Types of Offices

View all races broken down by office type. Some offices have different names in different locations and have been combined into the same list.

Federal Offices

Including President, Vice-President, US Senate, US House

Statewide Constitutional Offices

Including Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, State Treasurer, State Controller, State Supreme Court, etc

State Legislative Offices

Including State Senate, State Assembly

Judicial Offices

Including Superior court, General court and all types of judges

Municipal Offices

Including Mayor, City Council and other city and town offices

County Offices

Including County Board of Supervisors, County Legislature, District Attorney, County Sheriff, Community Council, etc

Education Offices

Including State Board of Education, Board of Education, School Board, Board of Trustees, Park and Recreation Board, Water Board, etc

Special District Offices

Including Healthcare District, Highway District, Transportation District, Tribal Council, etc

Other Offices

Including Auditor, Board of Elections, Public Utility District, Youth Advisory Council, etc