John Keating Runs for State Representative, 2020

Election Date: 11/03/2020

Election Results

Not elected

Place: 3 running for 1 seats)
1657 votes (4.2 %)
General election (Partisan, Single Seat, Plurality) - (Certified results)

Location: IL
District: District 96
Office term length: 2 years
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Partisan Race

Endorsed by local party


The official government website is, but they don't report results on election night and several days thereafter, so we provided the link to the Chicago Sun-Times website which has the latest results. Once the government site is updated, we'll update the Government results link accordingly.

Note that due to high early voting and mail in votes, the state will be counting votes until 11-17-2020, since this is the deadline for the election authority to receive a mail-in ballot that is postmarked by 11-3-2020.