Darcy Van Ness Runs for Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate, 2017

Election Date: 11/07/2017

Election Results

Place: 1 ( running for 1 seats)
1905 votes (%)
Election Type: generalpartisansinglepluralitymunicty

Waterford, CT

Office term length: 2 years

Unopposed: No
Write-In: No
Partisan: Yes
Incumbent: No
Endorsed by local party

Campaign Links

Website: http://www.waterfordgreenparty.org/our-candidates

Comments: Endorsed by Waterford Green Party (http://www.waterfordgreenparty.org/our-candidates); cross-endorsed by the Waterford Democratic Party on the Democratic Party ballot line. Received 470 votes on Green ballot line and 1435 on Democratic ballot line.