Aaron Williams Runs for Neighborhood Council, 2019

Election Date: 06/15/2019

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Elected Elected

Place: 5 (6 running for 5 seats)
General election (Non-Partisan, Multi-Seat, Advisory) - (Certified results)

Location: Los Angeles, CA
District: At Large Representatives (Group B: Seats 7-11), United Neighborhoods of the Historic Arlington Heights, West Adams and Jefferson Park Community Neighborhood Council
Office term length: 4 years
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Candidate statement: Hello my name is Aaron Williams. I am a former afterschool teacher for the LAUSD school district and currently a worker for a daycare. I have lived in the same area for over 24 years. Our neighborhood is falling apart. When I was young homelessness wasn't as big of a problem as it is now. My own family experienced it. Many I personally know don't even have a proper education. With no aid or work some of the homeless become desperate and crime increases and the cycle continues. Kids shouldn't see homeless nor be at risk. Many shouldn't ignore this. Majority schools I have worked didn't even have all the books needed. I had to teach kids with not even half the material needed. Children can't get an education when they reach adulthood they will resort to crime just to live. I want our neighborhood back. Children deserve full education. People shouldn't be homeless. With your support we can help our neighborhood move back to the right direction. I believe truly our kids is the future but (https://clerkappsele.lacity.org/nccandidates/?ncid=81)