2017 Stats

194 Races in 2017

Election DateStateCandidateOffice
12/19/2017FL Ahmad SaadaldinState House of Representatives
12/05/2017MA Charlene DiCalogeroState Senate
11/07/2017AZ Mike CeaseCity Council
11/07/2017CAElected Angelia HillmanSchool Board of Trustees
11/07/2017CAElected Scott KenderCommunity Services District
11/07/2017CAElected Jeffrey Dean SchwartzSchool Board
11/07/2017CAElected Rama ZarcufskySchool Board
11/07/2017CAElected Valery LarsonRecreation and Park District
11/07/2017CO Julie BañuelosSchool Board
11/07/2017COElected Merrily MazzaCity Council
11/07/2017COElected Bryan WilliamsSchool Board
11/07/2017CO Steven CervantesTown Council
11/07/2017CT John AmariliosConstable
11/07/2017CT Hector LopezConstable
11/07/2017CTElected Leif SmithConstable
11/07/2017CT Brian MerlenBoard of Representatives
11/07/2017CT Jackie PioliBoard of Education
11/07/2017CT Cora SantaguidaConstable
11/07/2017CT Michael AbbondandoloBoard of Education
11/07/2017CT Hugh BirdsallBoard of Education
11/07/2017CT Angela CapineraTown Council
11/07/2017CT Erick CarriónBoard of Education
11/07/2017CT Owen CharlesBoard of Finance
11/07/2017CT Billy Gene CollinsZoning Board of Appeals
11/07/2017CT James ConnollyPlanning and Zoning Commission
11/07/2017CTElected Carl D’AmatoRepresentative Town Meeting
11/07/2017CTElected Joshua Steele KellyRepresentative Town Meeting
11/07/2017CT Kevin KellyBoard of Finance
11/07/2017CTElected Douglas LaryBoard of Finance
11/07/2017CTElected Dagmar NollTown Council
11/07/2017CTElected Darcy Van NessZoning Board of Appeals Alternate
11/07/2017CTElected Baird Welch-CollinsRepresentative Town Meeting
11/07/2017CTElected Andrew FrascarelliRepresentative Town Meeting
11/07/2017CTElected Mirna MartinezBoard of Education
11/07/2017CT Jean de SmetMayor
11/07/2017CT Cassandra MartineauBoard of Education
11/07/2017CTElected Cassandra MartineauZoning Board of Appeals Alternate
11/07/2017CTElected Michael WesterfieldBoard of Assessment Appeals
11/07/2017CTElected Rob BarstowZoning Board of Appeals Alternate
11/07/2017CT Corey KrohnTown Council
11/07/2017CTElected Daphne DixonZoning Board of Appeals Alternate
11/07/2017MA Darlene EliasCity Council
11/07/2017MA Juan Gabriel SanchezCity Council
11/07/2017MAElected Laurance KimbroughSchool Committee
11/07/2017MI Wade RobertsState Representative
11/07/2017MI Michael ZubasMayor
11/07/2017MNElected Cam GordonCity Council
11/07/2017MN Elizabeth DickinsonMayor
11/07/2017MN Samantha Pree-StinsonCity Council
11/07/2017MN Terry WhiteCity Council
11/07/2017MN Charles ExnerPark and Recreation Board
11/07/2017MN Billy MenzPark and Recreation Board
11/07/2017MNElected LaTrisha VetawPark and Recreation Board
11/07/2017MO Elston McCowanCity Council
11/07/2017NC Dee WilliamsCity Council
11/07/2017NJ Seth Kaper-DaleGovernor
11/07/2017NJ Troy Knight-NapperState Senate
11/07/2017NJ Aaron HyndmanGeneral Assembly
11/07/2017NJ Mico LucideGeneral Assembly
11/07/2017NJ Sean StrattonGeneral Assembly
11/07/2017NJ Kenny CollinsGeneral Assembly
11/07/2017NJ Melissa TomlinsonFreeholder
11/07/2017NJElected Jessica ClaytonBoard of Education
11/07/2017NJ Barry BendarFreeholder
11/07/2017NJElected Erika JachoBoard of Education
11/07/2017NY Anthony BaneyCounty Legislature
11/07/2017NY Carol “Sandy” PrzybylakTown Council
11/07/2017NY Terrence RobinsonMayor
11/07/2017NY Jabari BrisportCity Council
11/07/2017NY Carmen V. HulbertCity Council
11/07/2017NY Persephone SmithCity Council
11/07/2017NY Anthony GiordonoCity Council
11/07/2017NY Mark McDermottVillage Board of Trustees
11/07/2017NY Ronald RingCity Council
11/07/2017NY Alex WhiteMayor
11/07/2017NY Allison BlanchetteCity Council
11/07/2017NY Laurence HirshCounty Comptroller
11/07/2017NY Cassandra LemsCounty Executive
11/07/2017NY Joseph NahamCity Council
11/07/2017NY Akeem BrowderMayor
11/07/2017NY James LanePublic Advocate
11/07/2017NY Julia WillebrandCity Comptroller
11/07/2017NY Frank CeteraCity Council
11/07/2017NY Eric GrafCommon Councilor
11/07/2017NY Howie HawkinsMayor
11/07/2017NY Serena “Rahzie” SealsCommon Councilor
11/07/2017NY Frank Sha FrancoisCity Council
11/07/2017NY Robin BarkenhagenCity Council
11/07/2017NY Rich CirinoMayor
11/07/2017NY Ben LaphamCity Council
11/07/2017NY Daniel Vila RiveraBorough President
11/07/2017NY Bryan Jimenez Mayor
11/07/2017NY Joseph LevyTown Supervisor
11/07/2017NY Wayne FoyCounty Excutive
11/07/2017NY Henry (Hank) BardelBorough President
11/07/2017NY Neil Abdul-WahabCity Council
11/07/2017NY Anthony GiordanoCity Council
11/07/2017NY Florindo TroncellitiCity Council
11/07/2017NY Manny CavacoCity Council
11/07/2017NY Carl LundgrenCity Council
11/07/2017NY Jeffery PeressCity Council
11/07/2017OH Carolyn KaweckaCity Council
11/07/2017OH BeverlyAnn ElwanzaniCity Council
11/07/2017OH Jake EllisCity Council President
11/07/2017OH Devin BranchMayor
11/07/2017PAElected Bradley GranlunBorough Council
11/07/2017PAElected Stuart Chen-HaysJudge of Elections
11/07/2017PA Timothy RunkleBorough Council
11/07/2017PA Nate CraigMayor
11/07/2017PA Jules MermelsteinSuperior Court Judge
11/07/2017PAElected Dave OchmanowiczSchool Board
11/07/2017PA Ann DiCampelloTownship Council
11/07/2017PA Neal GaleJudge of Elections
11/07/2017PAElected Kerry FooseJudge of Elections
11/07/2017PAElected Olivia FaisonInspector of Elections
11/07/2017PAElected Cem ZeytinoglumSchool Board
11/07/2017PAElected Timothy RunkleJudge of Elections
11/07/2017PAElected Jay Ting WalkerInspector of Elections
11/07/2017PA David KurzwegJudge of Elections
11/07/2017PA Jim KellerJudge of Elections
11/07/2017PAElected Julia ZionJudge of Elections
11/07/2017PAElected Kristin CombsInspector of Elections
11/07/2017PAElected Ethan LeatherbarrowJudge of Elections
11/07/2017PAElected Paul NotwickJudge of Elections
11/07/2017PAElected William PilkonisJudge of Elections
11/07/2017UT Brendan PhillipsU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2017VA Audrey ClementCounty Board
11/07/2017VA Wilton KingHouse of Delegates
11/07/2017VA Marcus SutphinHouse of Delegates
11/07/2017VA Montigue MacgruderHouse of Delegates
11/07/2017VA Gerald AndersonHouse of Delegates
11/07/2017VA Jeff StaplesHouse of Delegates
09/19/2017WI Fabi MaldonadoMayor
09/12/2017NY Scott HutchinsCity Council
09/12/2017NY Daniel PlaatMayor
08/29/2017AZ Michael OatmanCity Council
08/29/2017CAElected William StokemWater Board
08/03/2017CA Lawrence ZieseNeighborhood Council
07/11/2017MO Jerome BauerAlderperson
06/20/2017SC David KulmaU.S. House of Representatives
06/13/2017MAElected Joyce-Palmer FortuneSelect Board
06/13/2017MEElected Peter StarosteckiTown Council
06/13/2017MEElected Patricia JacksonSelect Board
05/24/2017ORElected Alex PolikoffFire District
05/16/2017OR Jacqueline DeVaneyHealth District
05/16/2017OR Kindwyn HogePark and Recreation District
05/16/2017OR Bob GoldbergSchool District
05/16/2017OR Daniel PolehnParks & Recreation Director
05/16/2017OR Zach DotsonSchool District
05/16/2017ORElected Cindy JohnsenWater District
05/09/2017MAElected Damon JespersenSelect Board
05/08/2017MAElected Charlene DiCalogeroLibrary Board
05/06/2017CAElected Anne ErneholmNeighborhood Council
05/06/2017TX Jose PlasenciaCity Council
05/06/2017TX Hunter CrowSchool Board of Trustees
05/06/2017TX Antonio DiazMayor
05/03/2017CTElected Colleen Ann ReidyFire District
05/02/2017CAElected Scott KenderCommunity Services District
05/02/2017MAElected Sharon MossTown Meeting Member
05/02/2017NY Rebecca RotzlerVillage Trustee
05/02/2017OH Rosamond McCallisterCity Council
05/02/2017OH Helen Kay DukesCity Council
04/11/2017WIElected Maraya RobinsonConservation Congress
04/11/2017WIElected Barbara DahlgrenConservation Congress
04/04/2017CA Kenneth MejiaU.S. House of Representatives
04/04/2017ILElected Jessica BradshawCity Council
04/04/2017ILElected Don CrawfordLibrary Board
04/04/2017IL Michael DrennanPark and Recreation Board
04/04/2017ILElected Steve De La RosaLibrary Board
04/04/2017IL Charles HoweTownship Trustee
04/04/2017IL Russ KramerTownship Highway Commissioner
04/04/2017IL Bruce SamuelsLibrary Board
04/04/2017ILElected Holly ScholzPark District
04/04/2017ILElected Gary SheperdSchool Board
04/04/2017ILElected Scott SummersSchool Board
04/04/2017ILElected Kyle TaylorSchool Board
04/04/2017MO Johnathan McFarlandMayor
04/04/2017MO Jerome BauerCity Comptroller
04/04/2017MO Quinn ParksBoard of Alderman
04/04/2017MO Kate GoreBoard of Alderman
04/04/2017MO Hannah Donelle LaChanceBoard of Alderman
04/04/2017MO Stephanie DingesBoard of Alderman
04/04/2017WIElected Rebecca KembleCommon Council
04/04/2017WI Ali MuldrowSchool Board
04/04/2017WI Steve ArnoldMayor
03/30/2017MDElected Annie ChambersHousing Authority
03/22/2017NYElected Anthony Del PlatoVillage Trustee
03/21/2017NY Christine ElmsVillage Trustee
03/21/2017PA Cheri HonkalaState Representative
03/10/2017MEElected Justin ReinhardtBudget Committee
03/07/2017CA Jessica SalansCity Council
03/07/2017CA Adriana CabreraCity Council
03/07/2017CA Tyler MorrisonCity Council
03/07/2017CA Carl PetersenSchool Board