Summary of Green Candidates

This is a database of all Green Party members who have run for public office in the United States since 1985, according to this definition of a Green Party candidate.

Candidates are entered into the database once they have qualified for the ballot. Click each candidate’s name below for more information about them and the race they are contesting. Use the search functions to the right to search by year, type of office, or for any candidate or race. Candidates not entered into the database who may have declared for office, but have not yet qualified for the ballot, may be found on state Green Party websites and on this GPUS candidate news feed. (Updated July 8, 2024)

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2017 Stats

211 Races in 2017

Election DateStateCandidateOffice
12/19/2017FL Ahmad SaadaldinState House of Representatives
12/05/2017MA Charlene DiCalogeroState Senate
11/07/2017AZ Mike CeaseCity Council
11/07/2017CAElected Angelia HillmanSchool Board of Trustees
11/07/2017CAElected Ronald Scott KenderCommunity Services District
11/07/2017CAElected Jeffrey Dean SchwartzSchool Board
11/07/2017CAElected Rama ZarcufskySchool Board of Trustees
11/07/2017CAElected Valery LarsonRecreation and Park District
11/07/2017CAElected Wayne DoyleWater Board
11/07/2017CO Julie BañuelosSchool Board
11/07/2017COElected Merrily MazzaCity Council
11/07/2017COElected Bryan WilliamsSchool Board
11/07/2017CO Steven CervantesTown Council
11/07/2017CT John AmariliosConstable
11/07/2017CT Hector LopezConstable
11/07/2017CTElected Leif SmithConstable
11/07/2017CT Brian MerlenBoard of Representatives
11/07/2017CT Jackie PioliBoard of Education
11/07/2017CT Cora SantaguidaConstable
11/07/2017CT Michael AbbondandoloBoard of Education
11/07/2017CT Hugh BirdsallBoard of Education
11/07/2017CT Angela CapineraTown Council
11/07/2017CT Erick CarriónBoard of Education
11/07/2017CT Owen CharlesBoard of Finance
11/07/2017CT Billy Gene CollinsZoning Board of Appeals
11/07/2017CT James ConnollyPlanning and Zoning Commission
11/07/2017CTElected Carl D’AmatoRepresentative Town Meeting
11/07/2017CTElected Joshua Steele KellyRepresentative Town Meeting
11/07/2017CT Kevin KellyBoard of Finance
11/07/2017CTElected Douglas LaryBoard of Finance
11/07/2017CTElected Dagmar NollTown Council
11/07/2017CTElected Darcy Van NessZoning Board of Appeals Alternate
11/07/2017CTElected Baird Welch-CollinsRepresentative Town Meeting
11/07/2017CTElected Andrew FrascarelliRepresentative Town Meeting
11/07/2017CTElected Mirna MartinezBoard of Education
11/07/2017CT Jean de SmetMayor
11/07/2017CT Cassandra MartineauBoard of Education
11/07/2017CTElected Cassandra MartineauZoning Board of Appeals Alternate
11/07/2017CTElected Michael WesterfieldBoard of Assessment Appeals
11/07/2017CTElected Rob BarstowZoning Board of Appeals Alternate
11/07/2017CT Corey KrohnTown Council
11/07/2017CTElected Daphne DixonZoning Board of Appeals Alternate
11/07/2017MA Darlene EliasCity Council
11/07/2017MA Juan Gabriel SanchezCity Council
11/07/2017MAElected Laurance KimbroughSchool Committee
11/07/2017MEElected Megan ParksSchool Committee
11/07/2017MI Wade RobertsState House of Representatives
11/07/2017MI Michael ZubasMayor
11/07/2017MNElected Cam GordonCity Council
11/07/2017MN Elizabeth DickinsonMayor
11/07/2017MN Samantha Pree-StinsonCity Council
11/07/2017MN Terry WhiteCity Council
11/07/2017MN Charles ExnerPark and Recreation Board
11/07/2017MN Billy MenzPark and Recreation Board
11/07/2017MNElected LaTrisha VetawPark and Recreation Board
11/07/2017MO Elston McCowanBoard of Aldermen
11/07/2017NC Dee WilliamsCity Council
11/07/2017NJ Seth Kaper-DaleGovernor
11/07/2017NJ Troy Knight-NapperState Senate
11/07/2017NJ Aaron HyndmanGeneral Assembly
11/07/2017NJ Mico LucideGeneral Assembly
11/07/2017NJ Sean StrattonGeneral Assembly
11/07/2017NJ Kenny CollinsGeneral Assembly
11/07/2017NJ Melissa TomlinsonFreeholder
11/07/2017NJElected Jessica ClaytonBoard of Education
11/07/2017NJ Barry BendarFreeholder
11/07/2017NJElected Erika JachoBoard of Education
11/07/2017NY Anthony BaneyCounty Legislature
11/07/2017NY Carol ‘Sandy’ PrzybylakTown Council
11/07/2017NY Terrence RobinsonMayor
11/07/2017NY Jabari BrisportCity Council
11/07/2017NY Carmen V. HulbertCity Council
11/07/2017NY Persephone SmithCity Council
11/07/2017NY Anthony GiordanoCity Council
11/07/2017NY Mark McDermottVillage Board of Trustees
11/07/2017NY Ronald RingCity Council
11/07/2017NY Alex WhiteMayor
11/07/2017NY Allison BlanchetteCity Council
11/07/2017NY Laurence HirshCounty Comptroller
11/07/2017NY Cassandra LemsCounty Executive
11/07/2017NY Joseph NahamCity Council
11/07/2017NY Akeem BrowderMayor
11/07/2017NY James LanePublic Advocate
11/07/2017NY Julia WillebrandCity Comptroller
11/07/2017NY Frank CeteraCity Council
11/07/2017NY Eric GrafCommon Councilor
11/07/2017NY Howie HawkinsMayor
11/07/2017NY Serena “Rahzie” SealsCommon Councilor
11/07/2017NY Frank Sha FrancoisCity Council
11/07/2017NY Robin BarkenhagenCity Council
11/07/2017NY Rich CirinoMayor
11/07/2017NY Ben LaphamCity Council
11/07/2017NY Daniel Vila RiveraBorough President
11/07/2017NY Bryan JimenezMayor
11/07/2017NY Joseph LevyTown Supervisor
11/07/2017NY Wayne FoyCounty Executive
11/07/2017NY Henry (Hank) BardelBorough President
11/07/2017NY Neil Abdul-WahabCity Council
11/07/2017NY Anthony GiordanoCity Council
11/07/2017NY Florindo TroncellitiCity Council
11/07/2017NY Manny CavacoCity Council
11/07/2017NY Carl LundgrenCity Council
11/07/2017NY Jeffery PeressCity Council
11/07/2017NYElected Joseph WetmoreTown Board
11/07/2017OH Carolyn KaweckaCity Council
11/07/2017OH BeverlyAnn ElwanzaniCity Council
11/07/2017OH Jake EllisPresident of Council
11/07/2017OH Devin BranchMayor
11/07/2017OH David BrennerBoard of Education
11/07/2017PAElected Bradley GranlunBorough Council
11/07/2017PAElected Stuart Chen-HayesJudge of Elections
11/07/2017PA Timothy RunkleBorough Council
11/07/2017PA Nate CraigMayor
11/07/2017PA Jules MermelsteinSuperior Court Judge
11/07/2017PAElected Dave OchmanowiczSchool District Board of Directors
11/07/2017PA Ann DiCampelloTownship Council
11/07/2017PA Neal GaleJudge of Elections
11/07/2017PAElected Kerry FooseJudge of Elections
11/07/2017PAElected Olivia FaisonInspector of Elections
11/07/2017PAElected Cem ZeytinoglumSchool District Board of Directors
11/07/2017PAElected Timothy RunkleJudge of Elections
11/07/2017PAElected Jay Ting WalkerInspector of Elections
11/07/2017PA David KurzwegJudge of Elections
11/07/2017PA Jim KellerJudge of Elections
11/07/2017PAElected Julia ZionJudge of Elections
11/07/2017PAElected Kristin CombsInspector of Elections
11/07/2017PAElected Ethan LeatherbarrowJudge of Elections
11/07/2017PAElected Paul NotwickJudge of Elections
11/07/2017PAElected William PilkonisJudge of Elections
11/07/2017UT Brendan PhillipsU.S. House of Representatives
11/07/2017VA Audrey ClementCounty Board
11/07/2017VA Wilton KingHouse of Delegates
11/07/2017VA Marcus SutphinState House of Delegates
11/07/2017VA Montigue MacgruderHouse of Delegates
11/07/2017VA Gerald AndersonHouse of Delegates
11/07/2017VA Jeff StaplesHouse of Delegates
09/19/2017WI Fabi MaldonadoMayor
09/12/2017MA Sean ConnellSchool Committee
09/12/2017NY Scott HutchinsCity Council
09/12/2017NY Daniel PlaatMayor
08/29/2017AZ Michael OatmanCity Council
08/29/2017CAElected William StokemWater District Board of Directors
08/03/2017CA Lawrence ZieseNeighborhood Council
07/25/2017MA Ian JacksonState Senate
07/11/2017MEElected Jeff ManterTown Council
07/11/2017MO Jerome BauerBoard of Aldermen
06/20/2017SC David KulmaU.S. House of Representatives
06/13/2017MAElected Joyce-Palmer FortuneSelect Board
06/13/2017MEElected Peter StarosteckiTown Council
06/13/2017MEElected Patricia JacksonSelect Board
06/13/2017MEElected Joseph YoungBoard of Selectman
06/13/2017MEElected Michael DignanSchool Board
06/13/2017MEElected Erin Libby LoikoSchool Board
06/06/2017NYElected Orion BarberCollege Board of Trustees
05/16/2017ORElected Alex PolikoffFire District
05/16/2017OR Jacqueline DeVaneyHealth District
05/16/2017OR Kindwyn HogePark and Recreation District
05/16/2017OR Bob GoldbergSchool Board
05/16/2017OR Daniel PolehnParks & Recreation Director
05/16/2017OR Zach DotsonSchool Board of Directors
05/16/2017ORElected Cindy JohnsenWater District Board of Commissioners
05/09/2017MAElected Damon JespersenSelect Board
05/09/2017MA David SpanagelTown Moderator
05/08/2017MAElected Charlene DiCalogeroLibrary Board of Trustees
05/06/2017CAElected Anne ErneholmNeighborhood Council
05/06/2017TX Jose PlasenciaCity Council
05/06/2017TX Hunter CrowSchool Board of Trustees
05/06/2017TX Antonio DiazMayor
05/03/2017CTElected Colleen Ann ReidyFire District
05/02/2017CAElected Ronald Scott KenderCommunity Services District
05/02/2017MAElected Sharon MossTown Meeting Member
05/02/2017NY Rebecca RotzlerVillage Board of Trustees
05/02/2017OH Rosamond McCallisterCity Council
05/02/2017OH Helen Kay DukesCity Council
04/20/2017UTElected Deanna TaylorCommunity Council
04/20/2017UTElected Tom KingCommunity Council
04/11/2017WIElected Maraya RobinsonConservation Congress
04/11/2017WIElected Barbara DahlgrenConservation Congress
04/04/2017CA Kenneth MejiaU.S. House of Representatives
04/04/2017ILElected Jessica BradshawCity Council
04/04/2017ILElected Don CrawfordLibrary Board
04/04/2017IL Michael DrennanPark and Recreation Board
04/04/2017ILElected Steve De La RosaLibrary Board
04/04/2017IL Charles HoweTownship Board of Trustees
04/04/2017IL Russ KramerTownship Highway Commissioner
04/04/2017IL Bruce SamuelsLibrary Board
04/04/2017ILElected Holly ScholzPark District
04/04/2017ILElected Gary ShepherdSchool Board
04/04/2017ILElected Scott SummersSchool Board
04/04/2017ILElected Kyle TaylorSchool Board
04/04/2017ILElected Robert BraamLibrary Board
04/04/2017MO Johnathan McFarlandMayor
04/04/2017MO Jerome BauerCity Comptroller
04/04/2017MO Quinn ParksBoard of Alderman
04/04/2017MO Kate GoreBoard of Alderman
04/04/2017MO Hannah Donelle LaChanceBoard of Alderman
04/04/2017MO Stephanie DingesBoard of Alderman
04/04/2017WIElected Rebecca KembleCommon Council
04/04/2017WI Ali MuldrowSchool Board
04/04/2017WI Steve ArnoldMayor
03/30/2017MDElected Annie ChambersHousing Authority
03/22/2017NYElected Anthony Del PlatoVillage Board of Trustees
03/21/2017NY Christine ElmsVillage Board of Trustees
03/21/2017PA Cheri HonkalaState House of Representatives
03/14/2017MEElected Erin EllisSchool Board
03/10/2017MEElected Justin ReinhardtBudget Committee
03/10/2017MEElected Ilene McKenneySelect Board
03/07/2017CA Jessica SalansCity Council
03/07/2017CA Adriana CabreraCity Council
03/07/2017CA Tyler MorrisonCity Council
03/07/2017CA Carl PetersenSchool Board