Summary of Green Candidates

This is a database of all Green Party members who have run for public office in the United States since 1985, according to this definition of a Green Party candidate.

Candidates are entered into the database once they have qualified for the ballot. Click each candidate’s name below for more information about them and the race they are contesting. Use the search functions to the right to search by year, type of office, or for any candidate or race. Candidates not entered into the database who may have declared for office, but have not yet qualified for the ballot, may be found on state Green Party websites and on this GPUS candidate news feed. (Updated July 8, 2024)

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2001 Stats

285 Races in 2001

Election DateStateCandidateOffice
12/11/2001MO Robert McFallState Senate
11/27/2001MEElected Daniel JenkinsYouth Advisory Council
11/10/2001CAElected Robert KerekesTown Council – Advisory
11/06/2001CA Gregory P. AllenSchool Board
11/06/2001CA Medea BenjaminMunicipal Utility District
11/06/2001CA Robert BernsteinCity Council
11/06/2001CA Ron DicksMunicipal Utility District
11/06/2001CA Dana DillworthCity Council
11/06/2001CA Charles DouglasSchool Board
11/06/2001CAElected Sandy EmersonCommunity Council
11/06/2001CA Sarah LindauerSchool Board
11/06/2001CAElected James MarshWater District Board of Directors
11/06/2001CAElected Bill MeyersSchool Board
11/06/2001CAElected George Nelson, Jr.Community Service Area
11/06/2001CAElected Paul PerkovicCommunity Council
11/06/2001CA Brian Lee RencherCity Council
11/06/2001CAElected Jose Octavio RivasBoard of Education
11/06/2001CAElected Jim SmithSchool Board of Trustees
11/06/2001CO Ernest Eich IVTown Council
11/06/2001CO Keith LangleyCity Council
11/06/2001COElected Mark RuzzinCity Council
11/06/2001CO Lynn SegalCity Council
11/06/2001CO Fred SmithCity Council
11/06/2001COElected Hilary WhiteTown Council
11/06/2001CT Allan BrisonBoard of Alders
11/06/2001CT Kevin BurkeSelectman
11/06/2001CTElected Joyce ChenBoard of Alders
11/06/2001CT Glenn CheneySelectman
11/06/2001CT Bruce CrowderBoard of Alders
11/06/2001CT Jean de SmetSelectman
11/06/2001CT Andy DerrCity Council
11/06/2001CT Cliff GlassbergTown Council
11/06/2001CTElected John HalleBoard of Alders
11/06/2001CTElected Elizabeth Horton SheffCity Council
11/06/2001CT John KilburnConstable
11/06/2001CT David NelsonConstable
11/06/2001CT Calvin NicholsonBoard of Alders
11/06/2001CT Robert StullerCity Council
11/06/2001CT Amy Vas NunesBoard of Education
11/06/2001CT Cathy WhitePlanning and Zoning Board
11/06/2001CT Susan YeBoard of Education
11/06/2001GA Marvin CrafterMayor
11/06/2001ID Jeremy MaxandMayor
11/06/2001ID Jason ShawCity Council
11/06/2001MAElected Michael CastronovaSchool Committee
11/06/2001MA Steve IskovitzCity Council
11/06/2001MA Tennis LillySchool Committee
11/06/2001MAElected Bruce MeninSchool Committee
11/06/2001MD Isaac OpalinskyCity Council
11/06/2001MEElected Sarah BrownTown Council
11/06/2001MEElected Alice KnappBoard of Selectmen
11/06/2001MEElected Benjamin MeiklejohnBoard of Education
11/06/2001MEElected Nancy RandolphTown Council
11/06/2001MEElected Jane SceaseSelect Board
11/06/2001ME Bill ThomasCity Council
11/06/2001ME Matt TilleyCity Council
11/06/2001MI Elizabeth ForestCity Commission
11/06/2001MIElected Jim MorenoCity Commission
11/06/2001MI Mike NowakCity Council
11/06/2001MN Cam GordonCity Council
11/06/2001MNElected Natalie Johnson LeeCity Council
11/06/2001MN Dan KimmelSchool Board
11/06/2001MN Lynn LevinePark and Recreation Board
11/06/2001MN Nancy NelsonCity Council
11/06/2001MN Shane PriceCity Council
11/06/2001MN Michael SumnerPark and Recreation Board
11/06/2001MN Scott VreelandPark and Recreation Board
11/06/2001MNElected Annie YoungPark and Recreation Board
11/06/2001MNElected Dean ZimmermannCity Council
11/06/2001NJ David AlcantaraState Senate
11/06/2001NJ Jerry L. ColemanGovernor
11/06/2001NJ Emily CookTownship Committee
11/06/2001NJ Robert (Gabe) GabrielskyGeneral Assembly
11/06/2001NJ Jeff GormanTownship Committee
11/06/2001NJ Ray HigbeeFreeholder
11/06/2001NJ Mary A. SnyderFreeholder
11/06/2001NY Michael AccursoTown Council
11/06/2001NY Henry (Hank) BardelCity Council
11/06/2001NY Robin BarkenhagenCounty Board of Supervisors
11/06/2001NY Christina BedocsCounty Legislature
11/06/2001NY Elmer BertschCounty Legislature
11/06/2001NY John Bisgrove IIITown Council
11/06/2001NY Norah BrennanCounty Legislature
11/06/2001NY Karl BreymanCounty Legislature
11/06/2001NY James Brown IIICity Council
11/06/2001NY James CaldwellCounty Sheriff
11/06/2001NY Bonnie CannanCity Council
11/06/2001NY Todd CarmodyTown Council
11/06/2001NY Salvatorre CassisiCounty Legislature
11/06/2001NY Martha ClarvoeTown Board
11/06/2001NY Keegan CoxCounty Legislature
11/06/2001NY Robert CurranCity Council
11/06/2001NY Eric DaillieCity Council
11/06/2001NY Jennifer DanielsMayor
11/06/2001NY Donald J. DeBerardinisVillage Board of Trustees
11/06/2001NY Thomas M. DeganTown Supervisor
11/06/2001NY Lorraine Donald-VitalMayor
11/06/2001NY Marilyn EllieCounty Legislature
11/06/2001NY Max J. EllisTown Council
11/06/2001NY Robert EvansMayor
11/06/2001NY Dennis FagenTown Assessor
11/06/2001NY Leslie FarneyTown Supervisor
11/06/2001NY Vincent A. FerriTown Supervisor
11/06/2001NY Alan FisherCommon Council
11/06/2001NY Deborah GeorgeTown Council
11/06/2001NY Gregory S. GeorgeTown Council
11/06/2001NY Nancy GilbertsonCounty Legislature
11/06/2001NY Barton GoftCity Council
11/06/2001NY Howie HawkinsCommon Council
11/06/2001NY Neil MacDonald HickokCounty Executive
11/06/2001NY Linda HolzbaurTown Board
11/06/2001NY David HurshSchool Board
11/06/2001NY Janet JamisonCommon Council
11/06/2001NY Robert JereskiCity Council
11/06/2001NY Gerald KannCity Council
11/06/2001NY Michael G. KasenterBorough President
11/06/2001NY John KeenanTown Council
11/06/2001NY Robert KingTown Trustee
11/06/2001NY Loralynne KrobetzkyCity Council
11/06/2001NY Steven KrulickCounty Legislature
11/06/2001NY Joseph LangoneTown Council
11/06/2001NY Margaret LaupheimerCounty Legislature
11/06/2001NY Chester Le BaronTown Receiver of Taxes
11/06/2001NY Rosa LeeTown Council
11/06/2001NY Jesse LenneyCity Council
11/06/2001NY Joshua LiebersonCommon Council
11/06/2001NY Dennis LynsterCounty Clerk
11/06/2001NY Carl MahlerCity Council
11/06/2001NY Judy Tyner MalstromCounty Legislature
11/06/2001NY Ralph ManfredoniaCounty Legislature
11/06/2001NY Jason MartinCity Council
11/06/2001NY Phil MartinCounty Legislature
11/06/2001NY Gloria MatteraCity Council
11/06/2001NY Christopher McGlynnCounty Legislature
11/06/2001NY Kenneth R. McHaleCounty Legislature
11/06/2001NY Sue MihalyiCity Council
11/06/2001NY David MooreMayor
11/06/2001NY Eric MorganCounty Legislature
11/06/2001NY Dawn MurrayTown Council
11/06/2001NY Mark NaefCounty Legislature
11/06/2001NY Robert NegronCity Council
11/06/2001NY Michael NepplTown Supervisor
11/06/2001NY Pauolo Nunes-UenoBorough President
11/06/2001NY Elizabeth PearsonMayor
11/06/2001NY Francisco PenaCity Council
11/06/2001NY Sharain PereiraCity Council
11/06/2001NY Ron RingCity Council
11/06/2001NY Aida RiveraTown Council
11/06/2001NY Keren N. RosnerTown Council
11/06/2001NY Carol SchlauchCounty Comptroller
11/06/2001NY Michael SchulzeMayor
11/06/2001NY Dan SearlesCity Council
11/06/2001NY Craig SeemanCity Council
11/06/2001NY Robert SharpeCounty Legislature
11/06/2001NY Michael SheridanCounty Legislature
11/06/2001NY Roger SnyderCounty Legislature
11/06/2001NY Ron StanchfieldTown Trustee
11/06/2001NY Kathleen Van VlackTown Supervisor
11/06/2001NY Jeffrey Van ZandtCounty Legislature
11/06/2001NY Michael G. VercolenMayor
11/06/2001NY Robert E. WaltersTown Clerk
11/06/2001NY Robert E. WaltersCity Council
11/06/2001NY James Watson Jr.City Council
11/06/2001NY Joseph WetmoreTown Board
11/06/2001NY Ian WilderTown Supervisor
11/06/2001NY Kimberly WilderCounty Legislature
11/06/2001NY Julia WillebrandMayor
11/06/2001NY Dorothy Williams-PereiraBorough President
11/06/2001NY Todd WilsonCounty Legislature
11/06/2001NY Jesse YorkCounty Legislature
11/06/2001NY Lori ZettCity Council
11/06/2001NY AnneMarie ZwackCommon Council
11/06/2001NY Ben ZwirnTown Trustee
11/06/2001OH Alan AmstutzCity Council
11/06/2001OH Paul DumouchelleCity Council
11/06/2001OH Wes FlinnCity Council
11/06/2001OH Patricia A. FridrichCity Council
11/06/2001OH Bob GragsonSchool Board
11/06/2001OH Steve SteelBoard of Education
11/06/2001OH Cindy Dubielak YeagerSchool Board
11/06/2001PA Richard A. AshDistrict Attorney
11/06/2001PAElected Colleen C. BognerSchool District Board of Directors
11/06/2001PA Gregory E. BonesJudge of Elections
11/06/2001PAElected Daniel E. Brannen, Jr.Township Board of Supervisors
11/06/2001PAElected Nazeer ChaudhryJudge of Elections
11/06/2001PAElected Robert CoganInspector of Elections
11/06/2001PA Joseph DeRaymondCounty Council
11/06/2001PAElected Phyllis DurnellInspector of Elections
11/06/2001PAElected Kathleen EdwardsCity Auditor
11/06/2001PA Corbin FowlerSchool District Board of Directors
11/06/2001PA Stephen Keppel IIITownship Board of Supervisors
11/06/2001PA Curt LarsonBorough Council
11/06/2001PAElected Brian LavertyBorough Council
11/06/2001PA Matthew MannCity Council
11/06/2001PA Nick MarinelliTownship Board of Supervisors
11/06/2001PA Michael MarshallJudge of Elections
11/06/2001PAElected Jerry MarshallCity Council
11/06/2001PA David MartinMagisterial District Justice
11/06/2001PA Douglas McConathaMayor
11/06/2001PA Stephen MoyerTownship Board of Supervisors
11/06/2001PAElected Arthur R. PalumboMayor
11/06/2001PAElected Ben PriceAuditor
11/06/2001PA Eric PrindleBorough Council
11/06/2001PA Larry SawdyJudge of Elections
11/06/2001PAElected Aaron C. TedjeskeBorough Council
11/06/2001PAElected Aaron C. TedjeskeBorough Council
11/06/2001PAElected Heather UrkuskiCity Auditor
11/06/2001PA Diane WhiteMayor
11/06/2001PA Nancy WykoffCounty Tax Collector
11/06/2001VA Jim LowensternState House of Delegates
11/06/2001VAElected S. Ann RobinsonSoil and Water Conservation District Board of Directors
11/06/2001VA Chris SimmonsSoil and Water Conservation District
11/06/2001WA Michael BakerPort Commissioner
11/06/2001WA Bryn BarnardSchool Board
11/06/2001WA Curt FirestoneCity Council
11/06/2001WA Bob GamblePort Commissioner
11/06/2001WA Young HanState House of Representatives
11/06/2001WA David HedglinCity Council
11/06/2001WA Steve HughesCity Council
11/06/2001WA Michael KaillPark and Recreation District
11/06/2001WA Tom MunseyPark and Recreation District
11/06/2001WA Wilma MunseySchool Board
11/06/2001WAElected James Alfred SmithSchool Board
11/06/2001WAElected Tim WhiteCemetery District
11/02/2001AR Sarah MarshU.S. House of Representatives
10/09/2001IA Brian DavisCity Council
10/02/2001COElected Richard HamiltonPark and Recreation District
09/25/2001NY Chris BrodeurMayor
09/25/2001NY Evergreen ChouCity Council
09/11/2001AZ Ted O’NeilCity Council
09/11/2001AZ Kyrsten SinemaCity Council
09/11/2001CA Denise RobbCity Council
09/11/2001MN Fran DassierPark and Recreation Board
09/11/2001MN Mark KnappCity Council
09/11/2001MN Freeman WicklundBoard of Education
09/11/2001MN Frank ZaragozaBoard of Education
09/11/2001MT David MaxCity Council
09/11/2001NY Ann EaganCity Council
09/11/2001NY Mike EmperorCity Council
09/11/2001NY Paul GrazianoCity Council
09/11/2001NY Brett Van ZandtMayor
09/11/2001NY Michael WelchCounty Legislature
09/11/2001NY Jacquline WilliamsCounty Legislature
07/10/2001CTElected John HalleBoard of Alders
06/19/2001VA D.C. AmarasingheU.S. House of Representatives
06/12/2001ME Alice KnappBoard of Selectman
06/05/2001CAElected Nancy PearlmanCommunity College Board of Trustees
06/05/2001CA Donna WarrenU.S. House of Representatives
05/22/2001MAElected Matt KellySelectman
05/15/2001MAElected Sally HuntingtonSchool Committee
05/15/2001PA Alanna K. HartzokU.S. House of Representatives
05/13/2001OR Tom CrimminsTransportation District
05/13/2001ORElected Susan MacKenzieTransportation District
05/08/2001MN Audrey ThayerCounty Commission
05/08/2001MTElected David MerrillSchool Board
05/08/2001OH John McGovernCity Council
05/08/2001OH Greg RicheyCity Council
05/03/2001MA Peter WhiteSelectman
05/03/2001NMElected Gary ClaussCity Council
04/10/2001CA Ralph ColeSchool Board
04/10/2001CA David SanchezCity Council
04/10/2001MAElected Howard HaywardWater Board of Health
04/03/2001AKElected Soren WuerthService Area Board of Supervisors
04/03/2001COElected Pete GleichmanTown Council
04/03/2001CO Alice RuppCity Council
04/03/2001IL Albert WeissMayor
04/03/2001IL Steve WilliamsVillage Board of Trustees
04/03/2001MAElected Kate HarrisTown Meeting Member
04/03/2001WIElected Matt FilipiakCity Council
04/03/2001WIElected Todd JarrellCommon Council
04/03/2001WIElected Brenda KonkelCommon Council
04/03/2001WIElected Robert MirandaSocial Development Commission
04/03/2001WIElected Scott TiceSchool Board
04/03/2001WIElected Shwaw VangSchool Board
04/03/2001WIElected JoEllen GramlingTown Clerk
03/20/2001MI Carolyn DulaiState Senate
03/13/2001OR Stan DrubenTransportation District
03/13/2001ORElected Sheila McIlrathWater District Board of Commissioners
03/13/2001ORElected Lisa MeylanWater District Board of Commissioners
03/13/2001ORElected John JonesFire Protection District
03/06/2001CAElected Heidi SilvaSchool Board
03/06/2001CAElected Karl WarkomskiCity Council
03/06/2001MA Dan CorriganCounty Commissioner
02/27/2001CA Christian RamirezCity Council
01/20/2001TX John D. SchlidtWatershed District Board