Keith Foster Runs for Registrar of Voters, 2022

Election Date: 11/08/2022

Election Results

Not elected

Place: 3 (3 running for 2 seats)
62 votes (1.68 %)
- (Government results)

Location: Essex, CT
Office term length: 2 years

Partisan Race

Endorsed by local party

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Connecticut State Elections Code - Sec. 9-190. Registrars of voters ...The candidate having the highest number of votes and the candidate having the next highest number of votes for the office of registrar of voters, who does not belong to the same political party as the candidate having the highest number, shall be declared elected registrars of voters for the municipality, provided, if the candidate for registrar of voters of a major party is not one of the registrars of voters so elected, such candidate of such major party shall also be declared elected registrar of voters... (In effect on and after January 9, 2013).