningsfor City Council
MDDan Robinsonfor Town Council
MEJohn Antonfor City Council
MEAntonio Blasifor Planning Board
MEJohn Fillmore-Patrickfor School Board
METom Fuscofor Town Council
MEKeith Gibsonfor Water District
MEDavid Homafor Town Council
MECaptain Bill Linnellfor City Council
MEBenjamin Meiklejohnfor Board of Education
MELeslie Mintonfor Board of Education
MEGeorge Sullivanfor Town Council
MIDon Cooneyfor City Commission
MSLynn McLeanfor State House of Representatives
MSWilliam McLeanfor Constable
NJElizabeth Arnonefor General Assembly
NJGeorge DeCarlofor General Assembly
NJMatthew Dimonfor General Assembly
NJMichael Gellmanfor General Assembly
NJRichard Giovanonifor General Assembly
NJMark Heacockfor General Assembly
NJMargie MacWilliamsfor General Assembly
NJNick Mellisfor General Assembly
NJMatt Nortonfor General Assembly
NJAlice Osipowitzfor City Council
NJRyan Pesigan Reyesfor General Assembly
NJPhilip Petrignanifor City Council
NJPaul Rinearfor City Council
NJMarc Schwegelfor Freeholder
NJMIchael Spectorfor General Assembly
NJMark Teichlanfor City Council
NJKenneth Wolskifor General Assembly
NJCharles Woodrowfor General Assembly
NMRichard Polesefor School Board
NVJoe Saccofor City Council
NYRome Cellifor School Board
NYJennifer Dotsonfor Common Council
NYJoseph Duffyfor Common Council
NYHowie Hawkinsfor Common Council
NYPeter Healeyfor County Legislature
NYMargaret Humanfor Town Council
NYEric Jonesfor Common Council
NYDavid Lussierfor County Legislature
NYAhlad Ali Mitchel-Elfor County Executive
NYEdgar Rodriguezfor Board of Education
NYJason Westfor Mayor
NYDave Whitehillfor Mayor
OHDavid Ballfor City Council
OHJustin Jeffrefor City Council
PAJessica Ashlanfor Clerk of Courts
PAJacinth Brown Robertsfor City Commissioner
PASam Ettarofor Borough Council
PALewis Harris Jr.for City Commissioner
PAKatrina Heycockfor School Board
PAJoe Jenkinsfor Township Supervisor
PAJennaro Pullanofor Mayor
PABrian Rudnickfor City Council
PAHeather Urkuskifor County Commissioner
PATeresa Valentinfor City Council
PACourtney Wegefor School Board
SCBryan Smithfor Town Council
TXAlfred Molisonfor City Council
TXAngela Phillipsfor City Council
TXKat Swiftfor City Council
VATimothy Cottlefor Soil and Water Conservation District
VAPatrick Davenportfor Soil and Water Conservation District
VAKathleen Harriganfor Soil and Water Conservation District
VADaniel Metrauxfor Soil and Water Conservation District
VAAndrea Millerfor Soil and Water Conservation District
VASilver Persingerfor State Senate
VAJosh Ruebnerfor County Board
VAChris Simmonsfor Soil and Water Conservation District
VTRene Kaczka-Vallierefor City Council
VTOwen Mulliganfor Inspector of Elections
VTHillary Weeksfor Inspector of Elections
WAMeta Hoganfor Mayor
WASuzanne Nottfor Port Commissioner
WASally Sorianofor School Board
WAJoe Szwajafor City Council
WIStephen Deckerfor Common Council
WILarry Hardingfor Town Chairperson
WIAmy Heartfor Common Council
WIPete Karasfor Common Council
WIBrenda Konkelfor Common Council
WIEric Krszjzaniekfor Common Council
WITony Palmerifor Common Council
WIMarsha Rummelfor Common Council
WIRobert Ryanfor Town Chairperson
WIBrian Solomonfor Common Council
WIDoug Stinglefor Common Council
WILeon Toddfor School Board
WILynn Uteschfor Town Board
WIRobbie Webberfor Common Council
WILauren Woodsfor Common Council