2015 Stats

125 Races in 2015

CAElected Janette BramlettCommunity Services District
CAElected Michael BrennanPlanning Group
CAElected James Clay CarverGoverning Board Member
CAElected Jacob CoanGoverning Board Member
CAElected Nanette CorleyResort Improvement District
CAElected Sean FrameGoverning Board
CAElected Marnie GlickmanGoverning Board Member
CAElected Renee GoddardTown Council
CA Francisco HerreraMayor
CAElected Valery LarsonPark and Recreation District
CAElected Avito MirandaGoverning Board Member
CA Susan OpalachCommunity Services District
CAElected Vahe PeroomianBoard of Trustees
CAElected Deborah RogersFire District
CAElected Gabriel SanchezCollege Board of Trustees
CAElected Chris SkyhawkFire District
CA Diane VerwoestResort Improvement District
COElected Becky ElderManitou Springs City Council
CO Cliffton WillmengCity Council
CTElected John AmarillosConstable
CT Billy Gene CollinsSelectman
CT Tim HanserCity Council
CT Ben HoldenSelectman
CT Deb Roselli KellyTown Meeting Member
CTElected Joshua Steele KellyZoning Board of Appeals Alternate
CT Kevin KellyBoard of Education
CTElected Hector LopezConstable
CTElected Mirna MartinezBoard of Education
CT Rolf MaurerBoard of Education
CT Jason MorrisBoard of Education
CTElected Leif SmithConstable
CT Ronna StullerCity Council
CT Baird Welch-CollinsRepresentive Town Meeting Member
FL Didier OrtizCity Commissioner
IAElected Tom YatesSchool Board
ILElected Steve AleschPark and Recreation District
IL David BlackBoard of Trustees
IL Andrew EngelbrechtMayor
ILElected Adrian FrostLibrary Board
IL Christopher RussellVillage Trustee
ILElected Peter SchwartzmanCity Council
IL Scott SummersCollege Board of Trustees
MA Sean ConnellSchool Committee
MA Plinio DeGoesCity Council
MA Darlene EliasCity Council
MA M.K. MereliceSelect Board
MAElected Bryan MossTown Meeting Member
MA Cedric FlowerHousing Authority
MAElected Vincent O’ConnorTown Meeting Member
ME Dave FosterCity Council
ME Ron HuberState House of Representatives
ME Robert KorobkinCity Council
ME Thomas MacMillanMayor
ME Josephine OkotBoard of Public Education
MEElected Holly SeeligerBoard of Education
ME Michael WakefieldState House of Representatives
MEElected Trish JacksonSchool Board
MEElected Patricia JacksonSchool Board
MEElected Samuel PfeifleSchool Board
MN Trahern CrewsCity Council
MN Kristin OsbakkenCity Council
MN Andy SchulerCity Council
MN Rashad TurnerBoard of Education
MO Elston McCowanCity Council
NJ James BraccianteState Assembly
NJ Kenneth CollinsGeneral Assembly
NJ JoAnn CousinState Assembly
NJ Amanda DavisState Assembly
NJ Molly O’BrienState Assembly
NJ Rich SiegelFreeholder
NJ Steven WelzerState Assembly
NY Jesse AshleyCity Council
NY Fred BalzacTown Council
NY Anthony BaneyCounty Legislature
NY Rajesh BarnabasCounty Executive
NY Elmer BertschCounty Legislature
NY Raymond BlackwellBoard of Education
NY Alexander BrownsteinCounty Legislature
NY Frank CeteraCity Council
NY Lance DennoCity Council
NY Hunter DownieCounty Executive
NY Caleb DuncanBoard of Education
NY Anthony GiordanoCity Council
NY Howie HawkinsAuditor
NY Laurence HirshCounty Legislature
NY Kenneth HollenbeckAlderman
NY Eric JonesCounty Executive
NY Loralynne KrobetzkyCity Council
NY James LaneU.S. House of Representatives
NY Cassandra LemsCounty Legislature
NY Richard MarraCounty Legislature
NY Joey NahamCity Council
NY Dorothy PaigeCity Council
NY Joseph PhillipsCounty Legislature
NY Daniel PlaatCounty Executive
NY Darrin RobbinsMayor
NY Pauline SalottiTown Council
NY Laura SikkemaTown Council
NY Charles TarrCommon Council
NY Collin ThomasCity Council
NY Michael WelchMayor
NYElected Daniel WelshTown Council
NY Alex WhiteCity Council
NY Jason WestMayor
OH Elaine MastromatteoTownship Trustee
OH Dennis SpisakBoard of Education
OH Jim VillaniTownship Trustee
ORElected Michael SonnleitnerCommunity College Board
PA Michael Bagdes-CanningCounty Commissioner
PA Kristin CombsCity Council
PA Jon JonesCounty Commissioner
PA Lucille Prater-HollidayDistrict Judge
PAElected Jay SweeneyAuditor
TXElected George AltgeltCity Council
TX Antonio DiazCity Council
TX Paul IngmundsonState House of Representatives
VA Audrey ClementCounty Board
VAElected Giannina FrantzSoil and Water Conservation District
VAElected Wendy Hageman SmithSchool Board
VAElected Ira RichardsSoil and Water Conservation District
VA Jeff StaplesHouse of Delegates
WIElected Samba BaldehCommon Council
WI Michael ChildersAlderman
WIElected Rebecca KembleCommon Council
WIElected Marsha RummelCommon Council
WIElected Steve ArnoldMayor