2017 Stats

49 Races in 2017

CAKenneth Mejiafor U.S. House of Representatives
CAJessica Salansfor City Council
CAAdriana Cabrerafor City Council
CATyler Morrisonfor City Council
CACarl Petersenfor School Board
CADerek Iversen Appointed to Neighborhood Council, 2017for
ILJessica Bradshawfor City Council
ILDon Crawfordfor Library Board
ILMichael Drennanfor Park and Recreation Board
ILSteve De La Rosafor Library Board
ILCharles Howefor Township Trustee
ILRuss Kramerfor Township Highway Commissioner
ILBruce Samuelsfor Library Board
ILHolly Scholzfor Park District
ILGary Sheperdfor School Board
ILScott Summersfor School Board
ILKyle Taylorfor School Board
MADamon Jespersenfor Select Board
MACharlene DiCalogerofor Library Board
MDAnnie Chambersfor Resident Advisory Board
MOJohnathan McFarlandfor Mayor
MOJerome Bauerfor City Comptroller
MOQuinn Parksfor Board of Alderman
MOKate Gorefor Board of Alderman
MOHannah Donelle LaChancefor Board of Alderman
MOStephanie Dingesfor Board of Alderman
MTThomas Breckfor U.S. House of Representatives
NYChristine Elmsfor Village Trustee
NYAnthony Del Platofor Village Trustee
OHRosamond McCallisterfor City Council
OHCarolyn Kaweckafor City Council
OHHelen Kay Dukesfor City Council
OHBeverlyAnn Ewanzanifor City Council
ORAlex Polikofffor Fire District
ORJacqueline DeVaneyfor Health District
ORKindwyn Hogefor Park and Recreation District
ORBob Goldbergfor School District
ORDaniel Polehnfor Parks & Recreation Director
ORZach Dotsonfor School District
ORCindy Johnsenfor Water District
PACheri Honkalafor State Representative
SCDavid Kulmafor U.S. House of Representatives
TXJose Plasenciafor City Council
VAAudrey Clementfor County Board
VAWill Kingfor House of Delegates
WIRebecca Kemblefor Common Council
WIAli Muldrowfor School Board
WISteve Arnoldfor Mayor