Ballot Status History – Green Party of Florida

1999: The Green Party of Florida qualified for ballot status in March 1999.

Before 1998, Florida had one of the more difficult ballot access standards of any state.

The criteria for qualifying for statewide ballot status was 5% of all registered voters. To qualify for statewide ballot status, the criteria was a number of petition signers equal to 3% of all registered voters. To retain statewide ballot status, the criteria was to have a number of party members equal to 5% of all registered voters.

The criteria changed in 1998, to allow for any party organized on a statewide basis to qualify for the ballot.

The Green Party of Florida was organized as a state party in 1992. Once the state law was changed in 1998, the state legislature passed implementing language in February 1999 that allowed the Green Party of Florida to be recognized as a state party and to therefore qualify for the ballot .

Since then, the Green Party of Florida has remained organized as a state party and has retained its statewide ballot status ever since.