2001 Stats

283 Races in 2001

AKSoren Wuerthfor Town Supervisor
ARSarah Marshfor U.S. House of Representatives
AZTed O’Neilfor City Council
AZKyrsten Sinemafor City Council
CAGregory P. Allenfor School Board
CAMedea Benjaminfor Municipal Utility District
CARobert Bernsteinfor City Council
CARalph Colefor School Board
CARon Dicksfor Municipal Utility District
CADana Dillworthfor City Council
CACharles Douglasfor School Board
CASandy Emersonfor Community Council
CARobert Kerekesfor Town Council – Advisory
CASarah Lindauerfor School Board
CAJames Marshfor Water District
CABill Meyersfor School Board
CAGeorge Nelson, Jr.for Community Service Area
CANancy Pearlmanfor Community College District
CAPaul Perkovicfor Community Council
CAChristian Ramirezfor City Council
CABrian Lee Rencherfor City Council
CAJose Octavio Rivasfor Board of Education
CADenise Robbfor City Council
CADavid Sanchezfor City Council
CAHeidi Silvafor School Board
CAJim Smithfor School Board of Trustees
CAKarl Warkomskifor City Council
CADonna Warrenfor U.S. House of Representatives
CANancy Wykofffor Tax Collector
COErnest Eich IVfor Town Council
COPete Gleichmanfor Town Council
CORichard Hamiltonfor Park and Recreation District
COKeith Langleyfor City Council
COAlice Ruppfor City Council
COMark Ruzzinfor City Council
COLynn Segalfor City Council
COFred Smithfor City Council
COHilary Whitefor Town Council
CTAllan Brisonfor Board of Alders
CTKevin Burkefor Selectman
CTJoyce Chenfor Board of Alders
CTGlenn Cheneyfor Selectman
CTBruce Crowderfor Board of Alders
CTJean de Smetfor Selectman
CTAndy Derrfor City Council
CTCliff Glassbergfor Town Council
CTJohn Hallefor Board of Alders
CTJohn Hallefor Board of Alders
CTElizabeth Horton Shefffor City Council
CTJohn Kilburnfor Constable
CTDavid Nelsonfor Constable
CTCalvin Nicholsonfor Board of Alders
CTRobert Stullerfor City Council
CTAmy Vas Nunesfor School Board
CTCathy Whitefor Planning and Zoning Board
CTSusan Yefor School Board
GAMarvin Crafterfor Mayor
IABrian Davisfor City Council
IDJeremy Maxandfor Mayor
IDJason Shawfor City Council
ILAlbert Weissfor Mayor
ILSteve Williamsfor Board of Trustees
MAMichael Castronovafor School Committee
MADan Corriganfor County Commissioner
MAKate Harrisfor Town Meeting Member
MAHoward Haywardfor Water Board of Health
MASally Huntingtonfor School Committee
MASteve Iskovitzfor City Council
MAMatt Kellyfor Selectman
MATennis Lillyfor School Committee
MABruce Meninfor School Committee
MAPeter Whitefor Selectman
MDIsaac Opalinskyfor City Council
MESarah Brownfor Town Council
MEDaniel Jenkinsfor Youth Advisory Council
MEAlice Knappfor Selectman
MEAlice Knappfor Selectman
MEBenjamin Meiklejohnfor Board of Education
MENancy Randolphfor Town Council
MEJane Sceasefor Selectman
MEBill Thomasfor City Council
MEMatt Tilleyfor City Council
MICarolyn Dulaifor State Senate
MIElizabeth Forestfor City Commission
MIJim Morenofor City Commission
MIMike Nowakfor City Council
MNFran Dassierfor Park and Recreation Board
MNCam Gordonfor City Council
MNNatalie Johnson Leefor City Council
MNDan Kimmelfor School Board
MNMark Knappfor City Council
MNLynn Levinefor Park and Recreation Board
MNNancy Nelsonfor City Council
MNShane Pricefor City Council
MNMichael Sumnerfor Park and Recreation Board
MNAudrey Thayerfor County Commissioner
MNScott Vreelandfor Park and Recreation Board
MNFreeman Wicklundfor Board of Education
MNAnnie Youngfor Park and Recreation Board
MNFrank Zaragozafor Board of Education
MNDean Zimmermannfor City Council
MORobert McFallfor State Senate
MTDavid Maxfor City Council
MTDavid Merrillfor School Board
NJDavid Alcantarafor State Senate
NJJerry L. Colemanfor Governor
NJEmily Cookfor Township Committee
NJRobert (Gabe) Gabrielskyfor State Assembly
NJJeff Gormanfor Township Committee
NJRay Higbeefor Freeholder
NJMary A. Snyderfor Freeholder
NMGary Claussfor City Council
NYMichael Accursofor Town Council
NYHenry (Hank) Bardelfor City Council
NYRobin Barkenhagenfor County Supervisor
NYChristina Bedocsfor County Board of Supervisors
NYElmer Bertschfor County Legislature
NYJohn Bisgrove IIIfor Town Council
NYNorah Brennanfor County Legislature
NYKarl Breymanfor County Legislature
NYChris Brodeurfor Mayor
NYJames Brown IIIfor City Council
NYJames Caldwellfor County Sheriff
NYBonnie Cannanfor City Council
NYTodd Carmodyfor Town Council
NYSalvatorre Cassisifor County Legislature
NYEvergreen Choufor City Council
NYMartha Clarvoefor Town Board
NYKeegan Coxfor County Legislature
NYRobert Curranfor City Council
NYEric Dailliefor City Council
NYJennifer Danielsfor Mayor
NYDonald J. DeBerardinisfor Board of Trustees
NYThomas M. Deganfor Town Supervisor
NYLorraine Donald-Vitalfor Mayor
NYAnn Eaganfor City Council
NYMarilyn Elliefor County Legislature
NYMax J. Ellisfor Town Council
NYMike Emperorfor City Council
NYRobert Evansfor Mayor
NYDennis Fagenfor Town Assessor
NYLeslie Farneyfor Town Supervisor
NYVincent A. Ferrifor Town Supervisor
NYAlan Fisherfor Common Council
NYDeborah Georgefor Town Council
NYGregory S. Georgefor Town Council
NYNancy Gilbertsonfor County Legislature
NYBarton Goftfor City Council
NYPaul Grazianofor City Council
NYHowie Hawkinsfor Common Council
NYNeil MacDonald Hickokfor County Executive
NYLinda Holzbaurfor Town Board
NYDavid Hurshfor School Board
NYJanet Jamisonfor Common Council
NYRobert Jereskifor City Council
NYGerald Kannfor City Council
NYMichael G. Kasenterfor Borough President
NYJohn Keenanfor Town Council
NYRobert Kingfor Town Trustee
NYLoralynne Krobetzkyfor City Council
NYSteven Krulickfor County Legislature
NYJoseph Langonefor Town Council
NYMargaret Laupheimerfor County Legislature
NYChester Le Baronfor Receiver of Taxes
NYRosa Leefor Town Council
NYJesse Lenneyfor City Council
NYJoshua Liebersonfor Common Council
NYDennis Lynsterfor County Clerk
NYCarl Mahlerfor City Council
NYJudy Tyner Malstromfor County Legislature
NYRalph Manfredoniafor County Legislature
NYJason Martinfor City Council
NYPhil Martinfor County Legislature
NYGloria Matterafor City Council
NYChristopher McGlynnfor County Legislature
NYKenneth R. McHalefor County Legislature
NYSue Mihalyifor City Council
NYDavid Moorefor Mayor
NYEric Morganfor County Legislature
NYDawn Murrayfor Town Council
NYMark Naeffor County Legislature
NYRobert Negronfor City Council
NYMichael Nepplfor Town Supervisor
NYPauolo Nunes-Uenofor Borough President
NYElizabeth Pearsonfor Mayor
NYFrancisco Penafor City Council
NYSharain Pereirafor City Council
NYRon Ringfor City Council
NYAida Riverafor Town Council
NYKeren N. Rosnerfor Town Council
NYCarol Schlauchfor County Comptroller
NYMichael Schulzefor Mayor
NYDan Searlesfor City Council
NYCraig Seemanfor City Council
NYRobert Sharpefor County Legislature
NYMichael Sheridanfor County Legislature
NYRoger Snyderfor County Legislature
NYRon Stanchfieldfor Town Trustee
NYKathleen Van Vlackfor Town Supervisor
NYBrett Van Zandtfor Mayor
NYJeffrey Van Zandtfor County Legislature
NYMichael G. Vercolenfor Mayor
NYRobert E. Waltersfor Town Clerk
NYRobert E. Waltersfor City Council
NYJames Watson Jr.for City Council
NYMichael Welchfor County Legislature
NYJoe Wetmorefor Town Board
NYIan Wilderfor Town Supervisor
NYKimberly Wilderfor County Legislature
NYJulia Willebrandfor Mayor
NYJacquline Williamsfor County Legislature
NYDorothy Williams-Pereirafor Borough President
NYTodd Wilsonfor County Legislature
NYJesse Yorkfor County Legislature
NYLori Zettfor City Council
NYAnneMarie Zwackfor Common Council
NYBen Zwirnfor Town Trustee
OHAlan Amstutzfor City Council
OHPaul Dumouchellefor City Council
OHWes Flinnfor City Council
OHPatricia A. Fridrichfor City Council
OHBob Gragsonfor School Board
OHJohn McGovernfor City Council
OHGreg Richeyfor City Council
OHSteve Steelfor Board of Education
OHCindy Dubielak Yeagerfor School Board
ORTom Crimminsfor Transportation District
ORStan Drubenfor Transportation District
ORSusan MacKenziefor Transportation District
ORSheila McIlrathfor Water District
ORLisa Meylanfor Water District
PARichard A. Ashfor District Attorney
PAColleen C. Bognerfor School Director
PAGregory E. Bonesfor Judge of Elections
PADaniel E. Brannen, Jr.for Board of Supervisors
PANazeer Chaudhryfor Judge of Elections
PARobert Coganfor Inspector of Elections
PAJoseph DeRaymondfor County Council
PAPhyllis Durnellfor Inspector of Elections
PAKathleen Edwardsfor Auditor
PACorbin Fowlerfor School Director
PAAlanna K. Hartzokfor U.S. House of Representatives
PAStephen Keppel IIIfor Board of Supervisors
PACurt Larsonfor Borough Council
PABrian Lavertyfor Borough Council
PAMatthew Mannfor City Council
PANick Marinellifor Board of Supervisors
PAMichael Marshallfor Judge of Elections
PAJerry Marshallfor City Council
PADavid Martinfor District Justice
PADouglas McConathafor Mayor
PAStephen Moyerfor Board of Supervisors
PAArthur R. Palumbofor Mayor
PABen Pricefor Auditor
PAEric Prindlefor Borough Council
PALarry Sawdyfor Judge of Elections
PAAaron C. Tedjeskefor Borough Council
PAAaron C. Tedjeskefor Borough Council
PAHeather Urkuskifor Auditor
PADiane Whitefor Mayor
TXJohn D. Schlidtfor Watershed District Board
VAD.C. Amarasinghefor U.S. House of Representatives
VAJim Lowensternfor House of Delegates
VAS. Ann Robinsonfor Soil and Water Conservation District
VAChris Simmonsfor Soil and Water Conservation District
WAMichael Bakerfor Port Commissioner
WABryn Barnardfor School Board
WACurt Firestonefor City Council
WABob Gamblefor Port Commissioner
WAYoung Hanfor State House of Representatives
WADavid Hedglinfor City Council
WASteve Hughesfor City Council
WAMichael Kaillfor Park and Recreation District
WATom Munseyfor Park and Recreation District
WAWilma Munseyfor School Board
WAJames Alfred Smithfor School Board
WATim Whitefor Cemetery District
WIMatt Filipiakfor City Council
WITodd Jarrellfor Common CO
WIBrenda Konkelfor Common Council
WIRobert Mirandafor Social Development Commission
WIScott Ticefor School Board
WIShwaw Vangfor School Board