2007 Stats

152 Races in 2007

AZ Beryl BakerCity Council
AZ Dave CroteauMayor
CA Laura BorelSchool Board
CAElected Larry BragmanTown Council
CA Daniel BrezenoffU.S. House of Representatives
CA Janice BrittainCity Council
CA Kimberly BrownCity Council
CAElected Matthew ClarkSanitary District Board
CA Don HavisSchool Board
CAElected Crispin LittlehalesCommunity Services District
CAElected Kathryn MarandoCommunity Services District
CA Leticia PepperCity Council
CAElected Vahe PeroomianBoard of Trustees
CA Brian Lee RencherCity Council
CAElected Lew TremaineTown Council
COElected Pete GleichmanMayor
CT David BedellConstable
CT Clausel Berrouet, JrBoard of Education
CTElected Allan BrisonBoard of Alders
CT Nick CegelkaConstable
CT Art CostaCity Council
CTElected Jean de SmetFirst Selectman
CTElected Erik EisenbergConstable
CT Mary FarrellConstable
CT Ralph FerrucciMayor
CT Davana GrabelBoard of Education
CT Kenric HansonCity Council
CT David IonnoCity Council
CTElected Hector LopezConstable
CTElected Leif SmithConstable
CT Ronna StullerBoard of Education
CT Daniel SumrallBoard of Alders
DC Mai Abdul RahlanState Board of Education
DC Renee BowserCity Council
ILElected Robert BraamLibrary Board
ILElected Kris CampbellVillage Trustee
IL Adrian FrostSchool Board
ILElected Carol LarsonSchool Board
IL Louis MarkVillage President
IL Jason WallaceCollege Board of Trustees
IN Thomas Eugene BrownMayor
IN Karl HardyCommon Council
IN Kathleen PetitjeanCommon Council
IN David Alan VollrathCommon Council
LA Autumne BankovicJustice of the Peace
LA Gary WainwrightCriminal District Court Judge
MAElected Tom FlittieTown Meeting Member
MAElected Judy GatesLibrary Board
MAElected Rudy HellerSelectman
MA Eleanor Manire-GattiTown Meeting Member
MAElected Bruce MeninSchool Committee
MA Rick PurcellCity Council
MA Grace RossCouncillor-At-Large
MAElected Luc SchusterSchool Committee
MAElected Chuck TurnerCity Council
MD Maria AllwineCity Council
MD Bill BarryCity Council
MDElected Michael CornellCity Council
MD Karen JenningsCity Council
MDElected Dan RobinsonTown Council
MEElected John AntonCity Council
MEElected Antonio BlasiPlanning Board
MEElected John Fillmore-PatrickSchool Board
ME Tom FuscoTown Council
ME Keith GibsonWater District
ME David HomaTown Council
ME Captain Bill LinnellCity Council
ME Benjamin MeiklejohnBoard of Education
ME Leslie MintonBoard of Education
MEElected George SullivanTown Council
MIElected Don CooneyCity Commission
MS Lynn McLeanState House of Representatives
MS William McLeanConstable
NJ Elizabeth ArnoneGeneral Assembly
NJ George DeCarloGeneral Assembly
NJ Matthew DimonGeneral Assembly
NJ Michael GellmanGeneral Assembly
NJ Richard GiovanoniGeneral Assembly
NJ Mark HeacockGeneral Assembly
NJ Margie MacWilliamsGeneral Assembly
NJ Nick MellisGeneral Assembly
NJ Matt NortonGeneral Assembly
NJ Alice OsipowitzCity Council
NJ Ryan Pesigan ReyesGeneral Assembly
NJ Philip PetrignaniCity Council
NJ Paul RinearCity Council
NJ Marc SchwegelFreeholder
NJ MIchael SpectorGeneral Assembly
NJ Mark TeichlanCity Council
NJ Kenneth WolskiGeneral Assembly
NJ Charles WoodrowGeneral Assembly
NMElected Richard PoleseSchool Board
NV Joe SaccoCity Council
NYElected Rome CelliSchool Board
NY Jennifer DotsonCommon Council
NY Joseph DuffyCommon Council
NY Howie HawkinsCommon Council
NY Peter HealeyCounty Legislature
NY Margaret HumanTown Council
NY Eric JonesCommon Council
NY David LussierCounty Legislature
NY Ahlad Ali Mitchel-ElCounty Executive
NYElected Edgar RodriguezBoard of Education
NY Jason WestMayor
NY Dave WhitehillMayor
OH David BallCity Council
OH Justin JeffreCity Council
PA Jessica AshlanClerk of Courts
PA Jacinth Brown RobertsCity Commissioner
PAElected Sam EttaroBorough Council
PA Lewis Harris Jr.City Commissioner
PA Katrina HeycockSchool Board
PA Joe JenkinsTownship Supervisor
PA Jennaro PullanoMayor
PA Brian RudnickCity Council
PA Heather UrkuskiCounty Commissioner
PA Teresa ValentinCity Council
PA Courtney WegeSchool Board
SC Bryan SmithTown Council
TX Alfred MolisonCity Council
TX Angela PhillipsCity Council
TX Kat SwiftCity Council
VA Timothy CottleSoil and Water Conservation District
VA Patrick DavenportSoil and Water Conservation District
VAElected Kathleen HarriganSoil and Water Conservation District
VAElected Daniel MetrauxSoil and Water Conservation District
VA Andrea MillerSoil and Water Conservation District
VA Silver PersingerState Senate
VA Josh RuebnerCounty Board
VAElected Chris SimmonsSoil and Water Conservation District
VT Rene Kaczka-ValliereCity Council
VT Owen MulliganInspector of Elections
VTElected Hillary WeeksInspector of Elections
WA Meta HoganMayor
WA Suzanne NottPort Commissioner
WA Sally SorianoSchool Board
WA Joe SzwajaCity Council
WI Stephen DeckerCommon Council
WI Larry HardingTown Chairperson
WIElected Amy HeartCommon Council
WIElected Pete KarasCommon Council
WIElected Brenda KonkelCommon Council
WI Eric KrszjzaniekCommon Council
WIElected Tony PalmeriCommon Council
WIElected Marsha RummelCommon Council
WI Robert RyanTown Chairperson
WIElected Brian SolomonCommon Council
WI Doug StingleCommon Council
WI Leon ToddSchool Board
WI Lynn UteschTown Board
WIElected Robbie WebberCommon Council
WI Lauren WoodsCommon Council