2015 Stats

128 Races in 2015

Election DateStateCandidateOffice
11/03/2015CAElected Janette BramlettCommunity Services District
11/03/2015CAElected James Clay CarverGoverning Board Member
11/03/2015CAElected Jacob CoanGoverning Board Member
11/03/2015CAElected Nanette CorleyResort Improvement District
11/03/2015CAElected Sean FrameGoverning Board
11/03/2015CAElected Marnie GlickmanGoverning Board Member
11/03/2015CAElected Renee GoddardTown Council
11/03/2015CA Francisco HerreraMayor
11/03/2015CAElected Valery LarsonRecreation and Park District
11/03/2015CAElected Avito MirandaGoverning Board Member
11/03/2015CA Susan OpalachCommunity Services District
11/03/2015CAElected Deborah RogersFire District
11/03/2015CAElected Chris SkyhawkFire District
11/03/2015CA Diane VerwoestResort Improvement District
11/03/2015COElected Becky ElderManitou Springs City Council
11/03/2015CO Cliffton WillmengCity Council
11/03/2015CTElected John AmariliosConstable
11/03/2015CT Billy Gene CollinsSelectman
11/03/2015CT Tim HanserCity Council
11/03/2015CT Ben HoldenSelectman
11/03/2015CT Deb Roselli KellyTown Meeting Member
11/03/2015CTElected Joshua Steele KellyZoning Board of Appeals Alternate
11/03/2015CT Kevin KellyBoard of Education
11/03/2015CTElected Hector LopezConstable
11/03/2015CTElected Mirna MartinezBoard of Education
11/03/2015CT Rolf MaurerBoard of Education
11/03/2015CT Jason MorrisBoard of Education
11/03/2015CTElected Leif SmithConstable
11/03/2015CT Ronna StullerCity Council
11/03/2015CT Baird Welch-CollinsRepresentive Town Meeting Member
11/03/2015MA Sean ConnellSchool Committee
11/03/2015MA Plinio DeGoesCity Council
11/03/2015MA Darlene EliasCity Council
11/03/2015ME Dave FosterCity Council
11/03/2015ME Robert KorobkinCity Council
11/03/2015ME Thomas MacMillanMayor
11/03/2015ME Josephine OkotBoard of Public Education
11/03/2015MEElected Holly SeeligerBoard of Education
11/03/2015ME Michael WakefieldState House of Representatives
11/03/2015MN Trahern CrewsCity Council
11/03/2015MN Kristin OsbakkenCity Council
11/03/2015MN Andy SchulerCity Council
11/03/2015MN Rashad TurnerBoard of Education
11/03/2015NJ James BraccianteState Assembly
11/03/2015NJ Kenneth CollinsGeneral Assembly
11/03/2015NJ JoAnn CousinState Assembly
11/03/2015NJ Amanda DavisState Assembly
11/03/2015NJ Molly O’BrienState Assembly
11/03/2015NJ Rich SiegelFreeholder
11/03/2015NJ Steven WelzerState Assembly
11/03/2015NY Jesse AshleyCity Council
11/03/2015NY Fred BalzacTown Council
11/03/2015NY Anthony BaneyCounty Legislature
11/03/2015NY Rajesh BarnabasCounty Executive
11/03/2015NY Elmer BertschCounty Legislature
11/03/2015NY Raymond BlackwellBoard of Education
11/03/2015NY Alexander BrownsteinCounty Legislature
11/03/2015NY Frank CeteraCity Council
11/03/2015NY Lance DennoCity Council
11/03/2015NY Hunter DownieCounty Executive
11/03/2015NY Caleb DuncanBoard of Education
11/03/2015NY Anthony GiordanoCity Council
11/03/2015NY Howie HawkinsAuditor
11/03/2015NY Laurence HirshCounty Legislature
11/03/2015NY Kenneth HollenbeckAlderman
11/03/2015NY Eric JonesCounty Executive
11/03/2015NY Loralynne KrobetzkyCity Council
11/03/2015NY Cassandra LemsCounty Legislature
11/03/2015NY Richard MarraCounty Legislature
11/03/2015NY Joseph NahamCity Council
11/03/2015NY Dorothy PaigeCity Council
11/03/2015NY Joseph PhillipsCounty Legislature
11/03/2015NY Daniel PlaatCounty Executive
11/03/2015NY Darrin RobbinsMayor
11/03/2015NY Pauline SalottiTown Council
11/03/2015NY Laura SikkemaTown Council
11/03/2015NY Charles TarrCommon Council
11/03/2015NY Collin ThomasCity Council
11/03/2015NY Michael WelchMayor
11/03/2015NYElected Daniel WelshTown Council
11/03/2015NY Alex WhiteCity Council
11/03/2015OH Elaine MastromatteoTownship Trustee
11/03/2015OH Dennis SpisakBoard of Education
11/03/2015OH Jim VillaniTownship Trustee
11/03/2015PA Michael Bagdes-CanningCounty Commissioner
11/03/2015PA Kristin CombsCity Council
11/03/2015PA Jon JonesCounty Commissioner
11/03/2015PA Lucille Prater-HollidayDistrict Judge
11/03/2015PAElected Jay SweeneyAuditor
11/03/2015PA David KennedyAuditor
11/03/2015PAElected Michael Bagdes-CanningBorough Council
11/03/2015VA Audrey ClementCounty Board
11/03/2015VAElected Giannina FrantzSoil and Water Conservation District
11/03/2015VAElected Wendy Hageman SmithSchool Board
11/03/2015VAElected Ira RichardsSoil and Water Conservation District
11/03/2015VA Jeff StaplesHouse of Delegates
09/08/2015IAElected Tom YatesSchool Board
08/25/2015CAElected Jeffrey WhitehouseWater Board
06/09/2015MEElected Samuel PfeifleSchool Board
06/08/2015MEElected Patricia JacksonSchool Board
05/19/2015ORElected Michael SonnleitnerCommunity College Board
05/09/2015TX Antonio DiazCity Council
05/05/2015MA M.K. MereliceSelect Board
05/05/2015MAElected Bryan MossTown Meeting Member
05/05/2015NY James LaneU.S. House of Representatives
05/05/2015NY Jason WestMayor
05/02/2015MA Cedric FlowerHousing Authority
04/30/2015CAElected Gabriel SanchezCollege Board of Trustees
04/25/2015TXElected George AltgeltCity Council
04/07/2015CAElected Vahe PeroomianBoard of Trustees
04/07/2015ILElected Steve AleschPark and Recreation District
04/07/2015IL David BlackCollege Board of Trustees
04/07/2015IL Andrew EngelbrechtMayor
04/07/2015ILElected Adrian FrostLibrary Board
04/07/2015IL Christopher RussellVillage Trustee
04/07/2015ILElected Peter SchwartzmanCity Council
04/07/2015IL Scott SummersCollege Board of Trustees
04/07/2015MO Elston McCowanCity Council
04/07/2015WIElected Samba BaldehCommon Council
04/07/2015WI Michael ChildersAlderman
04/07/2015WIElected Rebecca KembleCommon Council
04/07/2015WIElected Marsha RummelCommon Council
04/07/2015WIElected Steve ArnoldMayor
03/31/2015MAElected Vincent O’ConnorTown Meeting Member
03/10/2015ME Ron HuberState House of Representatives
03/03/2015CAElected Michael BrennanPlanning Group
02/10/2015FL Didier OrtizCity Commissioner
01/06/2015TX Paul IngmundsonState House of Representatives