Charlie Howe Runs for County Board, 2020

Election Date: 11/03/2020

Election Results

Not elected

Place: 3 (3 running for 1 seats)
276 votes (13.64 %)
General election (Partisan, Single Seat, Plurality, Municipal/County) - (Certified results)

Location: Jackson County, IL
District: District 6
Office term length: 4 years
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Partisan Race

Endorsed by local party

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The official government website is, but they don't report results until all the counties have certified, so we provided the link to the Chicago Sun-Times website which has the latest results. Once the government site is updated, we'll update the Government results link accordingly.

Even though the election results indicate 100% precincts reporting additional votes continue to trickle in due to mail in ballots postmarked by Election Day but arriving after Election Day. These late arriving mail-in ballots are accepted until Nov. 17th. Sometimes it can also take several days before a decision is made to accept a provisional ballot.

The last day for the Illinois State Board of Elections to certify the vote is December 4, 2020.

Check back over the next couple weeks as the votes continue to be counted.