Eleanor Ory Runs for Shadow U.S Senate, 2018

Election Date: 11/06/2018

Election Results

Not elected

Place: 2 (2 running for 1 seats)
33016 votes (15.32 %)
General election (Partisan, Single Seat, Plurality) - (Certified results)

Location: DC
Office term length: 6 years

Partisan Race

Campaign Links



Candidate for Shadow Senator http://senatordc.wdcnet.net/history.html • Ran as write-in candidate in June 19, 2018 Green Primary, receiving 95 votes (100%), advancing to November General Election
https://electionresults.dcboe.org/election_results/2018-Primary-Election • Filed Affirmation of Candidacy required by the Statehood Green Party Plan. Candidates who receive write-in votes must file an Affirmation of Candidacy no later than the day after the Election in order to appear on the ballot - if they do this and they are the only candidate, they appear on the General ballot. If they ran against other candidates, they must receive more votes than any other candidate in that same race in order to appear on the ballot in the General Election. DC Code Section 1-1001.08 (r)(1)-(4) discusses write-in candidates, however, write-in candidacy is mostly governed by the "party rules."