2007 Stats

154 Races in 2007

Election DateStateCandidateOffice
12/19/2007MD Karen JenningsCity Council
11/06/2007AZ Beryl BakerCity Council
11/06/2007AZ Dave CroteauMayor
11/06/2007CAElected Larry BragmanTown Council
11/06/2007CA Janice BrittainCity Council
11/06/2007CAElected Matthew ClarkSanitary District Board
11/06/2007CA Don HavisSchool Board
11/06/2007CAElected Crispin LittlehalesCommunity Services District
11/06/2007CAElected Kathryn MarandoCommunity Services District
11/06/2007CA Brian Lee RencherCity Council
11/06/2007CAElected Lew TremaineTown Council
11/06/2007CA Josh WolfMayor
11/06/2007CA Ahimsa Porter SumchaiMayor
11/06/2007CT David BedellConstable
11/06/2007CT Clausel Berrouet, JrBoard of Education
11/06/2007CTElected Allan BrisonBoard of Alders
11/06/2007CT Nick CegelkaConstable
11/06/2007CT Art CostaCity Council
11/06/2007CTElected Jean de SmetFirst Selectman
11/06/2007CTElected Erik EisenbergConstable
11/06/2007CT Mary FarrellConstable
11/06/2007CT Ralph FerrucciMayor
11/06/2007CT Davana GrabelBoard of Education
11/06/2007CT Kenric HansonCity Council
11/06/2007CT David IonnoCity Council
11/06/2007CTElected Hector LopezConstable
11/06/2007CTElected Leif SmithConstable
11/06/2007CT Ronna StullerBoard of Education
11/06/2007CT Daniel SumrallBoard of Alders
11/06/2007IN Thomas Eugene BrownMayor
11/06/2007IN Karl HardyCommon Council
11/06/2007IN Kathleen PetitjeanCommon Council
11/06/2007IN David Alan VollrathCommon Council
11/06/2007MAElected Bruce MeninSchool Committee
11/06/2007MA Rick PurcellCity Council
11/06/2007MA Grace RossCouncillor-At-Large
11/06/2007MAElected Luc SchusterSchool Committee
11/06/2007MAElected Chuck TurnerCity Council
11/06/2007MD Maria AllwineCity Council
11/06/2007MD Bill BarryCity Council
11/06/2007MDElected Dan RobinsonTown Council
11/06/2007MEElected John AntonCity Council
11/06/2007ME Tom FuscoTown Council
11/06/2007ME Keith GibsonWater District
11/06/2007ME David HomaTown Council
11/06/2007ME Captain Bill LinnellCity Council
11/06/2007ME Benjamin MeiklejohnBoard of Education
11/06/2007ME Leslie MintonBoard of Education
11/06/2007MIElected Don CooneyCity Commission
11/06/2007MS Lynn McLeanState House of Representatives
11/06/2007MS William McLeanConstable
11/06/2007NJ Elizabeth ArnoneGeneral Assembly
11/06/2007NJ George DeCarloGeneral Assembly
11/06/2007NJ Matthew DimonGeneral Assembly
11/06/2007NJ Michael GellmanGeneral Assembly
11/06/2007NJ Richard GiovanoniGeneral Assembly
11/06/2007NJ Mark HeacockGeneral Assembly
11/06/2007NJ Margie MacWilliamsGeneral Assembly
11/06/2007NJ Nick MellisGeneral Assembly
11/06/2007NJ Matt NortonGeneral Assembly
11/06/2007NJ Alice OsipowitzCity Council
11/06/2007NJ Ryan Pesigan ReyesGeneral Assembly
11/06/2007NJ Philip PetrignaniCity Council
11/06/2007NJ Paul RinearCity Council
11/06/2007NJ Marc SchwegelFreeholder
11/06/2007NJ MIchael SpectorGeneral Assembly
11/06/2007NJ Mark TeichlanCity Council
11/06/2007NJ Kenneth WolskiGeneral Assembly
11/06/2007NJ Charles WoodrowGeneral Assembly
11/06/2007NY Jennifer DotsonCommon Council
11/06/2007NY Joseph DuffyCommon Council
11/06/2007NY Howie HawkinsCommon Council
11/06/2007NY Peter HealeyCounty Legislature
11/06/2007NY Margaret HumanTown Council
11/06/2007NY Eric JonesCommon Council
11/06/2007NY David LussierCounty Legislature
11/06/2007NY Ahlad Ali Mitchel-ElCounty Executive
11/06/2007NY Dave WhitehillMayor
11/06/2007OH David BallCity Council
11/06/2007OH Justin JeffreCity Council
11/06/2007PA Jessica AshlanClerk of Courts
11/06/2007PA Jacinth Brown RobertsCity Commissioner
11/06/2007PAElected Sam EttaroBorough Council
11/06/2007PA Lewis Harris Jr.City Commissioner
11/06/2007PA Katrina HeycockSchool Board
11/06/2007PA Joe JenkinsTownship Supervisor
11/06/2007PA Jennaro PullanoMayor
11/06/2007PA Brian RudnickCity Council
11/06/2007PA Heather UrkuskiCounty Commissioner
11/06/2007PA Teresa ValentinCity Council
11/06/2007PA Courtney WegeSchool Board
11/06/2007SC Bryan SmithTown Council
11/06/2007TX Alfred MolisonCity Council
11/06/2007VA Timothy CottleSoil and Water Conservation District
11/06/2007VA Patrick DavenportSoil and Water Conservation District
11/06/2007VAElected Kathleen HarriganSoil and Water Conservation District
11/06/2007VAElected Daniel MetrauxSoil and Water Conservation District
11/06/2007VA Andrea MillerSoil and Water Conservation District
11/06/2007VA Silver PersingerState Senate
11/06/2007VA Josh RuebnerCounty Board
11/06/2007VAElected Chris SimmonsSoil and Water Conservation District
11/06/2007WA Meta HoganMayor
11/06/2007WA Sally SorianoSchool Board
11/06/2007WA Joe SzwajaCity Council
10/20/2007LA Autumne BankovicJustice of the Peace
10/20/2007LA Gary WainwrightCriminal District Court Judge
08/21/2007CA Daniel BrezenoffU.S. House of Representatives
08/21/2007WA Suzanne NottPort Commissioner
06/12/2007CA Laura BorelSchool Board
06/12/2007MEElected John Fillmore-PatrickSchool Board
06/12/2007MEElected George SullivanTown Council
06/05/2007CA Leticia PepperCity Council
05/15/2007NYElected Rome CelliSchool Board
05/15/2007NYElected Edgar RodriguezBoard of Education
05/14/2007MAElected Judy GatesLibrary Board
05/12/2007MEElected Antonio BlasiPlanning Board
05/12/2007TX Angela PhillipsCity Council
05/12/2007TX Kat SwiftCity Council
05/07/2007MAElected Rudy HellerSelectman
05/01/2007DC Mai Abdul RahlanState Board of Education
05/01/2007DC Renee BowserCity Council
05/01/2007MAElected Tom FlittieTown Meeting Member
05/01/2007NY Jason WestMayor
04/21/2007MDElected Michael CornellCity Council
04/17/2007ILElected Robert BraamLibrary Board
04/17/2007ILElected Kris CampbellVillage Trustee
04/17/2007IL Adrian FrostSchool Board
04/17/2007ILElected Carol LarsonSchool Board
04/17/2007IL Louis MarkVillage President
04/17/2007IL Jason WallaceCollege Board of Trustees
04/03/2007CAElected Vahe PeroomianBoard of Trustees
04/03/2007COElected Pete GleichmanMayor
04/03/2007WI Stephen DeckerCommon Council
04/03/2007WI Larry HardingTown Chairperson
04/03/2007WIElected Amy HeartCommon Council
04/03/2007WIElected Pete KarasCommon Council
04/03/2007WIElected Brenda KonkelCommon Council
04/03/2007WI Eric KrszjzaniekCommon Council
04/03/2007WIElected Tony PalmeriCommon Council
04/03/2007WIElected Marsha RummelCommon Council
04/03/2007WI Robert RyanTown Chairperson
04/03/2007WIElected Brian SolomonCommon Council
04/03/2007WI Doug StingleCommon Council
04/03/2007WI Lynn UteschTown Board
04/03/2007WIElected Robbie WebberCommon Council
04/03/2007WI Lauren WoodsCommon Council
04/02/2007NV Joe SaccoCity Council
03/27/2007MA Eleanor Manire-GattiTown Meeting Member
03/06/2007CA Kimberly BrownCity Council
03/06/2007VT Rene Kaczka-ValliereCity Council
03/06/2007VT Owen MulliganInspector of Elections
03/06/2007VTElected Hillary WeeksInspector of Elections
02/20/2007WI Leon ToddSchool Board
02/06/2007NMElected Richard PoleseSchool Board